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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a virtual conversation agent. Chatbots can hold an online conversation which is based on pre-set scripts and rules. They perform a specific action in response to a specific event. For example, best AI chatbots scan provide with a discount when your customers abandon their shopping carts.

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Websites, where you talk to a “robot,” is getting the attention of the general public. Chatbots can be categorized in a wide range of ways. There are eCommerce chatbots, voice assistants, video game bots, etc. In more general terms, the most common types are AI chatbots and scripted chatbots.

How to develop the best AI chatbots for Your Business?

Since Top AI chatbots are designed to understand the user information and preferences, to answer a question such as “What will be the weather be on Saturday afternoon”? The bot would even require a connected database and geo-data of the person who asked.

Some of the more complicated chatbots are not only able to access multiple databases but are also connected to multiple applications. A google example of the best AI chatbots is Assist Chatbot, which allows us to order a taxi or book a table at a restaurant. 

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Here are the steps to develop your own AI chatbot:

Step 1. Pick up with the Preferred Software

The first and most essential step at the time of building a chatbot is choosing the right software. Nowadays, we have more and a number of options to choose from, but the two most popular and best AI chatbot making software are ManyChat and Chatfuel. Thanks to the drag and drop function, both can be considered user-friendly so that you don’t need experience in the programming language to use them. Both the tools are available free of cost.

Step 2. Plan with the Onboarding Seamless Experience

Understanding the concept of the user experience is much more vital so that to make sure to greet users with a proper greeting text and welcome message as well.

It sometimes also might sound weird, but there is a difference between the two texts. The greeting text is something that merely comes up immediately when the chat panel is shown before the interactions start and have to certain a really short and informative message.

After a user decides to start with a conversation, then she will see a welcome message. Here you need to be more detailed and precise. You can provide a specific product or service to get the user into the flow, or you can describe what action you can easily expect from the user point of view and create the corresponding buttons.

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Step 3. Create the Main Menu bar

The main menu will be of essential elements of your best AI chatbots as this will help to guide your visitors and navigate the conversation in the right sort of direction. You can even set up the main menu on the Main Menu tab under the menu of Automation, and all you need to know is that it only consists of keys. Each button will launch a process, conversation, or action.

Step 4. Pick Your Preferred set of Keywords

The keywords menu is exactly as the name suggests; you can even enter the different keywords to which the chatbot can react with some of the preconceived expression.

Step 5. Optimize the Sequences

Designing and optimizing sequences is an essential task, as this is one of the main tools for list construction. These sequences are much more similar to the autoresponders that are even well known from the email newsletters.

You can create with a wide range of sequences as you like and put them into the various part of conditions, for example: press a button.

Step 6. Set a Default Reply

This is the optional step to make the best AI chatbot, sometimes the bot will get confused, as people often most of the time like to test the intelligence of chatbots. If you wish to avoid the awkward silence, the best option is to be prepared with a couple of default replies, that message that the bot will use for any terms that it did not recognize.

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New Trends for businesses with the best AI chatbots to follow in 2019:

1.Python Chatbots with NLP

Python chatbots with the help of Natural Language Processing can be of great help for businesses as it comes with the ability to understand human language. Facebook Messenger Bot is an example of the best AI chatbots.

2.Tensorflow Chatbots

Tensorflow top AI chatbots help in facilitating businesses to maintain their consumer interactions in a flawless manner by offering a bot to get insights into your data.

3.AI Chatbot Platforms

When it comes to AI-enabled chatbots, these interfaces are supported by AI and have the capability of providing a flawless response to customer queries without any human intervention to reply.

4.Machine to Machine Talking (M2M)

Best AI chatbots not only offer customer experience with direct contact with your customers, but it can be with bots and some other automated response systems.

5. Integrating into CRMs

Microsoft has a built-in chatbot within its popular Customer Relationship Management, which enables the organizations to push chatbots into some of their existing customer service workflow. According to the report of Mindshare media, 65% of the people are willing to make use of the workflow chatbot development services to talk to their brands and organizations. And likewise, at least 27% of the world population is even expected to use chatbots by the end of 2020.

Furthermore, integrating a chatbot into your CRM system can help to address a lot of issues. One of the significant advantages is the single message window, just like the present in a messenger. Apart from that, a chatbot can go through some of the essential workflows on a continuous basis and record answers in the system seamlessly and smoothly. CRM chatbots can even help to organize some of the critical tasks as well as a follow up on scheduled activities to help sales reps manage their time in a more effective and efficient manner.

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Wrapping Up

The use of chatbots by the business is increasing at a faster pace, and it is safe to assume that they will play an essential role in marketing, sales, customer service, and other fields.

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