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Last updated: March 1, 2019

Advancements in technology continue to change the way business is done. Work is created and distributed differently than it was a few years ago and is completed at a much faster rate.

Part of this is due to on-field workforce arrangements. For instance, it can be hard to plan for unexpected events like employees calling in sick, car trouble, or long service visits. All these things cost businesses delays and setbacks when it comes down to solving customer problems or filing the necessary paperwork after a service.

Field technicians may enjoy solving customer problems, but when it comes to the tedious paperwork, it can be one of the less appealing parts of their jobs. These activities can quickly become repetitive and monotonous, and a field service management software suddenly becomes imperative.

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management or FSM software is used to handle everyday tasks in a workplace such as dispatching, order management, scheduling, and others.

Every business has different needs and demands, but there are common concerns among all industries such as:

  • A need for consistent workflow control to handle paperwork and avoid mistakes like missing out on some data or duplicating data.
  • Dispatching problems that may result in the inability to take care of urgent requests or scheduling overlaps.
  • Incorrect tracking of fuel consumption and mileage.

There are so many different concerns that companies face, but every business owner knows that it’s important to juggle all aspects of management to keep everyone content. Happy employees mean happy customers, and field service management software makes management easier in many ways.

The Benefits of a Field Service Software

What changes will an field service software bring to your company? For starters, it will increase the efficiency of your business, reduce costs and delays, and improve customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the core areas you can expect to see improvement in with an FSM software:

  • Paperwork

Say goodbye to the piles of paper cluttering your desk. Field service management software eliminate monotonous paperwork by offering a reliable and accurate way to input data.

  • Invoicing

You may agree that this is one of the most frustrating parts of a business, but nonetheless, it is essential. An field service software makes invoicing quicker. It calculates pricing, discounts, warranties, and other important information technicians would need to collect. Think about all the time this saves your company.

  • Dynamic Scheduling

Field service software can identify technician locations using GPS systems to assign orders accordingly. This saves time, money, and energy for everyone. If a high priority task comes up, the technician closest to the client will be assigned. The same goes for someone who can’t take on a task. The system will assign it to the person available next.

  • Fuel Consumption

With FSM, employees can keep track of fuel consumption, which is a big expense item for any company. FSM software offers significant savings by showing the best routes to minimize travel times. It accurately logs trips and miles and prevents drivers from deviating off the route or staying idle for too long at times.

  • Inventory

If your business handles repairs, an inventory management system is needed. Field service software will give technicians real-time stock inventories. This is a great way to manage parts in stock and avoid shortages.

  • Customer History

The last benefit we want to touch upon is client history, which is important to running a successful business. These systems will keep track of order history and log every piece of important information regarding customers. This way if an employee is out sick or retires, the next person can take over with ease, without having to start from scratch.

Is Field Service Software Really Worth It?

Transform the efficiency of your business today with a quality field service management system. It will simplify the way your company does things and increase customer satisfaction. This software will streamline everything from client calls to invoicing and reporting. If you haven’t considered a Field Service Software yet, now just might be the time to do that!

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