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Last updated: May 20, 2021

IT helpdesk system receives N number of tickets on daily basis with issues varying in severity and priority. The IT help desk has to work on resolving these issues and keeping the systems up and running all the time so that the operations run smoothly.

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Wouldn’t it be great if the routine task that comes up while resolving tickets are automated? Not all help desk tasks can be automated but there are various IT helpdesk system available in the market that can reduce the overhead of such monotonous tasks. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics of historical tickets, IT help desk can save a lot of time and resources in carrying out the support operations.

Here are some of the tasks that can be automated with the help of an IT helpdesk system:

1. Automatic Ticket Allotment

Using the IT help desk software available in the market, there is no longer the requirement of a person assigning tickets manually or taking care of the ticket queue. Triggers can be designed based on keywords in the help desk software itself.

E.g. all the tickets containing “Back-Office issue” keyword can be assigned to a particular group or batch of resources who will work solely on Back-Office issues.

2. Timely Follow-up with customers

The people who come to the help desk with queries have a lot on their platter and there are times when they might forget to come back with the information that the help desk requires to solve the issue. Triggers can be set with the help of IT helpdesk system so that the customers can be notified regarding the updates or communication required from their end to accelerate the process resolving the tickets.

3. Automatic Ticket Closing

With the help of IT helpdesk system, a method can be set in which the tickets that are lying in the queue without any updates for more than say 30 days can be moved to the closed ticket queue. This aids in the keeping a track of all the closed and resolved tickets and in turn help you gauge the performance matrix.

Automating this process will also help in assigning work when there is an overload of issues in the incident queue.

4. Set priority for tickets

Help desk software allows you to prioritize the incoming tickets based on its urgency. There are certain issues that need immediate attention and when such tickets are logged, the IT help desk software assigns High Priority to it and notifies the resources to work on it as soon as possible.

5. AI imbibed in Help Desk Software

With the technology changing day by day, the applications are becoming smart enough to do regular background checks of the system within in order to know whether they are functioning normally or not.

If any irregularities are detected during these checks, automatic tickets are raised.

The tickets generated this way will be an overhead for the help desk and it might happen that these issues may be ignored altogether by them.

With the help of AI implemented IT help desk software, the historical incidents can be identified, sorted and resolved as per the predefined solution guidelines.

6. Getting Feedback

The performance matrix of the help desk depends on a lot of factors. The time is taken to resolve the tickets, the rate of ticket resolution and so on. But these are not the only things that tell you about your progress. What your customers think about you matters a lot. For this, after a ticket is resolved, the help desk can send a feedback survey to customers and this process can be automated using help desk software.

7. Enhancing the knowledge base

Automation can be used to effectively log all the issues that are registered over time and also add the knowledge base for the tickets. This knowledge base can be used for future references when the issues reoccur. Using the IT helpdesk system, the knowledge base can be updated on regular basis.

Take a look at the benefits of automating the IT help desk system

  • Saves processing time per incident logged
  • Reduces the cost of managing the tickets
  • Operations are performed with minimum error occurrences
  • The in-house resources can be used effectively for the higher-end technical work
  • The customer-help desk rapport is improved owing to better communication
  • Surveys are sent on a timely basis to customers which helps in getting feedback regarding the work of help desk
  • A consistent service level is maintained as the operations are now streamlined
  • Real-time analysis of the incidents helps in bringing permanent solutions for repetitive incidents.

Artificial Intelligence has already revolutionized various industries and has helped gain maximum benefit out of available technology and resources at hand. These are just a few benefits of automating the IT helpdesk system with the help of help desk software. There are more to come as the analytical tools become more advanced and can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to enhance the overall experience of interacting with the help desk services.

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