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Last updated: August 31, 2020

Cloud communications are changing the way businesses communicate. Yes, it is becoming the new normal!

Today, when an enterprise is looking for a voice solution, it is often given an option of the cloud communications solution. It is a compelling platform for business communications. And also a flexible, powerful, and reliable means for enhancing office productivity. Again, its ability to integrate with the best-in-class CRM solutions brings businesses huge benefits.

AVOXI, a leading name among the cloud communication solution providers, has come a long way. From delivering VoIP services to offering virtual call center solutions, it is here with its latest release AVOXI Genius. It is a cloud contact center platform that gives businesses instant visibility into customer communications. In this article, we will review this intelligent software.

Introduction to AVOXI Genius

Businesses are moving to the cloud. It won’t be wrong to say that “cloud is the new normal for companies.”

AVOXI Genius helps businesses to move their communication to the cloud at their own pace. With its intelligent features and intuitive reports, it ensures to increase the team’s performance. Moreover, it gives businesses the control of their contact center with a rich feature-set. Some of these include Inbound Call Routing, Cloud-based IVR, Call Analytics, etc.

So, let us help you walk you through AVOXI Genius and unleash its capabilities.

An Overview of AVOXI Genius

As you log into your AVOXI Genius account, you’ll see a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. You can jump to and fro between modules and gain insights into the required data.

Without any further ado, let’s delve deeper into each of its modules and their respective offerings!

1. Numbers

All the numbers that you buy from AVOXI get listed here. You can determine:

  • The country it is purchased for
  • Number type (fixed-line, mobile, toll-free, or any other)
  • Services enabled (call recording, voicemail, etc.)
  • Answering mode (forward, extension, and so forth), and
  • The users assigned to that number

Avoxi Numbers

If you’d like to purchase more phone numbers, you can click on ‘+Add’ to do so.

With AVOXI, you can buy virtual phone numbers from 170+ countries. They can be a Toll-Free, Local, National, or  Vanity Numbers. Once you choose your plan, you can select the add-on features and purchase the number.

AVOXI Genius lets you manage each of your numbers listed here. Clicking on any number will help you drill down to its configuration.

a. Profile: It’s crucial to be available whenever a customer calls you. This enhances your customer service. But it might not be possible for your team to answer calls at every hour – they might be on holiday, busy talking to other customers, etc. So, to ensure that your caller never returns empty-handed Answering Mode comes into the play.

Avoxi profile

With AVOXI Genius, you can:

  • Set rules to forward an incoming call to another number, IVR, voicemail, or different user(s);
  • Add SMS forwarding to the number;
  • Assign users for specific numbers; and
  • Record calls

However, you can enable/disable call recording as per your requirements.

b. Call Logs: Want to check on the team? Get an insight into your team’s performance here!

  • Know the number of calls answered/unanswered/abandoned;
  • Determine the call duration and call disposition;
  • Listen to the call recordings or download them for future reference

Avoxi call logs

Moreover, you can apply different filters to produce more specific results. This includes call direction (inbound, outbound, or internal), user, call status, date range, etc. Thus, it makes your job easier and quicker. 

c. Voicemail: If you’ve enabled voicemail services for your AVOXI numbers, you can view all the voicemails for that number. It also helps you determine the number from which it is received. Furthermore, you can gauge the voicemail duration, listen to it, and also download it with a single click.

avoxi voicemail

d. Forwarding: AVOXI Genius lets you set up your call forwarding rules here. It executes them in the order you have set them.

Avoxi forwarding

For example, you want to set a forwarding rule for the sales call that you receive outside your business hours. You can set your active times and define the timeout (in seconds) after which the rule will be executed. You can then forward the calls to an external number, user extension, call queue, call group, or virtual attendant.

Hence, you can rest assured that you would never miss a call when you have AVOXI Genius in place.

2. Virtual Attendants

A virtual attendant is an automated way to transfer or answer phone calls without human staff. Thus, it enables your business to deliver sophisticated phone services, i.e., it helps you convey a credible big business image.

AVOXI Genius lets you set up multiple virtual attendants for a number so that none of your callers returns unanswered.

a. Virtual Assistant Configuration: You can record or upload new voice messages for the virtual attendants attending your callers.

avoxi virtual

Here’s how you can leverage AVOXI Genius to configure your voicemail:

  • Set an Intro Prompt that plays before the menu. The callers cannot skip this prompt.
  • Then comes the Menu Prompt that provides your callers with a list of options.
  • If the caller inputs an option that isn’t available, AVOXI Genius lets you play an Unavailable Prompt.
  • If it doesn’t receive any input within the timeout time, Timeout Prompt is played.

You can even set a timeout destination – be it an external number, user extension, call group, call queue, virtual attendant, voicemail, or disconnect.

Moving further, AVOXI Genius enables you to set actions depending on the caller’s input. Thus, your callers get a helping hand to get through their queries even when your staff isn’t available.

b. Voicemail Configuration: You can either create a new voicemail or choose from the existing list.

  • If you opt to create a new voicemail, AVOXI Genius allows you to configure it the way you want. You can name your voicemail or even forward the incoming call to other attendants.

Avoxi virtual

  • You can record a voicemail greeting, preview it, and save it.
  • It provides you with an option to upload your voicemail greeting or choose from its library. You can also set the email address where the voicemail will be delivered.

3. Call Queues

If you are receiving more calls than your team can handle at a time, call queues work as a savior. Businesses use call queues in combination with virtual attendants.

a. Live Calls: It gives you a summary of the available agents, the number of calls ( in progress or waiting), and the average or maximum wait time.

Avoxi Live calls

AVOXI Genius lets you drill down the insights of Live and Waiting Calls, as shown above.

b. Members: You can view all the queue members and their status (available, disconnected) here. To determine that your agents do not waste time being disconnected, you can see their time in a certain status. For instance, if Alex is in a disconnected state for 15 minutes, AVOXI Genius will provide you with the details.

Avoxi queue

Want to determine the queues assigned to agents? You can view those under assigned queues.

As an admin, you reserve the right to pause/unpause, remove, and log out a particular agent from the queue. Moreover, you have the right to pause an agent if you find him/her not attending calls. You can even pause if they left for home early, are on a lunch break, or are in a meeting. 

c. Settings: With AVOXI Genius, you can manage each aspect of your cloud contact platform. Be it setting up queue strategies or selecting an outbound caller ID; it has got everything covered. For example, you can opt for either of these – Round Robin, Ring All, or Least Used – to set up a queue strategy.

Some other settings you can manage includes:

  • Dispositions: It refers to after call actions. With AVOXI Genius, you can have a variety of call dispositions set up. This includes Freeform Text, Simple Select, and Tree Select. You can have any of these as per your requirements.
  • Screen Pop: AVOXI Genius integrates with a range of CRM solutions. Depending on the integrations you enable, it lets you choose a Screen Pop template. It fetches information from your CRM based on the template you select. Then, it displays the data on the screen of your softphone.

Avoxi Setting4. Analytics

It is an intuitive dashboard that gives you an insight into the activities happening across different Call Queues, Agents, Dispositions, and Numbers. Hovering the cursor on the data will pop up the trending details relevant to it.

Your Queue Analytics appear as below:

Avoxi Analytics

Similarly, you can obtain different Agent Call Metrics to evaluate their performance. This includes the details for their Queue Calls, Direct Calls, and Talk Time. It helps you make an informed decision if any of your agents require training.

When you have more phone numbers, it is crucial to have a handle on their activities. So, when you navigate to Numbers in your Analytics window, you can derive the phone number metrics as below:

Avoxi phone

You can sort these data number-wise.

Similarly, you can obtain the details of outbound calls made by your agents. You can filter this data user-wise as well as number-wise.

Snapshot provides you with Agent Metrics and Queue Metrics. It also gives an insight into the time agents take to answer a call.

In addition to all these features, AVOXI Genius comes with a Live Dashboard. It enables you to view the activities happening across a queue in real-time.

Avoxi dashboard

You can view up to 10 queues at a time in a single window.

5. Activity

You can say that it is a more granular form of Analytics.

As the name suggests, it gives you an overview of your, company, and queue’s activities.

a. My Activity: It displays all of your call activities with acute information. You can sort the data by applying filters, listen to call recordings, determine the calls with dispositions, and more.


b. Company Activity: Like My Activity, Company Activity shows the call transactions from all your phone numbers. The only difference is that My Activity will list only your tasks, whereas Company Activity will provide a comprehensive view of the company’s activities.

c. Queue Activity: As you can determine from the name, it shows different queue activities in one place. However, you can apply filters to sort the data.

d. Quality Management: This is something that your agent achieves based on the service he/she provides.

Avoxi Quality6. Users

As an admin, you can add users to your AVOXI Genius account. You can also update any of the user’s information and save it to stay up-to-date.

Avoxi users

You can check your users’ role, know their extension, call queues assigned to them, and which license they hold.

7. Integrations

AVOXI Genius integrates with a host of CRM solutions, including Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and more. This integration helps you fetch customer data on your webphone whenever you place a call.

Avoxi Integrations

As you can see in the image, clicking on the link beside the caller’s name will help you navigate his/her details stored in your CRM. Hence, your agents can determine the customer details and serve them better.

You can say that the integration of your CRM or helpdesk system with AVOXI Genius is bi-directional. While this integration helps you get customer data on your webphone, it stores call recording and after-call notes right in your CRM once the call ends. Thus, it proves to be an excellent medium for enhancing the customer experience.

Summing Up

While cloud communication has become the need of the hour for businesses, AVOXI Genius helps you take it a level up with its intuitive cloud contact center platform. It enables you to modernize your contact center by managing your business communications. Be it routing calls, setting up IVR branches, customizing call queue routes, or making outbound calls with custom caller ID; it gives you the best cloud contact center solution for your business.

Again, it is effective, affordable, and easy-to-use. Besides, you need not pay premium pricing to leverage its advantages. If you want to have the best cloud contact center solution for your business communication needs, AVOXI Genius is the answer!

You can know more about AVOXI Genius from its website or SoftwareSuggest Product Profile Page.

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