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Last updated: May 18, 2020

In this fierce competition among businesses, it has become crucial for companies to find prolific ways to enhance their profitability. Outbound calling is one such way that helps them improve brand exposure across multiple touchpoints. Though it might seem to be an old-fashioned method, it still works and plays an important role in boosting any business’ sales process.

Adversus, cloud-based auto-dialer software is specifically designed to optimize companies’ call center efficiently. Right from optimizing the call flows to automating repetitive tasks, managing leads effortlessly, and making data-driven decisions, Adversus make sure you and your team focus only on valuable activities.

Starting from his mom’s garage to bringing Adversus to the level it is at present, Kristian Kirketerp, the co-founder of Adversus, has come a long way. Let’s get acquainted with his ideas, thoughts, and more in this exclusive interview with SoftwareSuggest.

In conversation with Kristian Kirketerp, Co-Founder of Adversus

What led you to the inception of Adversus?

Mads and I have obtained an in-depth knowledge of telemarketing after spending many years in the industry as a sales consultant and manager. We quickly experience that the current solutions back in 2015 had several major shortcomings in relation to the requirements that arose. Therefore, we decided to start Adversus to create an efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective dialer with great features.

Walk us through your journey since the foundation of Adversus to date.

A lot had happened since we started Adversus. We have been on a long growth journey with some amazing people in and outside Denmark. We started in my mom’s garage with 10 square meters, and quickly afterward, we got 2 investors to help grow the company. Over the past years, we have created a fantastic team that includes 18 colleagues, and most of all, we have built an incredible system for outbound.

With a plethora of software solutions alike Adversus on the market, how tough is it to stand afloat?

It is tough to stand afloat because we are in an era of digitalization. Significant changes are constantly making the competition tougher. This means every company needs to be agile and flexible to the technology but also to the demands of legislation. As long as we keep developing the company with the newest technology, we will stand afloat.

What is it that Adversus offers differently than its competitors?

Our system is built on the newest technology, which allows us to build innovative features such as predictive dialer machine learning. This also results in an effective system that works fast with live trickers to automate your sales flow.

One of the big forces is our customer service with 24/7 support, which means the customers can always get in touch with us if they have challenges, questions, or system improvements to the roadmap.

Our extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface allows any company to get on-board right away with no struggles, and the system can be modulated after the customer’s needs.

In the end, I think Adversus can be compared to Apple computers and the other competitors to Windows computers. That’s probably the best way to explain the difference between Adversus and other competitors.

Define the work culture at Adversus.

The best way I can describe our working culture is through this quote we made;

T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.”

We stay together. We inspire each other, and we work as a team. This creates a positive, inspiring, and effective workplace where we work toward the same goal.

Any new development that your users should expect from you in the coming years?

There’s no doubt about AI and Machine Learning is something we will look more into the next couple of years. Besides that, we will make system improvement, and as always, our customers have some wishes; so, we will also include that in our roadmap. But I can ensure that we will release some great features in the next couple of years!

How do you keep yourself motivated and updated?

Mostly every morning, I will take a piece of paper and write down my to-do list of the day. When I do this – I will get the feeling of being victorious every day, and also I’ll constantly see improvements.

Also, being optimistic is very important because business can be tough sometimes, and then you need to see opportunities and not limitations.

If you weren’t building Adversus, what would you be doing differently?

It’s a hard question, but if I wasn’t building Adversus – I will be sailing professional, and hopefully, I would be on my way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Otherwise, I would be starting something else that inspire and keep me happy :-).

What piece of advice would you give to emerging entrepreneurs?

Stay happy and surround yourself with inspiring, hard-working people. Keep chasing and believe in your dreams, and do not be afraid to fail!

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