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Last updated: May 21, 2021

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Whether you work as an independent contractor or is a part of a company, either way, creating invoices can be seen as a time-consuming task. You need to go through a rigorous process of putting together the bill rates, timesheets, cross-checking with your clients, and much more. 

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But worry not, we have put together a complete list of some of the best contractor invoice templates that you can find online. You can further increase your work efficiency by integrating the invoice generation with your existing system in place like construction management software.

Let’s first understand what makes a good contractor invoice templates. 

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Contractor Invoices

Some of the essential information that you can’t afford to miss in your invoice are:

  • Serial Number
  • Contact information
  • Date of invoice
  • License number that you hold
  • Materials you have used
  • Description of the work done
  • The time period of the project
  • The type of payment you are accepting
  • The total cost of the work

All of the information should be laid out in the format that is easy to read for you as well as the client’s reference. 

For instance, the description of your work needs to be brief but detailed at the same time. You can mention the specifics of the job so that you can use the bill for future references. It even makes it easy to remember what you exactly did by merely looking at the invoice. 

Contractor Bill Format

Generally, a contract bill format should list the material used, including its description, quantity, and cost. And the bottom of the invoice contains the section where you add up the total of material and labor cost, including the tax and subtracting any deposit. 

Let’s look at some of the best contract invoice templates examples that you can use for your business to streamline invoice activity.

Top Contractor Invoice Templates:

  1. FreshBooks

freshbooks contractor invoice templates

FreshBooks has an incredible, professional-looking invoice that is free and easy-to-use. 

It is fully automated and designed, keeping the needs of every type of contractor in mind. It offers various kinds of contract invoice templates for a range of services. However, the best part is that you can still customize these templates to suit your unique needs. 

It keeps things organized and also helps you create a record of your income for tax purposes. Moreover, you can download the templates in various formats, including.DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. 

2. Sage

sage contractor invoice templates

Sage is another free and professional-looking invoice template that comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface. 

Besides, they believe in flexibility. Once you have downloaded the template, you can modify it according to your own needs. Sage understands how every business requirement is slightly different from another. 

They offer invoices in two formats — in excel and word. 

What’s more, using this accounting software, you can entirely digitize and automate your billing process — from sending invoices to collecting payments, making sure that you get paid. 

3. Invoice2go

invoice2go contractor invoice templates

If you are looking for a construction invoice format, then Invoice2go is the one. 

It has all the essential features to offer that allow you to quickly and easily create professionally designed invoices. It includes lines for work description, material quantity and rate, and amount. In fact, you can download the invoice in PDF format with just one click of a button. 

Besides, it is quite easy to use. This particular template is suitable for freelancers, independent contractors, entrepreneurs, and other small and growing companies

4. Intuit Quickbooks

quickbooks contractor invoice templatesIntuit Quickbooks, along with offering contractor invoice templates, has a fully-functional invoice software in place that helps to simplify your operational activities. 

Using the Intuit template, you can quickly and easily create your invoice and send it to your client. It contains lines for labor, materials, quantity, and other essential information. Furthermore, you can download the templates in three file formats — Excel, Word, and PDF as per your convenience. 

With their invoice software, you can also set up recurring invoices that saves you a lot of time and effort. Besides, you get alerts as and when customers view and make the payment.

5. FieldPulsefieldpulse contractor invoice templatesAnother good contractor invoice example is FieldPulse. It offers invoice templates that can be used in both computers and your smartphones. It enables you to create invoice while on-the-go, without wasting any time. 

This contractor bill format can be downloaded in Excel format. And once you have entered all the information, you can then save in the PDF format as well. It contains different columns for material description, quantity, unit price, and tax. 

Furthermore, it offers separate templates for different industries, including roofing, plumbing, HVAC, painting, and more. 

6. Invoice Simple 

invoice simple contractor invoice templates

InvoiceSimple is another excellent source for downloadable contractor invoice templates. 

First things first, it enables you to customize the template to fit your needs. Furthermore, it has compiled a list of different bill formats for various activities, such as floor contractor, carpet and tile, refrigerator, and much more. 

You can download the template in various formats, including Word, Excel, Docs, and Sheet. In fact, you can also generate invoices on their mobile apps for iOS and Android.

7. Invoicing Templatecontractor invoice templatesInvoicing Template clearly understands how the bill format for a contractor invoice differs from the rest. You will see it includes two different sections for ‘service’ and ‘expenses’ on the invoice detail part. Besides, each section has a separate tax applied, including the tax name and rate. 

What’s more, Invoicing Template is free and is relatively easy to use. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019. In short, it’s a quick formula to generate electronic invoicing.

8. DesignsnPrint

designprint contractor invoice templates

DesignsnPrint has a comprehensive set of different types of contractor bill formats for you to choose from. They offer both contractor-specific and construction invoice format to simplify your business. 

Their contractor invoice forms are entirely customizable to fit your unique business needs. Besides, it features an area for the company name and contact details as well for easy tracking. 

The best part is that DesignsnPrint even offers to create a fully customized invoice template from scratch based on your requirements. 


The ideal contractor bill format is the one that your customers can easily read and understand. 

Creating invoicing just became quicker, more comfortable, and less time-consuming. 

What are you waiting for? Take your business to a new height.

Kiran Bajpai is Marketing Associate at SoftwareSuggest. Her expertise lies in Software Analysis. She can never get bored of reading books, especially those related to History and Politics.

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