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Accounting is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a challenging task which involves bookkeeping, calculating, procurement, and generating invoices. To master the art of it, an accountant has to embrace the accounting basics to achieve the desired results. But you can not deny the inevitable that is human error — one of the primary reasons to bring the accounting automation process into play.

Best Accounting Automation Software

1. Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is the leading and best accounting automation software available in the market. From accounting to inventory management from banking to payroll, this automated accounting system is well versed with everything. It’s comprehensive, yet straightforward architecture makes it wieldy.

tally accounting dashboard


  • Thorough control over bookkeeping that comprises of accounting, payroll, and inventory management.
  • GST-enabled invoicing for dealers
  • Manages inventory and product databases 
  • Manage and generate electronic bills as per the business requirement
  • Files all kind of GSTR precisely
  • Manages assets, keep track of sales, and ensures account reconciliation
  • Excellent customer support with a live chat feature

2. ZOHO Books

ZOHO Books is the smartest automated bookkeeping application available in the market to automate your accounting workflow and manage back-office operations. You can readily access this accounting automation software on iOS, Android, and Windows.

zoho books dashboard


  • Pre-integrated with other Zoho applications like expenses, subscriptions, and CRM to eliminate any duplicate entries.
  • Generates and send professional invoices 
  • Administers the expenses and inventory in real-time
  • Manages financial documents, performs account reconciliation, and generates profit/loss statement
  • Automated follow-ups to the clients for delayed payments
  • Banking integration to track the cash flow in real-time
  • Multi-linguistic and multi-currency support for extensive reach

3. EzyRokad 

EzyRokad is an easy-to-use accounting automation software. It has been designed to fulfill the requirements of business owners who have no idea about DR/CR accounting & GST. Moreover, it can be customized to serve 25+ trades. 

EzyRokad is a 3-page software and sales purchase tool. It can also minimize the necessity of after-sales support.  You can complete your daily accounting work with EzyRokad in just 5 mins and get reports and balance sheets in a single click. 

ezyrokad dashboard


  • Handle multiple customers on a single system 
  • Issue items in challan and convert them into bills
  • Auto production of finished goods & by-products
  • Convert sale order into bills
  • Auto interest & TDS calculation

4. HDPOS Smart Accounts and Billing 

HDPOS Smart Accounts and Billing is a boon to small and mid-sized businesses. It can ardently control the entire business operation from a single-window or multiple terminals. This feature-loaded accounting automation software can manage various tasks simultaneously, like tracking employees, orders, transactions, and many more.

hdpos dashboard


  • Inventory management to keep track of stocks for transfers, replenishment, audit, etc. 
  • Account management to monitor daily transactions, collection, data entry, tax management, and credit limits
  • Offers fast and precise billing 
  • Dispenses discount, multiple price limit, exclusive offers
  • Accepts payment through different modes like cash, card, credit, bank transfers, and many more

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5. Saral Accounts

Saral account is an intelligent automated accounting system that can help you to generate all your financial reports in just one click. It has an intuitive dashboard to provide insights on stock management, cash management, and material workflow.

saral accounting dashboard


  • GST-compliant accounting for account books and financial statement
  • Creates and manages service, bulk service, and sub-service invoices
  • Insightful reports with SMS & email notification and consumer service facility
  • Generates all kind of GSTR and electronic ledgers for GSTN
  • Generates and send eWay bill in a single click
  •  Keeps track of the complete process from manufacturing to procurement to dispatch
  • Integrated mobile application for remote monitoring of the entire business operation and to import data from any source

6. Vyapar – Accounting & Invoicing

Vyapar is a GST-enabled accounting automation software and inventory management system. The learning curve ability of the software enables anyone with a non-tech and no accounting background to operate it smoothly. It provides a rpa in finance and accounting, streamlining all the bookkeeping operations and providing detailed business insights. 

vypar dashboard


  • Unburdens you from the struggles of additional CESS, manual billing, and warehouse & product management
  • Enables automation of accounting process by tracking cashflow, cheques, stock value, and sending timely reminders
  • Integrated digital platforms like Whatsapp, email, SMS to share the bills, and invoices.
  • Evaluation of business performance by creating a profit/loss report on a daily/monthly/yearly basis

7. MARG ERP 9+ Accounting Software

MARG ERP 9+ is an award-winning application that predominantly contributes to the automation of the accounting process and inventory management. Acclaimed as the fastest and advanced rpa in finance and accounting, it takes care of the entire business operation from start to end.

marg erp dashboard


  • Generates detailed invoices as per the business requirements
  • File your returns directly with this automated accounting online
  • It avails auto bank reconciliation facility with hundreds of bank
  • It creates an insightful report on the purchase, sales, accounting, and inventory.
  • Barcode management to centralize and track the products quickly and accurately
  •  It provides you with cashier management and a home delivery facility to entitle you with absolute control over your business

8. MProfit for Accounting

Get automated accounting online with MProfit and obtain detailed portfolio insights. It has a powerful and user-friendly interface that provides insights on investment portfolios for you and your clients. This automated accounting system is easily accessible across Android, iOS, Desktop, and Web devices.

mprofit dashboard


  • Enables you to import the bank statements and contract notes from thousands of sources
  • Allows you to manage your assets, stocks, products, and finances
  • Generates detailed reports on income tax, profit & loss, and balance sheet
  • Simplified automation of accounting process and auto-generated vouchers

9. ProfitBooks

This automated bookkeeping software helps you in administering the stock purchases and fulfillment of the sales orders. The sole purpose of this automated accounting system is to increase the volume of your orders. With ProfitBooks, you can manage your inventory and make your business operation more systematic.

ProfitBooks dashboard


  • Monitor and record the movement of stock among warehouses, products available, goods running out of stock, and refilled stock
  • Enables one-click notification to the vendor about the purchase
  • Multi-currency support for hassle-free cashflow
  • Track expenditures and transaction from the beginning, i.e., production till the end, i.e., dispatch to streamline account reconciliation

10. Busy Accounting Software

Busy performs accounting automation with par excellence and proficiency. The rpa in finance and accounting offered by it aids you to perform complex accounting operations in minutes. This integrated platform is viable for all kinds of businesses and makes automated accounting online seamless.

busy accounting software


  • Manages multiple projects, tasks, finances, stock, and taxation simultaneously
  • Bar integration to monitor product flow
  • Integration with email and SMS to receive notification regarding any transaction, product movement, dispatch, and procurement
  • Reporting feature to dispense every minute details of the business operation
  • Inventory management facet to keep track of the goods so that the stock does not run out anytime.

11. Book Keeper – Accounting & Invoicing

Book Keeper is a highly skillful and widely acclaimed automated online accounting software. It performs various business processes such as inventory management, report creation, invoice generation, tax filing, and many more.

boot keeper accounting software


  • A thorough analysis of all the business aspects to generate report and receipts
  • Offers an offline mode to manage the account on the go
  • Online sync all the data via Dropbox to access it from anywhere with any device
  • Role-based access feature for multi-user collaboration

Accounting automation has revolutionized the methods of bookkeeping and reconciliation. It has made tedious and mundane accounting, unchallenging, and hassle-free. Mentioned above is the best software to perform automated bookkeeping, and the features stated are just an outline.

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