Top 5 Myths About Productivity You Must Always Ignore


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Last updated: April 13, 2021

Ever wondered what is holding you back from being more productive in life? Can it be that the measures you’re taking to improve your work-flow are actually hampering your work-flow? Scholars at the University of Warwick found out that productivity at a certain office increased by 12% when the employees were ‘happier’. Not richer, wittier or sharper!! Just happiness, which is a state of mind!

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The above-mentioned study proves that there are many myths floating around regarding the nitty-gritties of Productivity. If you are wondering about what those myths are, then here are the top five myths about productive which you must ignore, otherwise these myths may keep you from getting results or success in your life. How many of these have actually kept you from being a productive and successful person? Read on to find out!!

Myth #1. Multitasking Is Key

Multitasking Is Key (1)

We hear so much about the benefits of multitasking that we often miss out on how to exactly go about it. Recent studies have indicated that doing more than one thing at a time yields unimpressive results as compared to doing the tasks one at a time.

The age-old method of meditation has been teaching us to focus, and it’s really amazing to see the work we can do if we give our full potential in getting things done one at a time. This way a person feels more productive and less exhausted.

So, set a goal for yourself that you can easily achieve. People who make to-do lists and then waste the early hours of the morning in doing menial tasks actually waste the most important time of their day. It’s your job to prioritize work according to the energy required in doing it.

Myth #2. Powering Through Gets The Job Done

Powering Through Gets The Job Done

You may be thinking that if you just clench your iron fist and power through the day, it’ll be better. However, this article explains that taking short breaks could actually increase your focus and productivity.

While you’re nagging your brain to just hold on and get a certain task done, your brain is actually getting more annoyed and closing down due to all the exhaustion. Just get up for five minutes, grab a snack, take a walk or just move around. You’ll be surprised to see how refreshed you feel and how much better attention you pay to your task when you sit down again.

Myth #3. Work Is Better Under Pressure

Work Is Better Under Pressure (1)

Many people believe that once a deadline is upon them, they work better. Truth is, when you’re operating under  crisis mode, you are actually focusing on getting the work done rather than seeking new and better perspectives to do it.

Study shows long-term pressures lead to decreased productivity.

Thus it makes you do average or maybe below average work which isn’t an example of the best of you.

It’s surprising to know that many college students plagiarize because they do their work at the last moment, thus feeling more tempted to copy other’s work. Were they doing it in peace, they might focus better and write better.

Myth #4. It’s Better To Have A ‘System’

This one’s actually quite tricky. Many people believe that having a system is something like a machine- where all parts are in place. The truth is, a system is what you make for yourself. It can be evident that your tabletop is cluttered and things aren’t stacked beautifully like a Pinterest board, but if you have everything at hand when you need it, it’s actually a systematic way to go.

If you operate better when you work from home, that’s your system. You don’t need to shed it in order to adopt any so-called system that doesn’t bring out the best in you.

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Myth #5. Being Productive Means Doing More Work

All of us atleast once in our lives have wondered if we could do more in a short period of time. We think something is wrong with us that can’t be fixed. Truth is – More work doesn’t mean more productivity!

Being productive is a mixture of how efficiently you juggle  your routine tasks and fix them in your day. If you do get the superpower of working more in half the amount of time, then you will keep on working more and thus risk a burnout.

If you get your tasks done in office till 2 pm, your supervisor will hand you something else to do. Let me give you another perspective – to be productive you should take out time and relax with your family and friends.

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If you still think that doing more and more work in less time is productive then you should understand that it’s just being pure dumb. You’re a human, not a machine.

It is true that forming a routine that gets the most result out of your day isn’t very easy, but what’s easier is how you categorize your work in your brain. Understand how you work at your optimum level and then create a system to get the right results.

The human mind has unlimited potential, and to channel that potential into productivity should be your ultimate goal. Don’t just blindly follow the steps of any successful entrepreneur just because he is or has become a billionaire. Make your own success happen by being in a sound state of mind and understanding what works best for you!!

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