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Last updated: October 23, 2019

Visual design helps businesses, influencers, and brands in building their online presence and enhancing user experiences. Webpages with significant design use elements like photographs, illustrations, layouts, and typography to improve a user’s navigation through the website. 

However, many visual design tools require you to learn to code before you can make the most out of the software. Fortunately, there are also visual design tools that you can use even if you don’t have coding expertise. 

Here are five benefits of using visual design tools without coding experience,

Benefits of Visual Design Tools Without Coding Experience

1. Free Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows Internet users to find and view your website. Think of it as buying a property for a house. Web hosting will provide you online storage space where you can house your website. 

One of the rising stars is Webflow if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform for website design, hosting, and ecommerce. This tool doesn’t require you to be an expert at using programming language. Instead, you can build your online presence with easy-to-use features, even if you don’t have coding experience. The platform’s web hosting services also scale with your website. So if your site grows, the hosting network adjusts the allocated bandwidth to fit your needs. 

2. Drag-and-Drop Interface

Learning how to code may take weeks, months, or even years before you can become an expert. But many people don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of web programming language to create beautiful websites. 

As a solution, you can opt for visual design tools that take advantage of drag-and-drop interfaces. The experience brought by these user interfaces only requires you to click and drag specific elements to a draft. Once you do it, the only thing left to do would be to click “Publish.”  

Drag-and-drop interfaces are ideal for people who want to create websites without significant technical expertise. For example, you may use the interface to click-and-drag elements to create logos. These interfaces also allow you to modify a website template without the need to become an expert at programming code. 

3. Customizable Themes

You don’t need coding expertise to customize existing website themes so they can fit your graphics preferences. Consider using visual design tools that allow you to customize existing website themes without the need to learn code.

You can edit ready-made themes found on several online resources with the help of beginner-friendly features. A customized theme might offer you different benefits like,

  • Getting one step ahead of the competition
  • Using easy-to-update elements
  • Using content management features
  • Generating mobile-friendly designs

The use of existing themes also helps eliminate the guesswork when you want to create a new website. Let the themes created by other online users be your stepping stone to a unique visual experience for your site visitors. 

4. Access to Data Analytics

The Internet may now be a busy place filled with various websites competing with each other. Creating a website to get noticed is ideal for many people. For example, influencers and brands want to drive more traffic to their pages so they can increase their revenue. 

Some visual design tools allow you to check for relevant data about your site’s performance without the use of programming languages. Aim to use the right tools that help you check data, such as,

  • Website traffic
  • Common visitor behaviors
  • Visitor demographics
  • Website speed 
  • Mobile device compatibility rating

Startups without coding experts may utilize these easy-to-use tools to generate performance reports. View relevant information to help your firm create actionable strategies to improve profit opportunities. 

5. Websites Layouts for Every Niche

Straightforward visual design tools help you create websites for various industries. Again, you can take advantage of existing themes to kickstart your online presence, all while skipping several steps in the creation process. 

You may choose to start from predefined designs created by other users. From there, you may want to customize specific elements like backgrounds, effects, and website fonts. Edit the design using intuitive commands that don’t require coding expertise. You can have your website up and running in no time, as opposed to the lengthier process of learning programming languages first. 

The Bottom Line

You can get set up your website with the help of visual design tools that don’t require coding experience. More than that, you can check online design resources to gain insight into the ideal appearance and structure of your website. Remember, you can achieve good user experience with useful visual design tools and practical design principles. 

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