8 Major Advantages of using Admission Management Software For School

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Joydeep Das

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Last updated: May 5, 2021

Many of us remember school and college admissions to be a chaotic affair. Campuses would get flooded with applicants who queued up to collect or submit forms and make payments or inquiries. Typically, educational institutions would set up a team to take care of all distribution and collection of the paperwork.

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Through popular, manual admission management processes have several fallacies and are cumbersome for both institutions and students/parents. Not only do they require huge manpower, paperwork, and planning, but manual admission management leaves several gaps in security, accuracy, storage, payment processing, and marketing efforts. Such institutions were in dire need of a solution that made the admission process smooth, swift, and streamlined. This led to the inception of digital admission management solutions.

Admission management solutions are used in institutions all over the world today, and their market is expected to record a CAGR of around 10.15% during 2021 – 2026. With the application and admission processes becoming more complex every day and the looming pandemic, both students and authorities now prefer an integrated and efficient digital admission experience. There are several reasons why more and more institutes are using admission management software, some of them have been described below.

Advantages of Admission Management Software

The use of admission management solutions helps school, colleges, and institutions improve several aspects of the admission process and provides the following advantages:

1. Uniform & Centralized Admissions:

Most educational institutions nowadays have branches or campuses at multiple locations, which means that applications need to be collated, reviewed, and shortlisted manually if not for such software. Admission management tools act as centralized platforms that students and authorities can access instantly from anywhere.

This makes data retrieval and submissions across multiple branches easy. Moreover, such platforms help manage everything related to the admission process, such as documentation, payments, storage, validation, and information sharing. Many admission management software also come with multilingual capabilities to effectively handle language barriers across multiple locations.

2. Accurate & Error-free Admission Process:

Another significant advantage of using admission software is its accuracy. The process of manual admission management is prone to errors simply due to the cornucopia of applications that need to be processed at the beginning of each session.

Additionally, there are only a limited number of personnel with a huge workload and imminent deadlines. The effect of one such error could be potentially life-altering for a student. Admission management solutions eliminate such errors and also reduces the effort and manpower needed to manage admissions.

3. Secure Data Management & Storage:

Besides going paperless and making the earth greener, specialized software to oversee admissions also reduces the space needed. Moreover, there is a lot of confidential information regarding rankings, student details, and payments stored securely in such systems. Digital safekeeping also helps in retrieving data faster and prevents misplacement.

Forms are easier to fill online, and documents can also be uploaded instantly, saving time and making the process much simpler for all students and admission administrators. Digital records also facilitate better reporting and analysis, which improves their decision-making output.

4. Easier Payments, Billing & Invoicing:

Most modern admission management software integrate with payment gateways for quick and easy payment acceptance and invoice generation using billing invoicing software.

Such software allow payments from different modes and send the raised invoices directly to applicants with personalized emails. They are also capable of sending reminders, follow-ups, and other notifications.

5. Better Experience For Students & Parents:

As mentioned above, the process of manual admission management is time-consuming, chaotic, and error-prone. It also involves a lot of ‘legwork’ from students and parents as they have to frequently visit the campus, get information, submit attested documents, and check student lists.

With admission management software accepting applications online, students can do it all from their homes without breaking a sweat. Students are also updated frequently on the latest happenings in the admission process through notifications and real-time notice boards. Thus students neither need to call nor visit the campus for admissions.

6. Personalized Instant Updates:

Many education institutes are bombarded frequently with calls, emails, and personal visits for inquiries. Admission management software help such institutions send regular and personalized updates to students via emails, app notifications, live chat, text messages, and even WhatsApp. Such software may also have templates that can be downloaded and personalized before sending to students.

7. Improved Marketing Efforts:

Educational institutions also have a business to run and need to attract students through various marketing efforts constantly. Admission management tools can help such organizations create a database of potential candidates and inform them about the latest campus drives, seminars, new courses, lectures, and other events.

They help pique students’ interest in the institution and bring them on board through rapport-building, promotions, and offers.

8. Automated & Paperless Admission Process:

Several pain areas in the admission process are streamlined through the use of software. Right from the issuance of notices to the filling up of forms and induction of students, admission management tools help take care of it all.

While applicants can submit information, upload credentials, apply for scholarships and make payments through such systems, institutions can filter out ineligible candidates and inaccurate applications using such tools. Admission management software can also be used to provide students with the necessary support through tutorial videos, chatbots, and FAQs.


Admission management solutions are a necessity for any institution willing to simplify and automate the admission process. They help reduce the workload of both students and educational institutes and make the admission process error-free. Organizations also save on a lot of costs by using software and can cater to students from anywhere through such tools.

Today’s admission management solutions contain specialized modules that take care of inquiries, admission workflows, policies, interviews, shortlisting, communication, payments, and reporting. They help educational institutions focus on quality, students, and education and remove unnecessary hassles and duplication of efforts.

They have also enabled several schools and colleges to make their absorption processes completely paperless and make screening, evaluation, and reporting information much easier and efficient.

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