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What is Call Barging?

Sales and customer service organizations have immensely benefited from the up-gradation of VoIP technology. It has opened a whole new world of opportunities for established enterprises and upcoming startups.

Customer Relation Management is one of the significant aspects to enhance customer relations and experience. To help in the same, call center software provides excellent call monitoring and call barging features. Being a call center manager, it is your job to ensure that you fulfill the demands and requirements of the customers.

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Call barging allows you to intercede on live calls to interact with both the customer and the representative. The primary advantage of call barging is that it qualifies the managers to play a prominent role in quality assurance operation and to train all the call center agents.

By listening to the calls, the managers can analyze the problems, intervene, and direct the conversation back on track. Call barging, and call monitoring helps the managers to administer the poor performing agents and help them solve the issue in a matter of minutes. 

For new agents, call monitoring and call barging is a useful tool. Managers can listen to the calls while the agents take or make their first calls, and barge in when required. It will make sure that both agents and customers are contented with the interaction.

Benefits of Call barging

  • Establishes you as a professional

Adopting the business phone system itself showcases your readiness and promptness to help the customer with discrepancies and queries. Integrating this system with Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) software gives the customer service an upper hand. It can gather the required information from the customer and reroute the call to the desired agents for further proceedings. It will help the customer to connect to the representative holding the expertise in specific products and services. 

  • To Train call center agents

The training does not stop even after the attendant leaves the preparation room. Great call center managers should also make live calls to ensure that agents successfully connect with clients. If they need a little assistance, executives should make calls with the customers and the operators. It guarantees that the call center operator gets the help it needs when it is necessary.

  • Ensuring effective quality assurance 

One of the harshest conditions for a telephone call center director is the need to adapt to an unpredictable live call for quality assurance and recognize that the operator does not suffer for quality assurance. Call barging software ends this typical trouble and allows the managers to cut in and help the agents out. 

  • Personalized customer service to VIP callers 

Managers making the call barge in a call center should be confident to step in the live VIP calls for quality assurance. If the agent struggles to provide the right information, or if the customer does not receive the service they deserve, you need to call and discuss it with the customer. Doing so goes far to ensure that your top customers remain retained.

  • Deal with a remote call center agent

It can be challenging to plan or negotiate with a distant team of call-center staff without the appropriate telephony facilities. The use of call center call barging software facilitates this. You can undoubtedly make live calls— wherever your experts work — and make calls when they need additional support. Having this system means that you have the ability–no matter how dispersed–to monitor the entire group.

  • Minimize escalated calls

Customers don’t want to be transferred over and over. Whenever any disputes arise between the operator and the customer or the customer asks to connect to the supervisor, the agent can connect the manager and have him on the live call. It accelerates the process of solving the issue.


Call barging is effective when an agent is struggling with a specific call or issue. It is an intuitive tool for training new agents. Call barging is very functional for de-escalation. Even experienced call-center representatives need support in certain circumstances like for a promotional event or product launch. In case of system failure, defect, or bug in your product, your call center might experience an influx of incoming calls. With call barging features, you can ensure that your customer gets the accurate facts about the situation. Not only that, but new agents also appreciate the call barging feature since it supports them whenever they need it.

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