6 Ways As To How Cloud Computing Is Changing the Mobile Space


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Last updated: August 16, 2018

Any technology that does not appear magical is insufficiently advanced.” – Gregory Benford [1]

Another one of technology’s magic is being considered to be ‘cloud computing’ i.e. the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. [2]

How Cloud Computing Is Changing the Mobile Space - SS

Cloud computing has been the recipient of substantial adoption over the years. Ever since mobile devices and cloud services became compatible through the internet, the cloud is rushing on its path to revolutionize the mobile space. Endless possibilities await users and businesses as both merge together to make something extraordinary.

The most significant effects that cloud computing can have on a mobile device are:

Real-time catering to customers

Cloud-based applications and storage options are being offered by big shot mobility players of the industry namely: Google, Microsoft and Apple. Nonetheless, there is a rapid growth between its professional usage and individual usage. To cater to the intensive computing needs on the mobile, advanced apps run from the cloud.

These days employees are able to access company resources over their private gadgets. Reports are available at a finger-touch. This creates a platform that collaborates with employees and customers which leads to efficient and easier relationship management. Cloud catering system as well as cloud accounting software could be considered one of the most productive opportunity.

Increase worker mobility

With increasing mobility, there have been major shifts in gadget roles. Earlier, mobile phones merely used to consume data but nowadays, they are used to create information. This has changed the kind of power on possessions. In today’s world, if someone possesses a mobile phone, they can have access to whatever information they need. With the ‘application’ system, many of the operating systems are handling out various means of cloud computing. Hence, the gadgets are becoming versatile and more technical in their approach. According to study, 60% of the current employees worldwide have a personal device that they use for work. [3]

Smarter decision making

Since cloud computing is available over mobile phones, it let the user sense, analyze, monitor, predict, and respond to space-based and time-based situations. There is instant access and that leads to examined decision making. Sometimes, the device could make the decision for you. For example, comments, tweets, stock market data can be combined into a feed and entered into a mobile phone. Cloud computing is turning out to be a revolutionary processing power which makes it easier to do research on any topic and help one take smarter decisions.


The cloud lets the geographical, technological and administrative fields intertwine. It concentrates information in data centers and devices which are accessible at any point of time, from anywhere and on any kind of gadget. People can access the cloud if they can reach out to an internet connection. The level of autonomy, scalability, automation and flexibility this computing model provides is unprecedented. “The cloud is the ultimate cruncher of big data.” – Khazret Sapenov, Founder & CEO, Cloudcor. [4]

It’s an enabler, not an outcome. It allows companies to expand into broader markets to increase revenues and capitalize on competitive opportunities, rather than just cut costs.” – Adam Famularo. GM, Could & Alliance Sol for CA Tech. [5] SMBs could opt for intelligent use of the cloud to get a big slice of action from emerging markets. With lesser physical data resources, there is no boundaries and information is at a click’s distance. This gives a competitive edge or advantage to the emerging companies and more innovative ways of supply chain and distribution patterns. It has also given a new direction to the marketing field. The most surprising aspect of it is that mobiles are equivalent to computers these days and they mark important mean of communication in the business.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Gaming is considered to be one of the most flourishing industries of the century and what makes it better is the cloud’s capability to provide uninterrupted high-speed connections and unlimited data storage. Gamers now enjoy breathtaking gaming experiences, anywhere and anytime. This is a new platform for gaming applications and cloud computing is now aiming towards this industry.

Effective Communication

90% of business communications stretch far beyond the local office.[6] Cloud computing gives mobile-device users a level of translation and voice recognition accuracy that fades away the language barriers. Thus with the help of cloud and mobile apps, it becomes easy to communicate with people speaking different languages in other countries. This would make lives simpler and help them connect better.

In conclusion, the cloud and mobile devices go hand in hand. Together they can provide services that are a treat for consumers and a resourceful tool for businesses. According to a study, ‘By 2017, 50% of employers will require employees to buy their own device.[7] The shape of things to come may be certain, but the inevitability of the cloud is not. We had tremendous feedback on this article: 8 Free Software To Manage Your Business

It will continue to spread!

Deepanshu Gahlaut is a technical writer working with Ace Cloud Hosting. He is passionate about technology including cloud computing, VoIP, accounting, and startups. His writings display the knowledge and challenges that he collects with his day-to-day experiences. You can follow him on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and FaceBook.

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