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Last updated: March 8, 2021

Test automation is software testing technique to compare the expected outcome with the actual output to achieve this target. The test engineer has to write the test scripts by using automation testing tools. Test automation is one of the technologies which allows the test engineer to automate various tasks which are difficult to perform manually. We are here with the ultimate guide for automation testing process. 

Following is a set of questions you must know the answers of before starting the automation testing. 

  •   How to implement automation in the project? 
  •   How to select the right and best automation testing tools? 
  •   How to design test scripts effectively?
  •   How to deploy and maintain test scripts?
  •   What are the best practices to make the automation testing a successful process? 

Many organizations plan the test automation services as for the induced knowledge of the test engineer by the following guide. Find out what the best automation is and how to start test automation with the application.

Definitive Guide for Automation Testing Tools

1. Talk to the management 

While working with an organization, you always need to talk to high profile people like the CEO, project manager, team manager, etc. if you want to implement or introduce new technology in the already existing processes. If you are doing something without the concern of the management, you may have to suffer from any issues. It is advised that a test engineer must always convince the management before implementing automation testing process by his own. Then, he or she can use the various benefits that automation testing offers. You can also tell them how the test engineer can frequently manage and implement the test processes in less time and cost.

2. Find an automation tool expert

Tool experts are people who will help the testing genius to find the best tool for their application. There are two types of experts available in the market. 

  •   Automation architects
  •   Automation engineers

Automation architects are very rare to find. It is believed that these people are costly and also necessary for the success of test automation. These people usually help to build an automation framework which is required to do the test automation. 

Automation engineers, on the other hand, are those people who are capable of converting the manual testing process into the automated scripts. These people work under automation architect and help the test engineer by creating and executing the scripts.

3. Using the right automation testing tools

If you have not selected the perfect tool for test automation, then maybe you will not be able to make a process successful. Many tools are available in the market, but you have to select any one as per the requirement of the application.

There are so many things which you should look for while hunting for a test automation tool.

  •   The tool has to be in your budget
  •   It should be capable of supporting all technologies and languages
  •   It must be capable of solving the issues or testing the whole application in less time
  •   It must have a suitable mechanism for reporting and matrix

4. Analyze the application

If an organization is working on various applications, then besides purchasing different tools for each application, it must figure out which is the tool that will help them to test all the applications under one roof. To achieve this target, you need to make sure that you have analyzed all the applications correctly and figured out what are the primary purpose of all the applications for test automation.

5. The skilled team of testing engineers

You have to check the skills of test engineers of your team to convert the manual testing into the automation testing. If the testing genius you have is not capable of performing the particular automation testing, then this is the responsibility of the organization to prevent them in the test automation so that they can efficiently conduct the test cases to get the best results.

6. Design the test automation framework

This is one of the biggest tasks of automation architect. The primary responsibility of the automation architect is to decide the automation framework that helps the test engineer to conduct the automation testing processes for the long run. Automation framework is a set of rules and plants which are helpful to design the scripts in a way that requires less amount of maintenance. In test automation, five types of automation frameworks are available – linear, modular, data-driven, keyword-driven, and hybrid.

7. Development of a strategy

The execution strategy may include the selection of different environments in which the script should be executed. The environment consists of various browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome, internet explorer, edge, etc. operating systems like Windows Macintosh, Unix, Linux, etc. and multiple hardware configurations of the computer system.

8. Write down the scripts

The scripts are also known as the input for automation testing tools to conduct the particular test automation for a particular application. When the test engineer designs the three works successfully, then it is the execution plan and the various resources or test scripts which are required to make the testing process successful. Test automation is like a development process in which you have to write the script to practice the scripts in reality.

9. Test reports

Reports are something which usually provides a summary of the testing process conducted by the tool. It may include the list of various bugs issues and so many other things in the application. Some tools are also capable of providing the matrix tables and bar charts to showing the various changes in the application.

10. Script maintenance

The best part of automation testing tools is that a test engineer doesn’t have any need to create the test scripts multiple times. He can use the previous scripts to conduct the automation testing procedures again and again for the same module. This is the reason why it is advisable for the test engineer to maintain testing scripts. There are various tools available which are also responsible for maintaining the testing by there, but sometimes the tasks should be performed by the test engineer.


The test engineer must know which the starting point is and which the ending point of the test automation tool is. Also, the selection of the best testing tool and strategy will help them to get the best results from the test automation.

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