Advantages of CCaaS in a business

Parul Saxena

Parul Saxena

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Last updated: March 1, 2021

The Contact Center as a Service uses a subscription-based licensing model to provide cloud software to contact centers. It allows companies to provide an excellent customer experience through any channel. Call centre agents can perform their job from any location provided they have a CCaaS application. You can get a cloud-based phone system for your call centre from Aircall to give your customers a better experience. Your business can benefit a lot from using CCaaS as your contact centre technology.

Here are the advantages of using CCaaS solutions:

1. Better customer experience

Most clients feel good when they can contact your business directly using their conventional methods. CCaaS solution allows agents to receive notifications on customer requests, and they can respond to them whether they come from emails, calls, WeChat, or WhatsApp. CCaaS solution helps agents work better for the customers and lower the waiting time to respond to customers’ requests. It also helps the customers choose the communication channel they feel comfortable using. Not all customers are satisfied communicating with agents through calls, and not everyone understands how to use WhatsApp or WeChat applications. The CCaaS channel helps your company to meet the needs of every customer.

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2. Better agent experience

When using CCaaS technology, agents will have one place of concentration window. They can get the customer’s information from Twitter or Facebook without switching from one application to another. CCaaS helps agents bring customer’s information they need directly to their window.

Agent’s performance improves when their work is easy. Agents working in call centers have to deal with time pressure and furious customers every day. Implementing CCaaS technology in your call center can help make the agents’ jobs less complicated and less frustrating. Working from one application will be better for agents than working from many applications.

3. Cost-saving

CCaaS service allows your company to manage its funds as you know how much you pay for the service each year. With CCaaS service, you will not have to spend on software upgrades or replacements and paying for software licenses hence saving on costs. Your company can also save on maintenance costs on equipment, software, and support.

4. Flexibility and scalability

When using the CCaaS solution, your company will pay for the service they require at a time, and you can adjust the services according to your company’s needs. If your company has an increase in sales and your contact center is abruptly overwhelmed, you can change your plan to handle the increased demand. CCaaS solution also allows your company to scale services to meet customers’ expectations and grow your customer base.

5. Business intelligence and data analytics

CCaaS solution can integrate data from different applications. It makes it easier to collect and analyze data in your company. You can use the data to learn more about your customers and use the details for marketing your company. You can know what your customers buy mostly from your company, and you can use the data to impress your customers.

Bottom line

In today’s business world, you need to keep your customers happy and loyal. Hence your company needs to invest in a CCaaS solution. It provides a better customer experience and allows flexibility in your business. You do not have to incur costs on the software upgrades and replacement with CCaaS technology.

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