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Is your company losing too many bids? The problem might be that you are bidding too low or high that you are missing out on business. Another reason could be that you are not assessing the overall costs involved in a given project accurately. Whatever might be the reason, when you make use of the reliable construction estimating software tool, it can help in putting forward the best possible bid.

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The construction management software tool helps your business by providing up-to-date pricing information along with multiple estimating tools and other resources. As such, business organizations can fine-tune the respective bids that suit unique business projects and requirements. Some of the specific construction estimating software tools can also help with budgeting, project management, and payroll management.

Need for an Effective Construction Estimating Software

The construction estimating tools and software solutions can help business organizations in winning lucrative bids by calculating equipment, labor, materials, and other major construction costs effectively and accurately. Accurate construction estimates are the key factors determining the overall success of a company involved in the construction industry.

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When you underprice or overprice the business bids, it creates problems for your business as well as for your partners. As such, you can look forward to avoiding the compromising situation and driving huge profits from the firm by making use of the right construction estimation tool.

Top 6 Construction Estimating Software to Watch Out

If you are on the lookout for the best construction estimation software tool for your business, here are some of the best options out there:

1. ProCore

ProEst by ProCore is a powerful construction estimating software solution that helps businesses in creating accurate estimates, performing digital takeoffs, generating detailed proposals and reports, and managing the bid-day processes effectively.

Procore construction estimating software


Some of the salient features of the ProCore’s ProEst estimation software solution include:

  • Well-proven, multi-year partnerships with ProCore
  • New levels of ease, accuracy, and speed of multiple construction projects
  • Effective integration for automatically setting up ProCore projects


ProCore aims at presenting no setup fees, with no risks and long-term contracts. Contact them to know about subscription costs.

USP: ProCore aims at providing a single, seamless construction management solution that can help in saving time and money.

2. eSub

This is a high-tech field data collection and labor productivity platform for the trade contractors. eSub construction management software solution is a leading tool for subcontractors. eSub cloud and project management tools help seamlessly linking the office and fields productively. eSub helps in standardizing the project management procedures such that the users can easily enter information related to labor activities, workforce, site events, and material costs.

esub construction estimating software


  • Real-time updates: The software allows businesses to remain updated in real-time with alerts and changes round-the-clock.
  • Connecting Field to Offices: Offer your team the ability to access as well as update field & office documents in real time.
  • Document Tracking: The eSub construction estimating software tool helps in tracking all the documents including orders, insurance documents, contracts, and more.


eSub offers a competitive pricing structure for the business owners.

USP: Get real-time updates and information about construction sites and offices.

3. eBuild Construct

eBuild Construct is an all-around construction estimation solution. It provides effective financial management and project costing solutions that are designed to fit your business requirements. The software is capable of providing accurate estimates for all construction costs, ensuring effective revenue management. The eBuild Construct software tool also helps out in carrying financial reporting with a one-stop solution.

ebuild construction estimating software


  • Defining and managing different types of projects
  • Managing complete project details
  • Managing project structure & schedule
  • Mapping the latest project status


The eBuild construction software tool offers an innovative solution at reasonable costs. Contact them to know about pricing details.

USP: eBuild offers the exclusive eBuild ERP solution allowing the construction builders to work efficiently.

4. Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating software solution serves to be a highly intuitive tool for a wide range of construction projects. The solution offers effective takeoff opportunities that are highly conceptual, detailed, and are designed for escalating the overall process of construction estimation.

sage construction estimating software


  • Relevant training and support
  • High-end construction estimator
  • Step-by-step guided tour of the construction estimation procedure


Sage Estimating is available at a custom price. Contact them for a free demo and a trial.

USP: You get the best-in-class digital construction takeoff tool under one umbrella.

5. B2W Estimate

B2W construction management software serves to be a great way for estimating the overall construction costs and ensuring the management of the construction bids. It adopts a unique approach focusing on accuracy, speed, and business intelligence.

b2w construction estimating software


  • Robust, enterprise-class performance
  • Synchronized mobile bidding and estimating
  • Centralized database
  • Integrated with an intuitive user interface and construction estimate logic


B2W Estimating construction software tool is available at a custom price. Contact them for more information.

USP: B2W Estimating provides seamless integration with third-party applications including MS Office and others.

6. Real Builder

Used by over thousands of construction estimators, the Real Builder construction estimation software tool is regarded as an effective solution out there.  Real Builder by Dataman offers a complete ERP solution that has been designed to meet the unique requirements of the real estate industry.

The software solution proves effective for both private as well as public contracts in utility power, transportation, oil & gas. The software solution helps the contractors in accurately preparing detailed cost estimations, and converting them into proper bids.

real builder construction estimating software


  • Enterprise-level construction estimation tool
  • Sales and billing convenience
  • Purchase order life cycle analysis


Pricing for the Real Builder estimation software solution & training tends to vary –tailored specifically for each customer.

USP: Real Builder is designed specifically for providing high-end estimation solutions to the real estate business owners.

7. Buildertrend

Buildertrend is one of the most popular cloud-based construction management software for home-builders and remodellers. It offers a robust set of features that help you minimize costly errors and accelerate project completion. 

This construction estimating software combines project scheduling, customer management, project management, and service management in a single system. Its pre-sale tools comprise of quick bids and estimates, and a built-in CRM system, and customer management tools include warranty requests and payment processing. 



  • Easily save and re-use proposals and create a catalog for faster proposals
  • Allows you to run an automated drip-email campaigns
  • Seamlessly integrates with valuable, third-party solutions, such as QuickBooks and Xero


  • You need to contact the vendor to get a quote

USP: One unique feature is that it enables easy communication between users within the system through its real-time commenting and private messaging feature. It makes the whole collaboration process smooth.


Enhance the overall efficiency of your construction business by accurately estimating the price of the multiple construction projects. The list of high-end construction estimating software tools helps in ensuring the best results for the construction projects. This allows businesses to bid effectively, thereby enhancing overall revenues. Make the most of the best-suited construction estimating software solution by deploying it at the earliest.

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