8 Best Customer Retention Software For Reducing Churn Rate


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Last Updated: 22/11/2019

“Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold.”
This quote has great meaning when applied to the world of business; acquiring new customers is a milestone, but retaining an old customer is key to the survival of your business. With huge competition and lesser customer attention span, any wrong move can lose you your customer forever.

Customer Retention Software which is a part of customer loyalty software helps you understand customer behavior, customer experience and the triggers of customer dissatisfaction, enabling you to take action before it’s too late.

Here’s the curated list of 6 best customer retention management software in 2019 for your business. Choose the best one, based on their USP and your business requirements.

List of Best Customer Retention Software

1. Zendesk Connect

connectThis customer retention software enables you to make proactive, personalized and tailored communication with your customers, taking into account their current action and their history with your company. It helps set up personalized reminders, push notifications that can automatically be sent to your customers to welcome them or suggest some proactive advice, when they sign up or are stuck somewhere on your website or app.


  • Provides training and certification for use of software
  • Easy integration with various apps
  • Zendesk Support
  • Increases agent-productivity, betters your service to customers and thus enables customer-satisfaction
  • Enables seamless self-service to the customers
  • Enables quick and automated personalized communications to customers based on their individual needs or complaints
  • Sends a message every time a customer matches the criteria of a triggered campaign, that too in limited volume and within frequency caps
  • It helps you figure out, which versions of communication messages proved the most successful, to accordingly compose your future messages.


The Number of Messaged Users:200050,000500,0001,000,000+
Price per month$153.00$918.00$3,094.00Custom plan

Free Trial Available


It helps you make personalized communication with your customers exactly when needed, to delight and retain them.

2. PEGA Marketing For Communications

PEGA Marketing For Communications

This customer retention management software enables communication service providers to reduce churn, reduce one-time retention costs and control revenue dilution. PEGA optimizes customer retention at an individual level by combining every customer’s unique situation and every organization’s business objective. Using big data and sophisticated analytics, it determines the retention budget for each customer based on business-value in churn list.

PEGA’s ‘Predictive Analytics’ helps to understand customers’ exact needs, recommending them the most appropriate product with suitable offers.

The ‘Dynamic Bundling’ feature in this CRM software enables the customers to create their own self-tailored packages or bundles, without breaking any rules in the BSS or OSS. With pre-built Customer Retention Campaigns, this software helps the CSP in anticipating customer needs/obstacles in advance and helps serve the customers better. Also, PEGA’s Omni-channel capabilities enable the customer to choose the channel through which they want to communicate with the Business.

It provides real-time customer-context and analytics while aligning your business objectives with your customers’ needs. Thus you can start making important decisions according to real-time market conditions and increase the profitability of your business.


  • Built on the Pega 7 platform
  • Runs On-Premises as well as on the Cloud
  • Works seamlessly with PEGA’s Order Management and Customer Service Applications and can be easily integrated with existing systems
  • Personalized customer engagements across inbound and outbound channels
  • Dynamically manages Omni-channel conversations (from offer design to fulfillment
  • Manages Investment Budget


Customized quote and Free trial available.


Dynamically works On-Premises as well as on Cloud, thus providing flexibility to the user.

3. Mixpanel

mixpanelThis customer retention software collects, classifies, filters and analyses customer-related data such as new sign-ups on your digital assets such as apps, social media channels or website. It also lets you know the period of time after which your new users are revisiting and engaging with your digital asset.

Through this software, you can find out the acceptance level of the changed features in your digital asset and likewise improve them.

This customer engagement software allows you to know, after how many days was a user retained back; within 24 hrs, on a particular day, a particular week, a particular month or even the entire year.

This information can also be seen in a percentage format. It suggests the retention rate by segmenting the number of users who returned back to your asset within 24 hrs.in addition, you the number of users who were retained for a particular challenge, says the ‘Daily Showdown’ challenge in case of a fitness app. It also lets you know, whether you got more traffic organically or through paid advertising.


  • Measures the most engaging features that work for you
  • Classifies period-wise retention
  • Identifies the exact stage of the marketing funnel did your user drop off
  • Deeply classifies the information of the users in terms of their age, gender, demography etc.
  • Reduces customer churns and finds new opportunities
  • Encourages user action
  • Boosts conversions
  • Helps better your product
  • Provides customer support


FreeBasic(10M data points/year)Enterprise Edition
$0/month $999/YearCustom Quotes


You can dig deep into the data of your customer information by slicing and dicing it in advanced ways.

Looking for CRM Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best CRM software solutions.

4. Qualtrics

qualtricsThis customer retention software enables you to combine experience data with operational data, and predicts individual customer behavior for faster decision-making and implementation. This customer support software helps you understand the drivers of customer churn in your business as well as automatically identifies at-risk customers and determines their threshold for quick decision-making.

It also enables easy ticketing system for faster closed-loop follow-up. Also, it helps in starting conversations with customers through apps, website, email, SMS, chatbots and many more mediums and helps measure customer feedback to assess and diagnose key drivers of customer satisfaction.

These features lead to complete customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase your company’s bottom line.


  • Provides On-demand training for software use
  • Qualtrics is highly secure with ISO 27001 certification
  • Predicts customer behavior and triggers of customer churn
  • Automatically identifies at-risk customers and determines their threshold
  • Enables easy ticketing system for customer complaints
  • Helps in starting conversations with customers through various media
  • Reduces churn, thus increasing the company’s net income


Custom quote


Prevents customer dissatisfaction by enabling quick and easy ticketing system.

5. Loyaltygator

loyaltygatorLoyaltygator is a customer loyalty program software, which helps in customer retention by empowering your company with customer-friendly features such as Loyalty Programs, Gift Card Programs, Employee Loyalty Programs, Coalition Reward Programs, and Two-tier Reward Programs.



  • Daily data backup
  • No transaction fees or hidden fees
  • Real-time versatile reporting
  • Free countertop marketing templates
  • Custom designed plastic loyalty cards
  • Employee access control
  • Target email marketing
  • Real-time Customer satisfaction meter
  • Employee recognition


Plan infoBite planSnack planMeal planFeast plan
Price per month    $88     $198    $298Custom Quote

All Plans Comes with flat $49 setup charges

30 Day free trial available


Effective Customer Retention through loyalty and gifting programs.

6. Optimove

OptimoveThis customer retention management software helps in predictive customer modeling, omnichannel delivery and activity-triggered communications to customers. This customer retention software also improves customer metric by increasing conversions, maximizing customer spends and reducing churns.



  • Provides actionable insights into customer behavior
  • The optimization bot by Optimove bridges the gap between data science and the art of marketing
  • Optimizes campaign performance
  • Helps in discovering performance-boosting opportunities hidden in the data


Custom quote


Enables hyper-targeting and dynamic customer journey.

7. BlueVenn

Customer Retention Software

BlueVenn is a popular customer retention software that offers a unified view of every online and offline customer. Its comprehensive set of tools helps optimize customers’ journey across all the channels. This customer retention software collects, analyzes, and stores data from different data sources for launching targeted campaigns. 


  • Gives you one-click access to every customer, transaction, or channel 
  • Allows you to personalize digital channels by providing real-time marketing modules
  • Offers seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Enables modeling, segmentation, and reporting to increase ROI 


  • BlueVenn UNIFY: Starting at $2,333 per month
  • BlueVenn ENGAGE: Starting at $2,666 per month


What makes this software stand apart from others is that it makes sure that the company stays adhered to GDPR compliance and other modern data privacy regulations. Thus it protects businesses from breaking any law. 

8. Questback

Customer Retention Software

Questback is one of the leading customer retention software that is trying to build loyalty through feedback. This web-based software automatically collects input from existing customers.

This feedbacks are then measured and analyzed to ensure that the companies are meeting their customer’s expectations in a way that maximizes retention.


  • Helps you prioritize events or campaigns based upon the severity level
  • Sends out real-time alerts for any emergency incidents
  • Aims to capture the full impact through post-incident surveys


  • Custom quote


The best thing about Questback is that it has an immediate response notification system. It helps companies shorten the response time for critical events.

Customer Retention Software enables you to better your product to reduce the churn rate and grow your business manifold. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best customer retention software to ensure happy customers and profitability.

Fretty Francis is a digital marketing and content strategist at SoftwareSuggest, a software recommendation platform. She's passionate about analytics, conversion rate optimization and ice-cream.

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