15 Best Billing And Invoicing Apps in 2021


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Last updated: July 8, 2021


Horizon : No. 1 In Billing and Invoicing Software

Invoicing is meant to be the most natural part of any business process, but it absorbs a business owner’s maximum time. Also, you don’t earn by invoicing, nor you get paid.

In the world of continuous headway, find an invoicing software or a POS billing software that is tailored to your needs.

Billing apps or invoicing software offer a myriad of features that make your cumbersome and unpaid invoicing task easy and quick.

Right from the creation of tasks, invoice management, accounting, and team management, billing apps can make the job easy for you by automating everything.

What Makes a Billing and Invoicing App Great?

Finding the apt invoicing or billing app for your business is quite a task, and so here are a few things that make a great billing and invoicing application.

  • An application that supports integration with any of your accounting software to invoice and monitor your cash flow
  • The more the features, the better it is for your business. Some of the must-have ones are invoice generator, customizable templates, connectivity with payment gateways, etc.
  • Easy user interface and interactive design to assist the business owners in understanding and carrying out invoicing processes
  • Budget is considered when choosing the right billing app, as they can vary from multiple price ranges to paid features.

List of the Best Billing and Invoicing Apps

1. QuickBooks

A minimalistic and user-friendly interface, along with a host of seamless billing and accounting features make QuickBooks a popular invoice app amongst organizations worldwide.


  • Customized professional invoicing
  • Online banking integration for smooth transactions
  • Advanced reporting options and navigable dashboards
  • Cash flow management through automated recurring payments
  • Time tracking of employee work hours


  • Smart mobile app to enhance accessibility from smartphones
  • Allows multiple user control for better team collaboration
  • Cloud-hosted billing app that promotes better data security
  • Free unlimited support and maintenance


  • No free plan for sole accountants
  • May appear quite complex for novice members as it as multiple menu options


  • Annual subscription: Rs 4,999 inclusive of GST.
  • It also offers a free 30 day trial period for users with their own data.

USP: QuickBooks facilitates core invoicing functionality through clean, clutter-free and visual features for better billing procedures.

2. Zoho Invoice

An innovative online billing application, ZohoInvoice is designed to streamline billing processes in small to medium firms and enable payment collection from a single unified platform.

Zoho Invoice


  • Automated bank feeds to align operations with regulations
  • Multilingual and multicurrency invoice template options
  • Schedule of recurring invoices
  • Collaborative client portal for better access and support
  • Customization of payment receipts


  • Integration with multiple payment gateways for strong data security
  • Visual dashboard to provide detailed analytical insights
  • Complete freedom to customize invoice templates
  • Automated workflows to eliminate manual billing processes
  • Allows bulk payment directly through the client portal


  • Not ideally suited for large enterprises
  • Custom reporting options are slightly limited compared to similar market offerings


  • Basic: Rs. 2,499 per organization per year
  • Standard: Rs. 9,999 per organization per year
  • Professional: Rs. 19,999 per organization per year

USP: ZohoInvoice is a one-stop solution – a recurring billing software that can be used to track billable hours, manage inventory, schedule payments and structure billing processes efficiently in organizations.

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3. FreshBooks

This is a very highly rated invoice app that caters to the smooth billing and accounting requirements of any kind of organization. FreshBooks features a comprehensive invoice to payment software suite, and is very simple so as to promote quick adoption of the system, even by users not well versed in technology.



  • Structured expense management
  • Monitors billable hours for more accurate client billing
  • Online contact management and communication
  • Powerful reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Unified portal for invoice creation and payment collection


  • Integration with a large number of third-party apps
  • Mobile application to boost connectivity
  • Intuitive dashboards that allow for better managerial decision making
  • Robust automatic scheduled payment collection to save time and effort
  • Better project management and team collaboration


  • No invoice tags for customers
  • No free plans for single users or small teams


Lite: $15/ month for 5 clients

Plus: $25/month for 50 clients

Premium: $50/month for 500 clients

USP: FreshBooks is a comprehensive billing app that is best known for its intelligent visual interface, novel features, and economical pricing.

4. Invoicera

This dynamic invoice app keeps business processes up-to-date by facilitating the creation of invoices on the move, tracking expenses, calculating billable hours and structuring project management.



  • Customized workflow automation
  • Generates and prints client reports for quick analysis
  • Activity dashboard with real-time data updates
  • Automatic notifications and reminders for recurring payments
  • Third party accounting integration


  • Multi-language and currency support for global transactions
  • Integration with most popular payment gateways
  • Allows multiple user control for better team collaboration
  • Cloud-hosted bill application that promotes better team collaboration
  • Professional invoicing templates and automated billing


  • The software may have an interface that is complicated for new users
  • Navigation is a bit tricky without the required support


Classic: $19.95 per month (100 clients)

Business: $39.95 per month (unlimited clients)

Infinite: $99.95 per month(unlimited clients)

USP: Invoicera is diverse legal billing software that handles recurring payments, monitors employee hours and boosts the efficiency of billing practices.

5. Invoice2go 

This is a fully automated invoice app that eliminates administrative workload and improves customer experience by tracking billing hours accurately.



  • Updated mobile app for billing transactions on the move
  • Easy creation, modification, and breakdown of statements
  • Direct tracking of employee time entries
  • Seamless currency and receipt management
  • Integration with various payment gateways such as Paypal


  • Personalization of design of invoice templates
  • High level of financial data security through cloud backup
  • Simple and intuitive dashboard
  • Reliable customer service for support and maintenance
  • Excellent mobile app for better productivity


  • No live bank feeds
  • Features may be limited compared to similar market variants


Lite: up to $59.99/year (varies by location)

Standard: $119.88 /year

Advanced: $ 239.88/year

Unlimited: $407.88/year

USP: Invoice2go facilitates effective billing through advanced invoice customizations, payment collections, and good customer support practices.

6. Bill.com 

A widely popular billing app, Bill.com is an automated bookkeeping solution that structures the AP/AR processes for organizations, accountants and virtual bookkeepers.



  • Automated accountable payments and accounts receivables
  • Unified document storage
  • Bill scheduling for recurring payments
  • Cash flow management synchronized with in-house systems
  • Email personalized invoices with periodic reminders


  • User-friendly creation and modification of invoices
  • Paperless internal controls for better efficiency
  • User-friendly dashboard and excellent support team
  • Integration with various third-party apps


  • The price may act as a disadvantage for smaller firms
  • The software may be slow to respond through multiple pages


Essentials: $29 user/month

Team: $39 user/month

Corporate: $59 user/month

USP: Bill.com is the ideal choice invoice application for organizations as it offers a unique, stand-alone website based accounts payable and receivable service, with a host of revolutionary features.

7. Bill4Time

Bill4Time is a sophisticated billing app that handles a diverse range of activities such as time tracking, invoicing and document storage to provide superior service to bookkeepers and accounting firms.



  • Extensive client management
  • Time and expenses tracking
  • Effective periodic scheduling for task flow management
  • Convenient online payment for cash flow management
  • Document management for quick and seamless data access


  • Mobile app to boost universal accessibility from smartphones
  • Complete transparency and high level of data security
  • Comprehensive reporting with advanced analytics
  • Unlimited software support and maintenance


  • More features could be added for better user experience
  • Better pricing plans could be introduced


Legal Solo: $30/month

Legal Pro: $50/month

Legal Enterprise: $100/month

USP: Bill4Time is definitely one of the best invoice apps available in the market as it is a full-featured suite that can handle clients, projects, accounting needs and employee time tracking.

8. Billdu

This is an easy-to-use bill application that serves as an invoicing tool for freelancers, accountants, and small organizations. Billdu boasts of a high degree of invoice template customization and aims to provide a holistic customer experience through state-of-the-art features.


  • Automatic entry of recurring costs
  • Invoice creation and editing
  • Advanced estimate and order management for operational efficiency
  • Business reporting capabilities and intuitive dashboards
  • Multi-currency and language support


  • Secured server -no threat of data breach or unauthorized access
  • Ability to get customer ratings and feedback for improved service experience
  • Integration with a wide number of payment gateways
  • Cloud-hosted SaaS invoice app for better data accessibility and connectivity
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface


  • Maybe expensive for certain clients
  • The billing application tends to crash at times


Starter: 30 invoices annually: $1.99/month (1user)
Basic: 300 invoices annually: $7.99/month(1 user)
Premium: unlimited invoices: $14.99/month(10 users)

USP: Billdu is a cloud-based online billing app that is a perfect platform to create invoices, manage online stores, track expenses and capture customer feedback, thus providing a unified invoicing solution.

9. Billy App

A minimalistic invoice app, Billy App is designed with core accounting and sales automation capabilities to provide a holistic platform for bookkeepers, freelancers, and small-medium organizations.


  • Unlimited brand invoices
  • Automated bank syncing with over 9000 banks
  • Mobile app and browser extension for importing receipts
  • Double-entry accounting engine
  • Estimate, order, and expense management
  • Recurring invoice scheduling


  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • Clean and minimal template designs
  • Advanced security and data encryption features
  • Allows multiple user control for better team collaboration
  • Analytical reporting and statistical capabilities


  • No inventory management module
  • Could improve design and integration functionality


Starter: $11/month
Standard: $15/month
Premium: $19/month

USP: Billy App is a highly functional billing app and brings a host of novel features such as expense tracking, customized invoicing and expense management at very affordable prices.

10. InvoiceSimple

InvoiceSimple sophisticated online billing app is a multi-faceted tool that performs a number of functions, thereby simplifying bookkeeping and accounting processes in organizations.


  • Unified billing portal
  • Payment processing with automated reminders
  • Scheduling recurring invoices
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • Supplier and purchase order management


  • Cloud-based deployment for universal connectivity
  • A smart mobile app that enhances employee engagement
  • Accurate employee time tracking to boost productivity
  • Free unlimited client support and maintenance upgrades


  • No customer feedback option
  • Could allow for more user customization options


InvoiceSimple has a free version available iPhone,iPad, and iPod Touch that can be used to prepare three invoices on your mobile device. Organizations can then upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription according to business requirements.

Monthly Subscription: S4.99 / month onwards

Annual Subscription: $49.99/month onwards

USP: InvoiceSimple is one of the best invoice apps in the market, and helps organizations save time, money and manual efforts through its innovative features and economical pricing.

11. Chargebee

Chargebee is recurring billing software that is built for SaaS and subscription-based eCommerce businesses. To automate the payment process, it integrates with the payment gateways across the globe.



  • Automated invoicing and dunning management to streamline the billing process
  • Customer portal and payment pages are responsive with customizable themes and fields
  • Chargebee provides subscription management with metered billing feature to aid customers to only pay for their use
  • Get insights about all the metrics that give you comprehensive details about your business
  • Multiple payment options that include offline payment, cash, checks and more


  • Simple and interactive interface for smooth processing
  • Easy integration with any licensing tools
  • Flexible coupons are an added advantage
  • Chargebee allows the users to extend their expired cards
  • The customizable billing cycle for recurring billing


  • Mobile optimized interface does not exist
  • The dashboard is not customizable
  • Email automation is not very strong


  • Rise: $299/month – includes $50k/month revenue
  • Scale: $599/month – includes $75k/month revenue

USP: Chargebee is known for its excellent customer support and customizable recurring billing cycles that aid the customers in all possible ways.

12. Harvest

Harvest is a web-based tool that provides time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing, time-based reporting, and more. By tracking the time, you can easily manage the progress of your team as well as business.



  • Time and expenses feature allows you to maintain a timesheet and track clients, projects and tasks
  • With time tracking, team and projects can be monitored and managed
  • Harvest automatically turns the billable time with time tracking and expenses into the invoice
  • Users are allowed to generate team schedules and turn them into visual plans
  • Manage your team by keeping a track on who worked, overworked or under-worked and on which projects


  • Easy configuration and management
  • Excellent time keeping that helps you keep a track on the ongoing projects and team
  • Intuitive interface that does not create ambiguity and allows the user complete ease
  • One of the best documenting expensing compared to other softwares
  • Continuous addition of new features keeps Harvest updated and trending


  • Harvest does not provide the option to pull out the previous day’s job data
  • No real-time phone support is provided


  • Free: 1 person, 2 projects
  • Pro: Unlimited persons, unlimited projects, $12/person/month

USP: Harvest has an intuitive interface that the users love to use with the least effort, whether in the web browser, mobile application, chrome extension, or any interface.

13. PaySimple

PaySimple is a software that is designed to transform payment acceptance, billing, and customer management.



  • Payment option with recurring billing, instant payment, ACH payment, and eCheck processing, etc.
  • Interactive management tools with dashboards, dispute resolution, manual payment entry and payout time entry
  • The administration is made easy with user management, role management, and access management tools
  • Highly secure environment with two-factor authentication and Fraud management tools
  • PaySimple is one of the most reliable and high performance yielding platforms


  • PCI compliance to ensure that a secure network is maintained
  • Fraud protection tools, data tokenization, and POS verification are some of the security measures
  • Excellent dunning features for collections, escalation, dispute management, etc.
  • Billing automation allows user to automatically create and send invoices to predefined channels at the set or custom frequency


  • Update or change in details is not an option, and the user has to redo the process completely
  • Tad difficult and cumbersome for the new users to understand the software


  • Pro: $49.95
  • Enterprise: $99.95/month

USP: PaySimple is known for its excellent customer service, great payment features, and helpful tools.

14. AND.CO

AND.CO is Fiver’s subsidiary cloud-based solution created for freelancers or small business owners to manage their projects, track time, and create contracts.


  • Automatic invoices, recurring invoices and customizable invoicing to add your logo to your invoices
  • Create, customize and e-sign your own contracts as per your deal with the clients
  • Streamline and organize your expenses by keeping them in one place and quickly accessing it with all the devices
  • Get snap receipts, emails receipts, or even create recurring expenses
    Task manager provides complete functionality stack with tracking, tagging, setting defer dates and more


  • Invoicing is made easy with payment reminders, smart deposits, and other features
  • You can customize your proposals and contracts just by turning the clauses you like on or off, and you can even get your e-sign included
  • Accept payments globally with no extra charges with AND.CO
  • Excellent task management with task tagging, creation, and tracking of task lists, etc.


  • You are not allowed to create templates for contracts and save them
  • Can lose track of the tasks, projects or clients and time tracking is also tricky


It has two pricing plans. One that is free with limited feature utility and a pro plan that charges $18/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

USP: AND.CO is the best tool for freelancers or small business owners to manage everything from the proposal right up to the payment by saving a considerable chunk of time

15. Wave

Wave is a completely integrated invoicing software for small businesses. It is explicitly designed to serve companies with nine employees or less.



  • Provides free accounting software with easily manageable cash flow and highly secure
  • Organized, secure and accountant friendly accounting interface
  • Allows you to create professional invoices quickly with no extra charge
  • Send invoice from anywhere with the Wave mobile apps and get instant notifications as well
  • Scan receipts with your phone, review, and sync with your Wave account


  • Easy to set up and the interface is user-friendly
  • Mobile apps help the user to track, create, or send their invoices remotely
  • The biggest advantage of Wave is that it is free


  • Payment has no card swipe option
  • New feature addition without notification makes the interface clumsy for the users


It is entirely free, and you can set up an account to start generating invoices in minutes.

USP: Wave invoicing software is a free invoicing and tracking software that is a boon for small businesses with nine or fewer people and has mobile applications for providing complete ease of use.

Found What You Were Looking for?

So this was the list of some top best invoicing and billing apps that can match your requirements. You can quickly get started with any of these and give your business an instant boost of speed and cost.

Have you known any of these billing apps? Let us know your review in the comment section below.

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