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Last updated: October 22, 2019

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We use AutoConnect in our daily lives and do not even realize it. You may be wondering what AutoConnect is. We are going to inform you what it is, how it works, and how you set it up. 

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What is AutoConnect?

AutoConnect associated with your wireless internet or any wireless internet you may be around. This feature will allow your device to connect automatically to your known wireless internets. However, this feature will also connect your device to any open wireless internet networks. When you use this feature, your device will automatically fill in your password or login and submit it to the network. 

If you are not using the AutoConnect feature, you will have to go into your settings and click the open network in which you want to join. You will then have to add a login and password for this network. You can usually find this on the wall, the service desk, or other areas. You will then have to prove you are not a robot to continue. It is also known as authentication. It is a long process. 

When you use AutoConnect, it is much simpler. You can use AutoConnect with all smartphones and tablets. You can install this device onto your phone or device with ease. You can go into your app store and download the Wi-Fi AutoConnect app. You can also go to the website and download it as well. However, downloading it from the app store is much easier. Keep in mind that most smartphones today have this feature installed automatically. 

How does AutoConnect Work?

When you use AutoConnect, you are going to be connecting to any open networks without having to go through a lengthy authentication process. It will save you time. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of entering all that information. However, many people do not like to use the AutoConnect feature on their phones and will turn it off. There are many reasons people will want you not to use the AutoConnect feature. We are going to talk about that now. 

AutoConnect Concerns

In today’s world, we are always worried about our personal security as well as our privacy. We want to be more diligent about our lives, and now is a great time to help. Many times, we do not know how we can better protect ourselves. However, turning off or uninstalling your AutoConnect feature can be an excellent place to start. 

Wireless networks are spoofing the most significant risk you face when you have your AutoConnect feature turned on. It means that people are logging onto fake networks. Many people around the world will connect their device to a wireless internet that has been made available to the public. They will connect to the internet to save on data and continue with what they were doing. After all, not all people are on an unlimited data plan, and not all people have great reception wherever they go. The problem with this is that not all networks are considered official. It means that they are not coming from the place you believe they are coming from. They are likely coming from a hacker trying to get your information. 

Hackers will spoof networks. These networks may seem legitimate, but they are not. Hackers will use these networks to try to get information to hack people’s accounts. They may also watch the person on the network to see if they log in to anything worthwhile. 

Let us take a look at an example. Let us say you are walking down the street and sit down at a coffee shop. This network is called “coffeehotspot.” You can save it on your phone after using this network for one time. Now, you go to the coffee shop again and sit down. Your phone automatically connects, and you are browsing the internet. It is very comfortable; however, it is more suitable for your hacker. Because this person sees you have been to this area and likely connected to this Wi-Fi, they could create an internet called “coffeehotspot” and your phone will connect to it. You are now at the hands of a hacker who is the owner of this spoofed network. 


AutoConnect is a great feature when you are on the go and when you want to connect to the public internet that you have used before. However, it can cause you to be hacked. Hackers are becoming smarter every day, and they are learning the technology that we use. It is simple for someone to spoof a network to get your information. Hackers can do this with ease. You must check the network that you connect to and making sure that you are not entering personal information on public networks. CRM Dynamics 365 can help you better understand AutoConnect and its features.

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