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Last updated: May 2, 2021

Cutting-edge online business intelligence tools leverage and organize data, so you can accurately interpret the competitive environment. When you can visualize and interpret data from many sources in a single place, you can make informed decisions that give you the best chance for success. Check out the three best apps that can support your decision-making process.

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If you want to have a business intelligence tool that makes preparing and analyzing complex data, Sisense might sense for you. The app has cloud-based and locally installed versions available and also gives you valuable options to extend its accessibility and scale it to match the needs of your growing company.

Sisense works well with large, dynamic data sets using system memory and CPU power without requiring expensive hardware. The app can process many terabytes of data on a single server without a need for your company to employ a database administrator. Similarly, the app does not require unique scripts or manual mashups for proper operation.


Within the Sisense framework, you can access visualization options and interactive analytics you can share with your teams and clients. You can also integrate data from suppliers or marketing campaigns to use the app for sales forecasting. Dashboards shareable with the public do not include usernames or account numbers for safety reasons.

  • No data preparation nightmares
  • Instant deployment
  • Unmatched TCO
  • Shortest Time-to-Insight
  • Real-time data analysis

Sisense gets high ratings as an easy-to-use business intelligence application that can speedily process significant amounts of data and present results in a visually appealing and understandable format.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft competes in the business intelligence market with its Power BI product. With the app, you can monitor essential data from every part of your organization in real time. User-configurable dashboards contain tiles that display relevant information by business segment. The app can also connect to data streams, Excel, cloud services, and other databases.

power bi

When you use the Microsoft product, you enjoy the benefits of the Power BI experience. This new experience adds simplicity to data visualization, discovery, and collaboration. You also can use the previous Power BI, referred to as Power BI for Office 365, which you can choose by subscribing to one of the plans for Office 365, receive it with SQL Server 2016 or purchase as an addition to Office 365. As for the new experience, it is centered around the website for online services and features.

  • Dedicated authoring tool for reports
  • Access datasets via mobile devices
  • Query Editor for visualization and reporting
  • Hybrid business intelligence drawn from local and cloud-based data sources
  • Available R-enhanced algorithms and parallelization for advanced analytics
  • Thousands of pre-existing R scripts written in CRAN makes the app easily expandable

The Microsoft BI platform allows users to create advanced analytics models for deployment to the Cloud, Linux systems, Hadoop, and Teradata.

When you have Microsoft BI on your side, you can empower employees to make quality decisions using the most recently available data. The application draws from existing data within your organization, enterprise information, external data, and unstructured “Big Data” sources. You can visit the Microsoft Web site to find out how you can get a free product trial.


Create guided analytics applications and dashboards with QlickView to meet the challenges that face your business. The app combines features such as data storage, ETL, and an interface for end users in a single package, making development simple and maintenance easy. You can quickly get started with QlikView with its point-and-click interface that you can quickly learn.


QlikView supports integration with other software, provides secure collaboration tools and permits searching across all your data sources. It also has provisions for secure collaboration.

You can use the app to create customized applications tailored to meet the particular needs of your business. Customize the app with QlikView scripting. You can use the Workbench feature to extend development. The ability to create apps without technical skills brings the power of BI to any organization, without the need to hire IT talent.

Interactive data operations make exploration easy at every step of the analysis, during input, possessing, and output stages. Despite its simplicity and user-friendly interface, QlikView provides surprisingly advanced features. For example, the app provides interactive data operations that allow for changes in real time. Also, a system memory function lets you see every action taken by the software during its analytical process. Users can also access the same tools, searches, and visualizations using the QlikView mobile apps.

  • Tools for data visualization
  • Customizable BI ecosystem
  • Cross-platform searches
  • Collaborate in real time

Use QlickView to create a secure environment using permissions and other tools to make sure your business intelligence insights stay inside your organization.

QlikView also provides a free, personal version that gives you essential business intelligence features. If you want the Enterprise version, you must contact the developer to get a price quote.


John Porter is a Southampton-based freelance writer and a tech head, so he enjoys writing about new technology and is particularly interested in all types of gadgets and productivity apps.

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