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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Quizzes, when paired together with a concise lead generation strategy, can become an extremely effective way to reach more of your target audience and generate loads of fresh leads. Buzzfeed’s successful venture with quizzes attracts more marketers to this marketing plan.

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According to Ion Interactive, compared to passive content, interactive content such as engaging quizzes can boost conversions 70% of the time. Here are other benefits of using quizzes as a lead generation tool.

Engaging Quizzes
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Benefits of Quizzes as a Lead Generation Tool

1. Grow your email lists

According to an IBM study, quizzes are an excellent strategy to grow the numbers of email subscribers on your list. In fact, up to 50% of the people that participate in the quiz subscribe to the list.

Three of the most popular websites – Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Investopedia, note that “delivering invaluable and helpful content to the correct audience are some of the biggest hurdles that businesses need to overcome to stay ahead of their competition and succeed in the industry.”

Fortunately, email marketing can solve these problems effectively. Instead of gathering cold leads, email marketing helps entrepreneurs to collect warm leads that are genuinely interested in the company’s products or services, which helps bridge the gap between customers and company, as well as increasing the chance of getting sales.

Furthermore, recent statistics have shown that marketers get back about $44 for every $1 that they spent on email marketing, which is equivalent to over 40x return on investment (ROI).

2. Increase your social reach

Due to the curiosity of humans, they are captivated by quizzes. A lot of people prefer quizzes with more engaging and customized content. Social media platforms give companies an extended opportunity to expand their brand’s recognition, content, as well as interaction through engaging quizzes.

Buzzsumo discovered that quizzes typically get almost 2,000 times shares, where over 80% of the shares come from the massive social media platform Facebook. And some even went beyond these massive numbers.

This data shows that people are not only interested in taking quizzes; they are also thrilled to share them on social media platforms. This situation can profit businesses since the high number of shares significantly increase the popularity of the companies as well as their customers.

Buzzsumo’s most-shared quiz, “What color is your aura?” got almost four million shares. Its top 5 quizzes in the last twelve months have been shared over one and a half million times.

The number of shares also indicates the effectiveness and engagement of the content, signaling the algorithms to show the content more often in front of more users.

Furthermore, the best thing about using quizzes in social media marketing, as well as in other types of marketing, is that existing content can be reused to create them. For instance, an article entitled “Five key elements of a successful blog post” can be used to create a quiz entitled “Is your blog post engaging?”.

3. Boost sales

Personalization is one of the most effective sales strategies, especially in e-commerce businesses. Giant retail websites, such as Amazon, utilize this strategy to offer personalized product recommendations based on their customers’ interests.

According to Econsultancy, 60% of online buyers prefer online stores to retain their contact information and purchase details. They expect to get personalized service that recognizes their shopping behavior.

Depending on the quiz outcome, the results for quizzes can be set up to include product and service recommendations. Quizzes make it possible for a marketer to target a specific audience with personalized recommendations, which generates over 200% more sales compared to the uncustomized recommendations.

4. Segment your subscribers

Based on the quizzes’ outcome or result, marketers can segment their subscribers in the email service provider with the use of tags. This segmentation optimizes marketing strategy and allows marketers to approach each group of subscribers differently for maximum profit. More personalized content can also be made for an enhanced conversion.

5. Increase traffic and drive visitors

Considering the popularity of quizzes, it is no wonder that quizzes can drive traffic to websites. And because of the interactive and fun nature of the quizzes, visitors are more likely to stay longer on the site, which increases the time-on-site rate and decreases the bounce rate of the page. These changes will positively affect the algorithm and improve the site’s ranking and quality.

6. Understanding the target audience

Answers and results from quizzes provide the necessary data for marketers to analyze and learn about their audience, including their pain points, interests, and behavior. This data will be considerably helpful for future targeting.

7. Aids in retargeting

After successfully capturing leads via quizzes, custom audience profiles can be created, and marketers can use the pixels for retargeting them for a higher ROI.

Companies across various industries have been using quizzes in a lot of different ways, with the types ranging from an entertaining personality test to a more pressing knowledge test. Each kind of quiz accomplishes the companies’ goals differently yet just as effectively. Judging from the various benefits of quizzes as a lead magnet for businesses, the number of entrepreneurs tapping into this traffic source may steadily increase.

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