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Last updated: April 16, 2021

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There is no question on the fact that inFlow Inventory is one of the highly known inventory management applications among small business owners. It has different amazing features that have attracted features such as movement history to control and track stock and organizes items with respect to the locations and categories. Also, it has built-in barcode scanners which can be used for improved and efficient inventory management.

Besides making inventory tracking and management easier, it also calculates your total sale,  costs of goods you have, and profit you have gained to make the taxation process easier. Although it has many perks, there are some limitations such as inventory management for few numbers of pcs in the free edition and being a client-side tool only has compelled business owners to look for an alternative to it. Alternatives to inflow inventory can be beneficial to you as you can overcome the limitations being possessed by inflow inventory.

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Rich Alternatives To inFlow Inventory

Following is the list of some reliable alternates that can replace inFlow Inventory and provide you a better inventory management experience.

1. vTiger:vtiger

vTiger is highly known as an amazing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software but very few people know that it also has an ultimate inventory management system. vTiger’s inventory management application saves your entire product inventory with their different important aspects including descriptions, serial numbers, prices, quantities, and pictures. It also has a ‘Price Book’ feature which allows business owners to develop pricing strategies based on different customer scenarios. It is one of the best solutions among the alternatives to inflow inventory.

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Besides just managing products, it is also very helpful in managing vendors with whom you are dealing on daily basis. Also, it can be used to generate invoices, quotes, sales, and purchase order having your company’s logo and address. Furthermore, you can track and request online payments reflecting against their outstanding payment through its payment module.

2. TradeGecko:tradegecko

TradeGecko is an amazing inventory management tool that can fulfill the needs of your growing business by keeping inventory products on hand. Also, it plays a vital role in order preparation including preparation of POs, invoices and sales order making it easier for the business owners to focus on other things which are more important for their business growth and development. It can keep a log of the product movement and inventory in multiple warehouses.

Also, it is able to predict your stock (which items will soon be going out-of-stock).  Different from other inventory management apps, it supports multi-channel sales. So, whether you are selling via WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other supported platform, you can have a view of overall sales and inventory on a single screen. No need to mention that it is capable of generating stock reports, evaluating total sales, and revenue for easier tax preparation.

3. OpenBravo:openbravo

Like vTiger, OpenBravo not basically an inventory management tool but it is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with an amazing inventory management tool. Its inventory management tool has a wide range of functions that you may need to manage your stock and track the movement of the supply chain efficiently.

While most of the inventory management tools are able to tell how many items are left in stock, it can give an estimation of the items in inventory. Also, you can update the price of products in your inventory directly from the software in a single click. All in all, It is one of the best solutions among the alternatives to inflow inventory.

4. ABC Inventory:abc inventory

ABC Inventory is a highly rated inventory management application that having some major brands on its client’s list. Like any other inventory management software, it can generate reports, export data to Microsoft Excel, inventory item catalog of each supplier, location movement logs, barcode scanning, order tracking shipping manifest, etc. It is another best solution among the alternatives to inflow inventory.

Besides these features, it can track and manage inventory in multiple warehouses, offers multiple logos integration in invoices, reports, and screen customizations, and many more. Along with the password protection, it uses permission for screen reports by user or group so that they can only be forward or seen by authorized persons.

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