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Last updated: April 13, 2021

The happening trends in the eCommerce business have gained a lot of momentum in past few years.  This momentum has mostly impacted online business owners. They have to have an extra edge in order to outperform their competitors. For this, they need to make fast & better decisions. At this point, web google analytics come into play.

Though everyone is aware of Google analytics let me brief you a little about it. Google Analytics is split into four key areas which can be explained in the picture below.10 exceptional Google Analytics resources for eCommerce Websites

But the question arises how can Google Analytics be used maximum to raise our potentialities? Here we can help you with the resources where you can learn to make out max.

The Complete Guide to Setting up Google Analytics

Beginners have more opportunities to explore. This Complete Guide to Setting up Google Analytics helps you start your journey to analytic. This will help you in setting up a Google Analytics account to fetch the required data for making growth-based decisions.

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Controlling Your Marketing Channels

For every investment, one has to calculate the ROI. This resource is quite useful in Calculating the ROI of Your Marketing Channels. It helps you in captivating the data of a campaign to calculate ROI & expense on advertisements.

The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

This blog gives a clear shot to any (small) business owners about Google Analytics in a simple yes/no format. The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics is easy to grasp.

Understanding Web Analytics: Small Business Guide

To move further in understanding Google Analytics, this resource is very helpful. This guide provides you the details of basic statistics and the main sections of the tool.

How to Track Anything with Google Analytics

You can track sundry events with the help of the Google Analytics tool. This guide on How to Track Anything with Google Analytics can help you learn to track your email subscriptions, sign-ups, and much more.

Guide To: Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics

Since you have worked on Google Analytics for a while using the above-mentioned resources, this “Guide To: Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics” will help you become a perfect Analytic Ninja. This will help you with useful info about goals, how to track the success of your website, and much more.

Why to Define Macro and Micro Goals

Setting up a goal becomes vital when you really aim at success. This article on Why to Define Macro and Micro Goals will help you understand the meaning of setting up a goal to have a sure shot for success.

Track Product Journey from Carting to Purchasing (eBook)

This is a very handy PDF guide for e-commerce owners. This guide on Tracking Product Journey from Carting to Purchasing will help you in deciding what you need to track at what particular point for your website.

Google Analytics for Ecommerce

This is a special blog post that would help you create a tracking plan, implementing the code, and then analyze performance & much more. This guide Google Analytics for Ecommerce will help e-commerce merchants to configure Google Analytics for their sites.

Actionable Google Analytics Tips

Small tips sometimes prove to be very helpful in making a big leap. These 10 tips for Google Analytics help you keep your visitors engaged on your site among many other useful things.

The growing demand for online stores has forced e-commerce owners to focus more on increasing the traffic on their websites. To sustain themselves in the field of e-commerce, business owners can use these guides. Here you can check top eCommerce software for businesses.

Over to you:

For those who have a better plan to be executed by e-commerce owners for their online store; their views are most welcome!!!

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