Why Attendance And Leave Management System Is Crucial For Small Business?

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Last updated: June 24, 2021

More than 80% of the employee timesheets require strict correction as it is hard for them to remember the timings. The employee working hours tracking is crucial even if they’re working from the office or remote locations. It is a direct indicator of the productivity of different departments and provides straightforward inputs for areas in need of improvement.

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Time theft is costing more than 11 billion US dollars in the United States only. It is not always an intentional time theft as many times employees forget to maintain their timesheets. Many employees agree that it is difficult for them to maintain the know-how of timesheets when subjected to important clients, deals, or crucial projects. So, can companies afford these time thefts?

The outdated timekeeping systems are now replaced with the modern cloud-based software that does a bit more for the organization. More than 88% of the companies have already automated their attendance data collection systems. Attendance and leave management system ensures that companies are prepared for unscheduled leaves and changes. Attendance management is the first step towards managing the timesheets of the employees.

What is Attendance Management?

The labour laws are strict when it comes to normal working hours and overtime for the stretched working hours. Thus, companies need a strict monitoring system to take care of the incoming, outgoing, and overtime employees.

When it comes to paying per hour, the timesheet management becomes the source of calculating the earnings of the employees. Thus, there should be a proper system for the calculations of leaves, offs, hourly offs, etc.

The employee attendance monitoring system best holds all these requirements. These software solutions are helpful in maintaining regular attendance and providing deep insights into the current situation and upcoming problems.

Different companies use different methods like punch cards, biometrics, timesheets, etc., to maintain attendance at their place. These attendance management systems can be easily integrated with other systems for detailed analysis. With major loopholes in the existing attendance systems and requirements of best solutions, there are many reasons that companies must invest in modern leave and attendance management systems.

Importance of Having an Attendance and Leave Management System

Attendance and leave management is linked to the essential resource of any company, i.e., its human capital. While many companies are focusing on the best mutual goals for employee and employer’s development, investing in a robust employee attendance monitoring system can be a boon.

The best reasons to invest in these modern leave and attendance management systems include:

1. Power of automation

Employees that log their times manually in timesheets have an accuracy of 66% only. This is due to the absenteeism of automation. These errors in timesheets cost heavy burdens to the companies and employees. Some get paid more than what they’ve done while others are paid less than their working hours.

The automated attendance management system improves the accuracy rates for companies with minimalist employees to maximum employees. This automated software is further helpful in sourcing other integrations.

2. Manages Leaves

Leave management is another must in the labour laws in which employers have to provide necessary leaves to every employee. It sounds great for limited employees but with the increase in headcount, leave management becomes difficult and inefficient.

The leave and attendance management system keeps a vigil on the approved leaves, pending quota of leaves and sets the alarm for salary deductions as per the company’s guidelines. Thus, transparency is maintained at all levels that further eliminates employee dissatisfaction.

3. Reduces Attrition Rates

Employees frequently leaving from an organization may indicate different inefficient practices going on in the company. The employee attendance monitoring system provides the necessary inputs to the managers before it is too late for the businesses to retain their leaving employees.

The trends in the absenteeism and pattern of leaves show the nature of the scheduled offs taken by any department. Managers can thus work in the right direction to get the issues resolved at the earliest to improve the increasing attrition rates.

4. Zero Frauds

Buddy punching, late comings, unscheduled off, and many other issues with leaves and punctuality are prone to frauds. These frauds may look smaller at the individual level but may cause grave damages to big organizations.

The efficient attendance and leave management software works on the cloud that is highly secured from any data breaches. Further, these systems improve the 24*7 monitoring for the ease of managers to get the best red flags out of the current trends.

The powerful integrations of the leave and attendance management system prevent any possible issues in maintaining the payments and hence improve HR’s efficiency.

5. Saves Time and Money

The human resource department spends many of their productive work hours verifying the timesheets of different employees. The companies can save on their human resource department by including the employee attendance monitoring system.

All the latest attendance management software is economical and highly affordable for small and medium enterprises as they charge based on employee count. Thus, these systems are a one-time investment for budding entrepreneurs who want to invest in some great and long-term strategies. The existing businesses can keep their track good using these systems.

Top Attendance Management Systems

1. Keka

Keka logoKeka is one of the best HR solutions software available in two different modules. These are HR, Payroll platform and Hiring Platform. It is available across 30 countries globally and is ideal for companies having employees size 20-20,000.

Keka offers three pricing plans in the HR& Payroll platform, namely:

INR 6,999 per month for employees up to 100.

INR 60 per month per additional employee.

INR 9,999 per month for employees up to 100.

INR 90 per month per additional employee.

INR 13,999 per month for employees up to 100.

INR 130 per month per additional employee.

The different pricing plans in Keka’s hiring platform includes:

Keka Hire- ProKeka Hire- Advanced
INR 1,500 per month for the recruiter.INR 2,500 per month for the recruiter.

Keka offers free trials on all plans to ensure that companies can match the suitability of their services.

2. Akrivia HCM

Akrivia HCM logoAkrivia HCM is the one for all human capital management software that provides efficient time and attendance management solutions. Akrivia Automation was started in 2015 and is currently delivering its services to Middle East, South East Asia, and India.

The “attract, hire, develop, and retain” software is available for a free demo to all companies looking for excellent attendance and leave management solutions. There are different pricing plans for other modules of their HCM services.

3. Wallet HR

wallet hr logoWallet HR is an innovative leave and attendance management system that is serving 400+ satisfied clients. It is the product of Crystal HR and Security Solutions Private Limited that is based out of Chennai.

The company offers free demo to all prospective customers and offers customized pricing plans. It is trusted by different sectors like retail, IT, manufacturing, media, entertainment, aerospace, chemicals, logistics, health, finance, etc.

It offers all services in customized pricing plans. Companies can request a free demo by sharing details online.

4. Truein Face Attendance

Truein Face Attendance software logoTouchless is the new normal that is best realized by Truein Face attendance software. This cloud-based touchless attendance system is compatible with any existing Android or iOS-based device. Thus, there are no hardware requirements for Truein face attendance.

It offers a free demo for customer satisfaction and has the unique feature of face recognition under masks for a covid-19 pandemic.

The company offers its employee attendance monitoring system in three different standard, premium, and enterprise modules. The enterprise module is specifically for companies with more than 100 employees.

5. Qandle

Qandle logoQandle is another top-notch attendance and leaves management software. It was conceptualized in 2016 and since then has been a great it among different sectors. The company offers a free trial, and it is easy to book a demo with them.

Qandle is available in different pricing plans namely:

INR 2,450 per month for employees up to 50.

INR 49 per month per additional employee.

INR 3,950 per month for employees up to 50.

INR 79 per month per additional employee.

INR 4,950 per month for employees up to 50.

INR 99 per month per additional employee.

INR 6,450 per month for employees up to 50.

INR 129 per month per additional employee.

Wrapping Up:

The attendance and leave management system is essential as more than one in every three time tracking systems are outdated. Whether it is about eliminating the manual errors of registers or preventing time thefts, this modern software is a must for any growing organization.

It is easy to keep your workforce on toes with a leave and attendance management system. It gathers excellent insights about effective business decisions and contributes to overall work efficiency. 

A robust HR system is necessary for different companies to ensure great experience and productivity at all times. Managing your employees becomes super-easy with modern cloud-based services.

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