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Last updated: May 28, 2021

In 2021, software applications are a necessary part of keeping an organization functional. As businesses assess their technology needs, they may not realize all the available options. Leaders assume that the best solution will be a commercial, off-the-shelf application. However, software created for a general audience will not address the specific needs of some companies. By working with a third-party software development team, these businesses can find software solutions that exceed their expectations.

What is a Custom Software?

Custom Software Development

Custom software is a platform developed to suit a specific business or organization to fulfil and meet its particular requirements. Custom software is usually designed for a particular client or a group of clients (customers); they decide what kind of processes and functionalities the software should have.

Why is Custom Software Development So Unique?

There are multiple PROS and CONS when buying off-shelf software packages; therefore, developing a customized solution to suit any specific business needs most times is the best option. While organizations do not have to spend tune with the development team that builds and designs the software, off-shelf software companies can start working right away. However, complications arise when all the functionalities are very generic in terms of user requirements and usually offer different features that do not align with your company’s needs. Therefore, after spending much money on off-shelf software, you might still struggle with multiple aspects of business automation because some features might not be available in your off-shelf software.

Below we will highlight multiple benefits of developing and designing software according to your specific needs.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

1. Business Process is Fully Optimized

Every organization has a different business model as well as in-house processes. It is challenging for businesses to change their processes to suit a software package or application as powerful or efficient as the software may be. That’s when the entire software needs to customize and re-design to be developed to be aligned to a specific business model and follow its unique in-house processes. Custom software development helps optimize any business processes instead of replacing them.

2. Creation and Invention

Since expert developers will fully customize the software, the organization can opt for what kind of software technology they want to design. They can decide and opt for disruptive technologies to create their needed software and make it work the way they wanted.

3. Emphasizing and enhancing Business Acumen

The mere fact that custom software is an option sends a strong message that organizations value their in-house processes and take their work seriously. It shows commitment towards an organization and streamlined process flow and your organization’s working model to work smoothly.

4. Reliable

Keeping up as well as following the business processes over time will allow success. Reliability is one of the main factors that define success. Proper testing of custom software ensures reliability on your IT tool that keeps growing with the business.

5. Business Uniqueness

Each organization is unique; there is no made-to-all-business kind of solutions. Having a tailor-made solution or “bespoke” software will help suit any business’ needs and individual requirements to complement the working model. Custom software development helps to develop a “unique” identity in the market.

6. Adaptation

Processes and their organization changes with time, and as the dynamic of markets changes, it becomes essential to adopt new technologies to keep your marketing stronghold. Custom software provides that flexibility since developers can easily and quickly change it. Custom software developers can integrate new processes and technologies (SOAP APIs or REST APIs, etc.) into your platform. Even when marketing tides and trends change, integrating CRM software can help you allow any organization to stay competitive.

7. Compatible

The majority of the organizations have a structure model where all outputs are generated by different processes (module or software app) function as an input for various procedures. A smooth flow of info is crucial while streaming any business model. Using several “Package” software for multiple reasons can disrupt the above flow since a hybrid software infrastructure depends on third-party apps or extensions or external devices to facilitate communication between systems or processes. Creating a custom software environment from scratch can help resolve many issues concerning the flow of info between successive processes.

8. Flexible

An organization’s working way does not need to be moulded to particular software. Professional software developers can quickly adapt the software to suit the organization’s requirements when required since it’s custom-made.

9. Exclusivity

One company might be following different processes from other organizations are not. Software needs to be exclusively developed for each enterprise or business to ensure all activities and processes are correctly addressed and automated precisely as required.

10. Security

Most B2B and B2C companies’ huge concern is security and data access and most of the market users today. Customers transacting online want to be reassured that their transactions will be secure amongst everything. Supporting expensive security protocols can make you dismiss those added costs to the services your company offer. Taking this stand will make any organization lose competitive advantage and edge in the market; therefore, the data flow of data around the organization’s internal processes needs to be constantly regulated by implementing and imposing strict security standards. With customized software development and a reliable team of software development experts, companies can decide which protocol or data-security tech is ideal for their organization and be suited to integrate it with the software seamlessly.

11. Cost-Effectiveness

Software development can provide you with a plan for each phase of the development process. Companies are not required to invest vast amounts of money to benefit from automation. Based on your budget and needs, your organization can start automating singular process flows in an organized fashion and timed manner overtime to make development affordable through affordable development services.

Even though companies might require to spend more time defining the specific need and waiting while the tailor-made software is created, it is worth opting for a customized solution 

since you can already benefit from the automation process explicitly designed to suit your organization’s business-centric needs and requirements.

12. Integration

Technology is evolving rapidly and has allowed of-shelf products to be easily integrated with multiple platforms. However, various organizations find it difficult due to bugs and crashing issues during installation and deployment that result in costly downtime. Customized software provides businesses with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate other platforms. Custom-tailored software development also allows companies with outdated systems to easily update their processes and make a crucial shift to cloud and mobile. Performing the before mentioned upgrades can help any business gain a significant competitive edge in the market and generate better workplace efficiency.

13. Ongoing Support

Even the best custom software might need support for an update or upgrade; when the aforementioned happens, it is essential to receive good customer service. Off-shelf software usually provides minimal or no support, making it difficult to fix problems when they arise. Companies can receive continuous support for their customized ERP system data, customer relationship management platform (CRM), Custom Point-of-sale Systems, or Accounting software system with superior custom development services. Any solution they might need to minimize downtime and keep business processes running effectively.

Crucial Signs Your Business Needs Custom Software Solutions

Before you decide to develop custom software for your business, you need to ensure that you truly need it. There are sure signs you need to look for, and they should be your guideposts in deciding whether to pursue custom software or not.

1. Frequent Productivity Speed Bumps

If you have many manual processes that slow down your productivity quite frequently, then custom software is the right choice for you.

2. Lost Opportunities

If you spend much time doing specific tasks and losing out on opportunities elsewhere, you need custom software to help you get those opportunities you have missed.

3. Potential Expansion

Custom software solutions will help you automate your business to a level where you can expand quite quickly. You can create custom software to help manage that expenditure, which will make the process easier and more affordable.

Tips from Experts: Effective Custom Development Process

When you decide your organization needs custom software, there is a process you have to go through to make that piece of software a reality.

1. Observation Analysis

This step entails spending a lot of time and effort collecting data about what your organization needs. You will learn everything you need to create the technical requirements for your project at this step.

2. Planning and Design

After collecting technical requirements, you then start this step. It involves taking those requirements and using them to plan the features and design the software.

3. Implementation

During this step, the custom software programmers you have chosen will implement your design in code.

4. Testing

Your engineers will then test that code to ensure it conforms with all your technical requirements.

5. Maintenance

At this stage, you have completed the development process. However, as your organization uses this program, people will start finding bugs that 

Extra Benefits: Additional Reasons to Consider Custom Software Development!

If you don’t have the right off-the-shelf software for your business, you have a major bottleneck in your supply chain. Custom software can alleviate this bottleneck and cause your business to run more efficiently. You can also integrate this custom software into other authentication platforms, which will improve security in your industry.

Why Choosing Custom Development Services is the Best Way to go

 There are additional reasons you should consider custom software development. The main ones involve getting what your business needs, but you can also create software if you needn’t on the market. Developing custom software also gives you a competitive advantage, as you can move faster and more efficiently than your competition.

If you are looking to outsource, then you can choose a company like Chetu. We offer consistent communication, you own the source code, and their business model is scalable. You are getting a reliable and dependable partner to create the custom software you need in multiple verticals. The verticals they serve are CRM, ERP, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, point of sale, and much more.

Prem Khatri
Prem Khatri joined Chetu, Inc. in 2008 as Technical Project Manager. He moved up to become the Vice President of Operations in 2016. His primary responsibilities are to lead, track and manage technical teams that create custom software solutions. His background includes software development using C++, Java, and Microsoft technologies. He obtained his MBA with a major in Systems & Marketing from Pune University in India. Prem is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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