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Last updated: April 13, 2021

Are you looking for the best smartphone apps to ease your business and make it reach the heights of success? Are you tired of lagging at the time of doing business? In this article, you will find some of the best apps that will make your business smoother.

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So, let’s discover the best 10 apps that will boost up your business.

  • ASANA: In order to boost your business it is essential to keep a track record of all your team members and have them at your command all the time. Here is an excellent app for you that helps you to do so. This app is designed to improve team collaboration and also making it easier for the user to manage different projects without emails. Through this app, each team creates a workspace which contains different projects and further the project contain tasks in which the users are allowed to add notes, comments, and tags. If any change in the task has been carried out then the user is informed about the changes. In 2012, Asana tried to reduce the use of email through one of the most advanced features Inbox. Through this advanced feature users easily get the updates regarding the tasks or the adjustments that needs to take place.aasna
    Download here ASANA
  • UBERCONFERENCE: Things become simpler when you have a face to face contact with your clients. Things become easy and smooth to explain. It is not a rocket science anymore to deal with your clients and make things clear without an official meeting. We introduce you to UberConference which is the best video conferencing app, where it becomes easier for you to share all the documents and the products with your client. It also supports HD audio feature where the user can easily take a call. It also does not require a Personal Identification Number to take a call. It is free to almost all the users but provides a great business service with a low cost. It is because of its great features, Uberconference has also received the American Business Award and a Nominee in the Webby Awards.conference instructions 2
    Download here UBERCONFERENCE
  • EVERNOTE: To have a complete track of your work, here is the best app for noting down your tasks. The app allows the user to create notes in a well-fashioned manner and is compatible with the operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, iOS, Blackberry and much more. It also offers online synchronization and backup services. Before 2010, C# was the language used but in 2010, C++ language was put into execution in order to increase the performance of the app. It allows the user to make notes on their own machine with SQLite database and only the person having the Evernote account is only authorized to the notes and to make out the changes in it. The Evernote Software can be easily downloaded and can be used as a stand-alone without making an online account. But in that case, the user is unable to upload files or share files among the Evernote servers. If you are looking best website or web development company for developing your business app.evernote
    Download here EVERNOTE
  • PRODUCTEEV: Producteev is a social based application that allows you to create your own projects and tasks and then distribute it among the team members. Apart from creation and assigning of the tasks,  it allows the user to keep track of all the tasks going on. It is a socially interfere app, which allows you to add followers to the tasks easily and also to get the feedback from the clients. Unlike all the other apps, Producteev tool is freely available for the small business groups. The app also features game mechanics.Producteev
  • TRACKMAVEN: Trackmaven is an online marketing app that allows the user to identify marketing opportunities available to them. It also allows for optimizing content distribution and real-time progress. This app collects data from different industries and lets you know about your competitor in the market. It also lets you know about the strategies which can be useful to you in the future.spark1
    Download here TRACKMAVEN
  • SQUARE: Square is a mobile payment app that allows individuals and merchants to accept online debit and credit cards. The app features entering the card details, swiping the card, or inserting the card through Bluetooth-connected Square chip channel. On its Ipad version, it features a traditional card register system. The app features two devices Square reader and Square stand. The square reader is used for accepting card payments by connecting to mobile’s audio jack. In July 2014, it launched a card reader that accepts chip card and contactless card. The Square Stand took more than one year for its development and is used to convert Apple into a complete point of sale system.square
    Download here SQUARE
  • AVG: We have seen the great anti-virus feature of this app that roots out all the unwanted programs from our device and now the time is to look for its other marvelous features in the field of business. AVG allows us to access the other apps using an authenticated password and also secure all your business models, plans, and strategies from your competitors. It also keeps a track record of all your projects, tasks and thus it avoids any kind of delay in your work. It maintains the complete information of all your customers and also allows you to call them through this app. The app also scans for the virus in the customer’s device. You get several benefits from this app under one roof.avg
    Download here Droid Antivirus
  • TRELLO: When you have a complete record of your projects then all your obstacles seem to be cleared off from your way. Here is the best project management app for you that helps in clearing all your obstacles in the way of reaching your business to the heights of the sky. These projects are represented by boards which contain the list of all the things to be carried out in the respective projects. A list contains the cards which are supposed to progress from one list to another. The most advanced feature of trello is the sharing of the boards among different people so that the projects can be easily completed.trello
    Download here TRELLO
  • SKYPE: Skype is a social media app that allows you to chat with your customers and give them a detailed description of your products. It not only allows you to chat but also make a free video call online which makes it easier to discuss the products with your customers. Also through video chat, you can ask for the feedback so that you can further modify it according to their comfort.skype
    Download here SKYPE
  • STREAK: Streak is a customer relationship management platform that is used in place of Gmail. It not only keeps the records of your customer but also let you keep track of your business relationship. Through this app, you can directly view your customer’s emails.



There are a large number of small business apps for Android such as for time management and productivity a calendar app is there. For organizing your work Asana app is there. To know about your competitors and all their market strategies Trackmaven app is there.


There are many business news apps but I think that the News app is the best one. It read news and updates from more than 10 websites. It also provides a summary of all the articles where you can mark the important one as the star. The app also allows you to read the downloaded articles offline. All the articles are sorted according to topics.

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