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For this reason, human resource managers have taken the help of technology to hire only the best. So, if you as a job seeker have ever logged on to a company website, to fill up a form with a few job-related questions, your resume, and cover letter, then you have experienced ATS or applicant tracking system. ATS is, therefore, a technologically crafted filter to screen out the eligible candidates from those who could not meet the defined eligibility criteria. 75 percent of large companies use an ATS, according to Capterra, an application tracking system reviews company.

Let’s define applicant tracking system software

An applicant tracking system software or ATS is a tool used by the human resource department of any company or the recruitment firms to support their function of recruiting and hiring the workforce. Although the final selection of the candidate takes place through a well-defined recruitment process, ATS comes into action in the initial stage of candidate filtration.

Therefore, the applicant tracking system helps the companies organize many applicants in different categories or folders. These categories can be of the candidates who are yet to be reviewed or the ones who have been rejected after review or any other. 

How does the applicant tracking system work?

1. Collection of applications

The application tracking system is a locker that stores all the incoming resumes of aspiring job seekers. Once the application is submitted, the human resource managers can extract them anytime from the locker, to process further, if suitable. The point to be noted is that the applications remain secure in the ATS software of the firm, even after the position applied for gets filled up.

2. Viewing of applications

Some recruiters prefer to follow the next step of automatic ranking directly, and few prefer viewing every application which comes in. Such recruiters have a quick look at the applicant’s past job titles, companies he worked in, and other achievements. Over here, they decide if they want to have a deep study of the resume or not.

3. Automatic ranking of applications

As shared earlier, some recruiters prefer to enjoy the benefit of automatic ranking by ATS. ATS assigns a rank to the applicants on several parameters like work experience, life skills, etc. Higher rankings are the privileged ones to move to the next step. Certain software options provide automatic ranking to applications based on the best match regarding the job description.

4. Keyword-based filtration

Every job description has certain specific identifiable keywords related to job skill and title. The ATS is programmed to identify specific keywords. In case the needed keyword is present in the resume and cover letter, the applicant gets selected for the next step of recruitment.

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Why do companies make use of applicant tracking system software?

  • ATS eases the task of manually short-listing the multiple applications received by the firm, thus saving on time and energy. 
  • ATS provides automatic ranking to the applicants regarding the provided job description.
  • ATS software keeps the applicants updated about the progress of their application by automated emails.
  • ATS software gets seamlessly integrated with other HR tools to ensure ease of recruitment. 
  • The keyword searches and matches attributes of the ATS software and helps locate the right talent for the right job.
  • ATS software generates accurate performance reports for recruitment teams.

How to choose the best applicant tracking software system for your firm?

You may check for the below-mentioned credentials to choose the best ATS software for your firm:

  • The software should help you with identifying the right candidate through free or paid built-in ways and job boards.
  • It should be able to create a good image of your company as a brand in the market of job seekers. This can be done with the presence of creative career pages, informative and attractive job ads, and easy to fill in application forms.
  • It should be able to integrate with all the other functions of the HRM.
  • Should be able to schedule interviews and emails.
  • Should be equipped with candidate evaluation scorecards and interview kits.
  • It should be robust, easy to use, and should provide an intuitive interface.
  • The customer service team of the respective software should be the best.
  • It should enable hiring the best candidate within the shortest possible time frame.
  • Should be able to maintain a pool of talented applicants, even when there is no current job opening for future references.
  • Finally, the chosen ATS software should ensure confidentiality, data security, and legality.

How to win over the ATS software parameters?

  • Every time you apply, customize the resume to the respective job description with essential keywords.
  • Use the acronym and extended form of keywords. Example: “Master of Business Administration (MBA)”
  • Make use of hybrid or chronological resume format
  • Avoid tables, columns, headers, footers and fancy fonts.
  • Use standard headings like “Work Experience”
  • Save the .docx version of resume.

Although ATS has its share of pros and cons, one can not overrule its significance in today’s tech friendly talent acquisition practices. For this purpose, Software Suggest brings some of the best applicant tracking system software for your business. Make use of the options which best meet your feasibility parameters and minimize your workload of hiring the right man for the right job at the right time.

If used efficiently, they can supercharge the entire recruitment process in one go. Keep us posted with your queries and we will keep you posted with the trending software applications to enhance your HRM efficiency.

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