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Last updated: August 28, 2020

Technology is slowly but surely making its way into every aspect of our daily lives. Many manual processes, as we knew them, are being automated with the help of all kinds of software and applications. It comes as no surprise then, that technology has made its way into the salon industry as well.

More and more beauty parlours have begun to use beauty salon software. From the humble neighbourhood salon to even large multi-chain outlets, salon management software solutions have been able to help businesses of all sizes. They automate various aspects of daily operations in salons such as appointment scheduling and bookings, client management, and so much more.

The features of salon software solutions are truly amazing and can add a lot of value to your salon. In this article, we will talk about how you can use beauty salon software solutions to take your business to the next level.

Using Beauty Salon Software To Manage Your Parlours

1. Online Bookings and Appointment Scheduling

The best way to attract more customers is by making things convenient for them. The best beauty salon software solutions enable your customers to book your services online.

Everybody has a smartphone these days and we are all now used to getting things done on our phones with only a few clicks. Customers have come to expect such convenience from salons as well. Salon software solutions facilitate online bookings. The most significant advantage of this feature is that your customers can book appointments round the clock, all days of the week, without having to call you up during the working hours of your salon.

Also, an online booking system frees up staff from having to answer phones and schedule appointments manually. It makes the whole appointment scheduling process much simpler. It becomes automated to a large extent, which also reduces the scope of errors such as double booking. It can reduce wait time, help you take on more appointments, and increase the overall efficiency of the appointment scheduling process.

In fact, many salon software solutions allow you to set up multiple and/or recurring appointments. It ensures that your regular customers never have to bother themselves with having to book their next appointment.

The appointment scheduling feature also enables you to send notifications and reminders automatically, to both, your customers and your staff about their upcoming appointments. This feature ensures that your staff is available as needed and also reduces the chances of customer no-shows significantly.

2. Inventory Management

One of the most crucial aspects of managing a salon is that you need to have an adequate stock of your treatment products as well as your retail products at any given point in time. Many salons manage their inventory manually which can be extremely time-consuming and highly prone to human error.

Beauty salon software can track and maintain records of inventory. It saves you the trouble of counting products manually and frees you up to focus on customer experience.

A beauty salon software gives you a real-time picture of your stock levels and alerts you when you are running low on them. It helps you remain well-stocked at all times. In fact, the data collected in the process can be analyzed to gain valuable insights into your salon business.

3. Client Management

With the client management capabilities of salon software solutions, you can provide personalized experiences to your clients right down to the individual level.

Beauty salon software can help you maintain a database of all your customers and help you identify your most valuable ones. These salon management software solutions store detailed information about your client’s history such as the details of all their visits, their preferred treatments, and more. Let’s say that you have a customer who visits your parlor every month. Suppose that the customer for some reason does not visit your parlor in a particular month. You can send the customer a “We missed you!” message to remind them that you value their business and would love to serve them again. Similarly, there are many other ways to personalize your marketing efforts. One popular strategy is offering customers promotional offers and discounts on their birthday.

In short, beauty salon software solutions help you store, organize, and manage your client information on a single platform. They help you personalize your services and improve your chances of creating a loyal customer base.

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4. Reporting and Analytics

Nowadays, data is everything. It can help you make effective decisions to grow your business. Salon businesses can also greatly benefit from data that can give them insights into how their business is performing and how they can improve their operations to gain a competitive edge.

Many salon owners struggle with proper data analysis and reporting. Beauty salon software solutions offer reporting and analytics capabilities that capture and analyze data in real-time. You can utilize this data to gain insights into things like — which staff members bring in a higher number of clients, who are your most loyal customers, which product or service is making you more money, and so on.

In short, with salon management software, you will have easy access to all the data you need to strategize and stay organized. It can put your salon business on the path of long-term growth by gathering and processing vital information.

5. Automated Marketing

The best salon software solutions can execute automated marketing campaigns for your business. For instance, they offer an entire collection of professionally designed templates so that you can promote your business quickly and effectively.

Using these templates, you can send out ‘Thank You For Visiting!’ or ‘Happy Birthday!,’ or also ‘We Miss You!’ messages in just a few clicks. Moreover, the beauty salon software lets you schedule your marketing campaigns and runs them automatically for you. You can also automate recurring marketing strategies.

Most importantly, salon management software solutions also help optimize your salon marketing efforts. They provide you with data and insights to determine what’s working for your business and what is not. This allows you to plan your marketing efforts accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Beauty salon software solutions can unleash the growth potential for your salon business. It provides you with all the essential tools to help you run your salon smoothly and efficiently.

That being said, it’s vital that you select a beauty salon software that perfectly fits the needs of your business. Many salon software vendors offer free trials of their products. Ensure that you try the products you like before you make a purchase.

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