10 Ways CRM Can Help You Get More This Holiday Season


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Last updated: July 5, 2021

As a business owner, the time of the year is here where you need to pull up your socks and get into action. Apart from the dedicated staff, CRM software for small business that makes things easier and organized for you.

The Deloitte survey reveals the fact that consumers are planning to spend 12.5% more on the holidays overall. Also, they are going to spend 6% more on gifts this year.

Further, check this infographic to get more idea on what an average U.S shopper is up to this holiday season.

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So, pull things together and read the 10 ways CRM can help you get more this holiday season.

Survey customers to add value to your marketing approach

Old or new, get the information from your customers that could help you to revise the plans this holiday season so that you can offer them better products and services. Let your system be the storehouse of the ‘fine & exhaustive’ information. A small yet brief survey can state your position, weak points and also provide you a much-needed stage to improve your services.

Consult the CRM expert and strategize to get more sales

Sit with the CRM expert and learn how the CRM software can be useful to you this holiday. CRM can help you revamp and reorganize some of the strategies for good and turn around your business.

Encourage, educate and authorize staff to use CRM

Without your staff, nothing can be accomplished and this is the fact. If you are using the CRM for the first time then you need to prepare your staff to make friends with it. Educate them to use it for the purpose you actually installed it. Make the well-trained staff authorized to use the system to update, integrate and resolve the matters that come to them.

Collaborate website & other third-party tools with CRM

The website is an ‘all-time’ open shop and it should not (seem) be indifferent to your actual business. The key is to collaborate the website and other third-party tools like Quickbooks & Live chat to the CRM system. It is interesting to know that nearly 69% of the people plan to do “webrooming” before going to the actual shop. So, you know how important it is to keep your website updated.

Use data to recreate a distinguished customer experience

The more you know your customer, the better service you can offer. Mend the mistakes in order to provide an experience to the customer so that they never forget to refer your name to their friends and associates. ‘Customer referral’ is an earning for being considerate & better than the rest. The personalized email, thank you a letter, cookies or any fantastic offer that you send to them will help you get more business.

Understand & improve the sales Pattern

Reviewing the previous year’s strategy can help you to understand the sales pattern and make way for a better sales strategy this holiday season. You need to understand last year’s sales pattern and any complaints or delivery issues related to it. Check the CRM to know everything and organize the plan accordingly.

Harmonize your social media with the CRM system

People look forward to social media and, businesses who just tweet/post and not care to converse with the customers that only means to harm their business. Ensure that all your social media profiles are linked to the CRM system maximize customer engagement and work closely with each other. The integration should let you communicate with your prospect easily and effectively. Update the information and comments of a customer so that they never have to repeat the same thing ever to you.

Be fast in answering and resolving any issue that comes to you

Be fast and really clear in your tone and approach when any problem pops up. Resolving an issue and making sure that it never repeats is a key to a happy customer relationship. It’s understandable that the holiday season is the rush season, but with the help of live chat software and tickets, you have the chance to win over the rivals and make a place in your customer’s heart.

Co-ordinate all the departments with CRM (sales, marketing, & of course, shipping) for seamless service.

If a customer has to go on calling every department for any of his queries then, it’s time to bid them goodbye and probably this is the last thing on your mind. One thing that you need to make sure this holiday season is the shipping. Timely delivery will help you a lot and earn you good points.

Measure, monitor, and track

Lastly, the Customer Relationship Management system is a tool through which you can measure the effectiveness of the strategy that you crafted using the data/feedback/reviews/ fed into the system. It lets you revise and monitor the process and make things simple. Make the full use of the CRM system to quickly get to communicate with the customer, analyze the sales plan and deliver the products on time.

Also, CRM can be put to work much before the holiday season starts. For e.g. you can automate the personalized emails, newsletter, one-off campaigns, e-coupons, special discounts for loyal customers, and deals for the first timers. This can trigger off your business instantly.

The most awaited time of the year is here and CRM is a wonderful tool that can help you surpass difficulties and help you get things done faster. Rely on the CRM this holiday season to perform different activities efficiently and make the shopping experience of your customers more pleasurable.

Remember- Customer service is a distinguishing factor that can make you shine in the business this holiday season.

Sawaram Suthar is digital marketing geeks, helping small and medium business to grow their businesses. Currently he is marketing manager at Skyward Techno that offer personalized CRM software for small and medium. Anyone can reach him @sawarams or via his blog thenextscoop.com

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