Which Accounting Software Is Most Used in Dubai?


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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Recently, Dubai was imposed with VAT applications. Since then, it has become more than necessary to have a proper accounting system in place to carry out the operation smoothly. 

By using accounting software, companies can easily streamline and simplify complex accounting procedures.

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Now, there are hundreds of accounting software available in the market. But not all accounting software is a fit for every organization. Each company has its own set of needs and requirements when it comes to accounting and business management. Choosing accounting software is a challenge faced by every organization, regardless of its size.

To help you out, we decided to list out the top eight accounting software that is trending in Dubai currently. Let’s check them out. 

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Top 8 Accounting Software in Dubai

1. Zoho Books

Zoho BooksZoho Books is one of the top leading accounting software in Dubai that comes with a complete set of features. This cloud-based application is specially designed for small businesses to help them effectively manage their finances. 

It automates your workflow and also ensures that your company stays compliant with GST to help you avoid hefty fines. It provides end-to-end accounting functionalities — right from negotiating deals to raising of sales order and invoicing. 


  • Enables you to file your taxes directly using the software
  • Seamlessly integrates with Zoho 40+ other apps
  • Allows your customer to pay you online directly

2. Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9Tally.ERP 9 is a platform that provides solutions to all accounting related procedure. It simplifies complex accounting tasks to help you run your business. For instance, it can automatically round off the invoice amount and create a ledger. 

Besides, this new version enables you to record fixed assets purchases account invoice mode as well. Earlier, it was only possible in the voucher mode. What’s more, it gives you organized and detailed reports on all your transactions. 


  • Quickly generates e-Way bill by merely uploading the invoice on the portal
  • Has an intuitive and interactive interface for the ease of use
  • Offers a reliable and active support group for technical assistance

3. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP is quite popular accounting software in Dubai, and all for the right reasons. This powerful solution provides a combines business management solution, including supply chain procedure and consumer relationship. 

The software is highly scalable, best suited for medium and large organizations. In short, it is excellent for companies that have more than hundreds of staff. 

Furthermore, it automates your global finance operations and keeps a close eye on employees’ performance. 


  • Can predict future outcomes and make data-driven decisions to grow your business
  • Highly flexible as it quickly adapts the changing local and global financial requirements
  • Aims to reduce operational costs with budget control and financial planning

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooksFreshBooks is another best accounting software in Dubai that is specially designed for small businesses. It aims to simplify your operations by automating tasks like invoicing, tracking your time and following up with clients, organizing expenses, and more in just a few clicks.

It allows you to create professional-looking invoices for your company. Besides, it provides great insights into your business financial information to make smarter decisions. What’s more, you stay compliant with all standard accounting procedures. 


  • Has a simple and intuitive interface to use
  • Can be accessed from any device — be it a tablet, desktop, or mobile
  • Allows you to access the system on the go with its mobile app

5. Wave

WaveWave is a popular accounting software in Dubai that provides end-to-end solutions for all your accounting needs. What it does is that it directly connects with your bank account and syncs all your expenses and income to generate financial statements. 

It shows month-to-month or year-to-year comparisons so you can identify cash flow trends and keep track of your business health. Besides, it prepares you to file your tax on time by keeping all your income, expenses, payments, and invoices organized. 


  • Quite easy to use and comes with an intuitive dashboard
  • Allows you to access the system from anywhere as it syncs information in real-time
  • Offers high-level security to keep all your business information safe

6. Xero

XeroOne of the leading accounting software in Dubai, Xero gives you a real-time view of your cash flow account. This cloud-based application syncs information in real-time so that you can access the system from anywhere using any device. 

Besides, you can directly send online invoices to your customers using the software and get notified when they open it. It quickly categorizes your bank transactions as they flow into Xero to accurately track all your expenses. 


  • Seamlessly integrates with many other third-party apps
  • Lets you create professional-looking invoices as per your brand feel
  • Has a reliable support team for technical assistance 

7. Quickbooks

QuickbooksQuickbooks is a simple and affordable accounting software in Dubai. One of its best features is that it instantly lets businesses know how they are performing by generating real-time customizable reports. 

Furthermore, it lets you customize your invoice as well. You can create a professional-looking invoice that matches your brand feel and look. What’s more, it keeps track of all your expenses and income so that you are always ready to file your tax on time. 


  • Makes it easy to access the system from anywhere, anytime
  • Automatically backs up all your data and ensures that it is up-to-date
  • Ensures the safety of your data by providing high-level security

8. Sage Intacct

Sage IntacctSage Intacct is the leading accounting and financial management software in Dubai. It offers advanced functionality that enables you to increase productivity and make fast and smart decisions. 

You can achieve speed and accuracy with this structured transactions and approvals.

This cloud-based system is highly flexible; it can be customized as per your business needs. It caters to the need of a huge range of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, wholesale distribution, professionals service, and more.


  • Automates the invoicing and collections process to speed up your cash cycle
  • Allows you to track multiple accounts with real-time visibility 
  • Supports multiple currencies to carry out operations globally

Bottom Line

So have you made your pick yet? Evaluate your business needs first. This top list of best accounting software in Dubai will definitely help you choose the right software.

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