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Last updated: February 15, 2021



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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS system) have been improving to integrate all relevant information from social networking sites.

LinkedIn specifically stands out from all social networking sites due to its exclusive focus on professionals and recruiters. LinkedIn itself is a great tool for professionals and recruiters alike. But integrated to your ATS system it improves the overall productivity of your recruiting process.

Recruitment via LinkedIn SS

When your ATS System is integrated with LinkedIn you get:

1. Everything in one place

With an Applicant Tracking System that can integrate with LinkedIn, you won’t have to switch between multiple systems. Everything you need for your recruiting needs will be there for you in one place. You don’t have to use multiple systems to keep a track of candidates. You can handle all job applications in your ATS system. This also eliminates a lot of data entry work. So you don’t have to spend too much time on the organization of the data and can use that time to screen the candidates better.

2. More information about the candidate

LinkedIn is like a dynamic resume. Every little piece of information about a person’s profession is posted on their LinkedIn profile. The data on a formal resume might get outdated in a few weeks. That is not the case with a LinkedIn profile. So if your ATS can extract data from the candidate’s LinkedIn page then you can be sure that you have the latest information about the candidate. There are usually many extra details that a candidate might leave out in their resume but will post on LinkedIn. Grab More about ATS Here: Enhance Candidate Experience Using Applicant Tracking System. These bits of information can help you choose the best candidate for your needs.

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3. Private Messages

ATS services that have integrated with LinkedIn will allow you to send private messages to the candidates on the social site without you having to connect with them. You don’t have to go to their LinkedIn pages to send them messages; you can do it from your ATS system itself. This makes the communication easier to organize as you can handle them within just one system.

4. Job Postings on LinkedIn

Recruiters can quickly post their job advertisements directly on LinkedIn from their ATS if it is integrated with LinkedIn. This is a very convenient tool for recruiters to post job ads and monitor all applicants that apply through them. All applications received are also easily stored in the database as it is integrated with the ATS.

5. Direct Application through LinkedIn

All candidates that are on LinkedIn can search and apply for your job listings directly from the website. You will not have to worry about handling them separately through a separate system because the ATS that is integrated with LinkedIn will be able to do that for you automatically. It becomes easier for the candidates to apply for your company while at the same for you to organize all applications. This streamlines the application process.

6. Improved Quality of Hires

LinkedIn has provided a great platform for finding and recruiting candidates across the world so you can have access to more candidates than you would have had with any traditional method of advertising. The bigger number of candidates means more choices so you can find candidates that better fit your requirements, not only in terms of qualifications but also in terms of interests and motivation.

Wrapping it Up

ATS makes the recruiting process better by organizing your candidates and providing you with tools to better handle them. An ATS with LinkedIn integration gives you access to a larger pool of candidates and helps you find the perfect candidates according to your company’s needs. That is why more and more ATS providers are starting to do this with their products. Hence, there is a huge benefit in getting an ATS with LinkedIn integration.



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