6 Benefits of Using Cloud-based School Management Software

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Last updated: July 20, 2021

Cloud technology has become inevitable for all companies. Be it a small or medium-sized company or an enterprise; cloud solutions provide a single platform to process all operations within the institution.

Similar is the case with school management solutions. Cloud- technology not only benefits the employees but also offers a significant advantage for all customers.  

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Did you know, the school management software sector is expected to reach $1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 billion users?

This even includes K12 and higher education. With this increment, schools need to upgrade their systems to manage their processes properly. Higher education institutions are adopting this technology because of the millennial and generation Z’s expectation from schools.

Cloud is one of the technologies that is benefitting learners, educators globally. Before we move on to understand the benefits of cloud-based school management software, let us know more about it.

Global school management system


What Is Cloud-based School Management Software?

School management software refers to any platform tool or application that takes over the administrative and management-related processes at school. You can use it to automate routine and repetitive tasks and reduce the burden of human administrators. It even takes care of the organizational needs of your school in a fast and efficient manner of students.

Similarly, cloud-based school management software is the one that runs on cloud technology instead of being hosted on a local platform. But, how is this beneficial for your school? 

Well, with all your data stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere. This ensures that information exchange is smooth and is not limited to a system. Now that you are familiar with cloud-based school management system software let us look at its benefits.

Reasons Why Schools Should Use Cloud-Based School Management Software

   1.  Facilitates Collaboration

Schools have multiple departments that are handled by multiple people. It can become challenging to exchange information as there are chances of error or miscommunication. However, cloud-based school management software can help you avoid it. But, how is that possible?

Well, cloud solutions facilitate collaboration and centralize the data in a single platform. This means only authorized users can access the information when they want. For a school, these can be the administrative staff, students, teachers, and parents. Besides, it also helps increase communication between parents and teachers.

Parents across the globe can easily access their child’s academic records from their laptops or mobile phones. Moreover, teachers can also access the system regularly from schools and occasionally from their homes. This has become possible only due to new technologies in school software. 

2. Provides Disaster Recovery Solutions

If you are using traditional methods of administrative management, it is possible you will lose data. Even if you save it on the computer or hard drive, data can be lost due to malware and hardware damage. Luckily, such instances can be avoided if you use cloud-based school management software.

This is one of the main benefits of using a cloud-based solution. You will have the right support system that can help you recover data if you ever lose it. Thus, you do not need to worry about losing any documents. 

Disaster Recovery Solutions


3. Reduces Capital Expenditure

When schools think about shifting to cloud technology, they are usually worried about the high investment and procurement cost. However, the reality is that cloud solutions are way cheaper than traditional systems.

All you will need is high-speed internet, a computer/ laptop, and the licensing amount. Besides, you can always choose to start and stop the services anytime you want. Not only do these solutions reduce the operational expenditure, but they also help you save a lot on storage. 

4. Provides Flexibility

Cloud-based school management software lets teachers and stakeholders work with ease. They can choose to access it in school or from their homes as and when required with guide for school management software.

Most solutions offer portals for teachers, parents, and students, using which they can check updates and analyze their child’s progress.

So, you no longer need to visit multiple departments to collect documents and submit school fees. All you need to do is go to the designated portal and complete all your tasks in just a few clicks. 

Provides Flexibility


5. Provides Data Security

In the digital era, everything is sophisticated, and so is crime. If you are planning to invest in a digital platform, you cannot ignore data theft. While schools do not have extremely sensitive data, the loss of information can be a huge problem.

This is where cloud-based school management system software comes in. It offers higher- levels of data encryption with encryption software and only lets authorized users access the information with their credentials.

6. Offers Scalability 

All organizations seek growth, and it would be extremely unfair if technology implementation hinders that growth. Fortunately, cloud-based school management software is scalable and aids development. 

For instance, one year, you cross the target of admission rate, from 1500 to 2000. So, these solutions will customize your database for 2000 admissions without any manual intervention. 

Wrapping Up

These were just some benefits of implementing cloud-based school management software. Digital transformation in school is the primary need of schools nowadays. 

If you wish to grow your institute, you need to keep up with technological advances and consider shifting to cloud-tech. Have you tried out school management software yet? Schedule a free demo with us today!

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