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In this day and age, it is incredibly important that you select the best software for use in your business. One of the decisions you may have to face is which is choosing the best cloud providers.

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Cloud software has a lot of advantages. Not only it’s safe and secure; it allows flexible access to you and your employees as well as quick scaling all at reasonable costs. The benefits are amazing and if you have not yet implanted cloud technologies into your business then you should most definitely think about doing so. Here are some of the best providers of cloud technologies today.

List of Best Cloud Providers 2018

1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s take on the cloud platform promises to be adaptable to a wide range of needs. It can be used to create programs from scratch or can be combined with existing infrastructure to elevate your program beyond what you thought it could achieve. For example, a UK based cloud service provider UK Cloud also offers a great partnership with Microsoft Azure which it can turn out to be an ideal blend to create the best cloud software for your company.

Azure is fully compatible with both Windows and Linux, for anyone who uses both in their business, and they also offer a 1-year free trial so you can get to grips with the service. In the paid package, there are over 25 services which they guarantee to always be free no matter how much the service grows or what you personally use it for. On the hunt for a well-balanced overall package? Azure might be just what you are looking for.

2. Amazon Web Services

AWS, as it is commonly known as, has been around since 2006 and is used by businesses everywhere. They have a great range of services built into the program and you can easily choose more depending on your needs. This provider is highly customizable and allows you to construct exactly the service you need

Like Azure, they also offer a 1-year free trial so you can get to know it. After that, they offer three different pricing models with an option for all. If you truly need flexibility from your cloud provider, AWS might be just what you need.

3. Google Cloud

Google’s answer to the cloud provider conundrum uses their modular web services to build you exactly the programme you need. By working with Google engineers, you can set up your own unique and secure online destination for all your data. Not only do they offer the Cloud Storage options, but they also offer virtual machines to help you achieve your ultimate business goals.

Google Cloud also comes with a 1-year free trial. Pricing afterward can be extremely flexible and can be calculated using a cost-per-instance pricing strategy. For a fantastic user-experience, you can’t go wrong with Google Cloud.

4. IBM

The tech giants at IBM have developed their own range of cloud tools. In addition to their range of cloud technologies, they also use virtual and hardware devices to build you the optimal package for your needs. While they may be the masters behind the programming, they ensure that full control of the infrastructure is always in your hands. Your company will be the only one on its server; giving you great efficiency and performance at all times.

They offer several different packages depending on your needs. You can design your own system from the bare bones up, meaning you only pay for what you use, or you can use only a few of their features at minimal cost to yourself. If you only need a few services instead of a full program, IBM might have a great solution for you.

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