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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Along with producing items faster, manufacturing companies also have to pay heed to quality. Not able to accomplish this objective will leave them behind in this cutthroat competitive world.

However, in today’s hyper-connected era, following the same old school manufacturing processes isn’t really a good idea.

For example, as quality control is one of the critical manufacturing tasks, employees earlier were expected to examine each item thoroughly and generate reports on defects.

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But, they cannot be expected to undertake such mundane, repetitive, and time-intensive tasks with no mistakes. Plus, it would be harsh if they are expected to be productive and energetic performing such a monotonous work around the clock.

Therefore, today’s ambitious manufacturers should run their business smartly. How? Well, by simply digitizing such time-eating manufacturing processes.

Imagine what if manufacturers have a tool with rich features like built-in disaster recovery, real-time inventory control, and process optimization, manufacturing control, accurate budgeting?

Now imagine what if all of these could be easily accessible from anywhere? Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

There are groundbreaking tools and technologies already in the market that have the capability to bring this level of sophistication, efficiency, and innovation in your company. One of the most popular manufacturing trends is cloud manufacturing software. 

Let’s now have a clear comprehension of how a manufacturing software can help in streamlined and improved production planning, inventory management, sales order fulfillment. 

5 Benefits of A Cloud Manufacturing Software 

Before we explain what a cloud manufacturing software entails, let’s understand what it is. 

A cloud manufacturing software is nothing but a tool that provides a consolidated platform for manufacturers to carry out multiple processes and sub-processes, ranging from production scheduling to inventory optimization to report generation to invoice to sales. Imagine everything can be managed within just a single platform without any hassles. Life wouldn’t be easier than this for manufacturers, we feel!

Let’s dig into the benefits section now:

1. Better Quality Control & Management 

Quality assurance is one of the essential activities for any manufacturing firm, as mentioned. With cloud manufacturing software like ERP software, accomplishing this task with 100 percent accuracy won’t be a problem. But how exactly this software will help? 

One of the important factors for good quality control management is data. However, only 3 percent of companies have access to enough data for undertaking this task correctly. As an ERP software is meant for integrating data from various processes, it can accumulate and update every critical information about a product in real-time. Quality control professionals can then use this meaningful information to examine if products meet the agreed-upon quality standards.

The second most vital factor in quality control is inventory management. With ERP’s reporting feature, manufacturers will be notified when stocks need to be refilled, optimizing stocking methods, which will ultimately result in a faster production rate.

2. Improved Team Collaboration 

Cloud manufacturing software is one efficient way for employees in a manufacturing company to collaboratively work without any hassles. 

In a single and easy-to-use interface, the software will have every detail about a product updated in real-time, due to which, manufacturers can take quick decisions and carry out their tasks without any hiccups.

For example, as every employee in a company will have access to view the availability of raw materials, the responsible person can plan and refill before the stock gets over. This person can then update the work done so that the next responsible person can easily take up the following tasks. This will indeed improve team collaboration, isn’t it?

3. Effective Project Cost Management

Tracking project expenses is critical to measure ROI for any manufacturing company. However, to accurately analyze and determine profit, it is important to track and report how the money is utilized across every manufacturing activity. 

With cloud-based accounting software, manufacturers can gain clear and precise comprehension and visibility on accounts payable, accounts receivable, salaries, product recipes, and so much more. With this useful information available in a single dashboard, manufacturers can easily and effectively track and manage project costs, leading to no money loss whatsoever. 

4. Agile Production and Go-to-Market Strategies 

The term – Agile Production or Agile Manufacturing – has been manufacturers’ top agenda for some time now. They have realized that responding to market changes while not impacting project cost and quality is critical to stay ahead in the curve. With cloud manufacturing software, achieving this goal is possible. 

By allowing manufacturers to view and control every process and subprocess in one platform at just fingertips, the optimization issue with production management has been resolved. With this being the case, manufacturers are now able to produce the right quantity with the right quality at the right cost and the right time. 

5. Increased Productivity 

If your understanding of productivity is simply getting work done successfully, then you are highly mistaken. To be frank, productivity is about executing tasks faster without compromising on work quality. 

With cloud manufacturing software, employees get an opportunity to be more productive at work. How?

Well, one of the factors for poor labor productivity is the availability of an efficient working tool.

For example, what if the tool they work with takes hours to update information that employees key in?

What if the tool is difficult to use?

What if there are multiple tools for different manufacturing processes, unlike cloud manufacturing software?

All of these reasons will account for low employee productivity, obviously!

Wrapping up

The functionality of any cloud manufacturing software depends on which vendor companies opt for. Hence, it is of paramount importance that they are aware of the features that the tool will provide.

This boils down to the fact that the service provider needs to be chosen wisely after carrying out good research.

Also, other factors such as company size, business nature, and deployment method should be taken into consideration before companies list down the top features that the manufacturing software should contain. 

Fretty Francis is a digital marketing and content strategist at SoftwareSuggest, a software recommendation platform. She's passionate about analytics, conversion rate optimization and ice-cream.

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