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Last updated: August 25, 2020

The 21st century has been rightly called the Age of Information. The survival of any organization in this competitive world depends on how well it leverages the information it possesses.

According to a report, an average worker spends thirty minutes to two hours a day searching for documents. This leads to an increase in cost, time, and errors made, all of which affects a company’s profits.

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Then what’s the solution? – Professional document management services. The types include free & open-source document management software as well as proprietary software.

The document management companies handle all your document-related needs. This includes printing, scanning, storage, and management of your organization’s documents.

Here Is an Analysis of 15 Best Document Management Companies in USA

1. LaserCycle USA

laser cycleLaserCycleUSA is a 30-year old player in the industry. The company is headquartered in the Boulder / Denver area and serves the Colorado Front Range. It is a full-cycle document management company from creation to destruction, including electronic document management.



  • Managed print services
  • Document & content management
  • Office technology, including copiers, printers, scanners, and multi-function devices
  • Toner cartridge services

LaserCycleUSA sets itself apart with industry-specific solutions. It is one of the few companies with a full range of services, which is its biggest advantage.

2. GRM Document Management

GRMGRM Document Management, currently known as GRM Information Management, is a leading firm in this space. Its offerings include Enterprise Content Management systems, document management systems, and business process management software.



  • Document Storage Solutions
  • Document Management Services, including offsite document storage and shredding services
  • Document Scanning Services

A major advantage of GRM Document Management is the use of Cloud and Analytics in the products. The inclusion of these technologies makes the products cutting-edge and sets them apart.

3. Accesscorp

accessAccess, founded in 2004, is currently managing documents for more than 30,000 businesses across North America. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the space. Access provides solutions for information governance, offsite storage, scanning & conversion, along with digital document management. The range of offerings makes it one of the best document management companies in USA.


  • Dedicated Employee Document Management solution
  • Automated Invoice Processing
  • On-demand scan and imaging facilities
  • Retention and privacy solutions for information governance
  • Secure destruction solutions for documents and storage media

The company guarantees itself a position on this list with distinguished offerings like digital transformation and data breach response mechanisms.

4. Ricoh

ricohRicoh USA is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, and is an arm of Tokyo-based Ricoh Co. Ltd. The firm is focused on workplace innovation and the empowerment of digital workplaces. Along with document management, Ricoh offers business intelligence, business process outsourcing, consulting, and IT services.


  • Industrial printing solutions
  • Web-based enterprise content management services
  • Advanced document capture services
  • Integration with content management systems and cloud
  • Forms management services
  • File Analysis services
  • Digital rights management

What sets Ricoh USA apart is the focus the firm has on transforming offices into digital workplaces. It integrates IT and cloud services in all aspects of document management. This helps them provide you with a comprehensive solution.

5. AGS Records Management

AGS RecordFounded in 1974, AGS Records Management is a part of the worldwide AGS group. The company is focused on providing document storage and management services with a focus on confidentiality and security.



  • Physical Archiving
  • Electronic Archiving
  • Digital Imaging
  • SaaS model-based Record Management System
  • Destruction of records with recycling and compacting

While the company is a veteran in this field, it lags behind its peers in terms of the breadth of the services it provides. It does not serve as the best alternative if you are looking for a comprehensive solution.

6. MasterControl

mastercontrolMasterControl is a multinational organization focused on solutions that help you develop, manufacture, and commercialize your products. Its document management system is developed to assist you in achieving efficiency.



  • Document collaboration
  • Web-based delivery
  • Validation for FDA regulatory compliance
  • Integrated training and change control processes
  • Task-assignment, routing, and scheduling

MasterControl document management system is designed to best serve the needs of manufacturing and pharmaceutical clients. It lacks some of the services and features provided by the peers on the document management front. It is more of a specialized solution rather than a generic offering.

7. Stargel DMS Solution

stragelStargel Office Solutions was founded in 1987 by Jack Stargel. The company is a managed IT services provider and serves more than 6000 clients today. Services provided by Stargel include managed print services, office equipment, and business-enhancing software, along with document management services.


  • Enterprise content management solution
  • Automatic filing of paper and electronic documents
  • Integration capabilities with existing IT infrastructure
  • Print management software
  • Intelligent scanning software
  • Data Capture
  • Electronic Forms and Digital Rights Management

Stargel DMS solution provides services for entire document lifecycle management. It is one of the full-range providers with office equipment and digital signage to augment document management system.

8. Conduent

conduentConduent is a multifaceted organization, involved in areas like business services, HR services, healthcare, as well as government solutions. As a part of its business operation solutions, it provides digital document management and automation services.



  • Document imaging
  • Data extraction and classification
  • SaaS-based Enterprise content management
  • Workflow Automation capabilities
  • Mobility support

One of the distinctive features of Conduent is the focus on automation, augmented with AI and Machine Learning. These solutions can help you bring down the cost and achieve efficiency in a big way. This makes the company a part of this list of 15 best document management companies in USA.

9. American Micro

americanmicroAmerican Micro, founded in 1958, is one of the leading companies in document management and imaging world. The company’s service portfolio consists of business process automation, system integration services, digital mailroom solutions over and above document management services.


  • Invoice scanning and data capture
  • Document scanning and extraction, integrated with content management systems
  • Document and forms management
  • Cloud-based enterprise content management
  • Workflow automation

American Micro provides customized solutions for industry-specific needs. This with the range of services it provides makes American Micro one of the best document management companies in USA today.

10. Records Nations

record nationRecords Nations has been providing document management solutions to its clients for more than 20 years now. The services provided are spread over storage, scanning, and destruction of documents and records. Additionally, it also offers the service of tape-based backup and rotation.


  • Document scanning, indexing, and transcription
  • Document redaction
  • Offsite records storage
  • Web-based management and RFID tracking of documents
  • Digital and physical access on need basis

Services provided by Records Nations can add a lot of value to sectors like healthcare, legal, government, and real estate. However, when it comes to digital documents management, other alternatives on this list may serve you better.

11. 5i Solutions

5i solution5i Solutions was established in 1990. The firm is focused on providing customized end-to-end document management solutions to its clients. Along with document management services, 5i solutions provides e-discovery, litigation support, and data hosting services.



  • Imaging solution for finance, real estate, healthcare, and other industries
  • Automatic forms processing
  • Data identification and document conversion
  • Data clustering
  • Dedupe and filtering
  • Cloud integration with encryption, key management, and access control

The services provided by 5i Solutions can be used by your firm to automate documents processing and storage. This can help you save costs and scale up your business operations.

12. Crown’s document management solutions

crown recordsCrown Records Management is a privately held organization established in 1965. The company serves 10,000+ clients across 40 countries. The services offered by the firm include documents and records management, an on-demand scan, and document destruction.



  • Offsite storage
  • Bar-code tracking and climate control
  • On-demand delivery of documents

The firm is focused on providing a set of core services needed by all businesses. However, if your business requires online document management, other alternatives on the list can help you better.

13. Docupace Technologies

docuspaceDocupace specifically tailors solutions for the financial services and wealth management industry. Along with, digital document management solutions, the firm provides onboarding, cybersecurity, and business intelligence services.



  • Dedicated solution for wealth management industry
  • SEC- and FINRA-compliant
  • Cloud-based WORM storage
  • Automatic organization and storage of documents

Document management solution offered by Docupace Technologies is one of the best solutions for the financial services industry. For other industries, however, there are better alternatives in this list that can be considered.

14. Docu Prep

docuprepEstablished in 1986, Docu Prep is a firm that focuses on serving the mortgage industry for document management needs. The company provides solutions for mortgage documents, customer documents, and loan analysis.



  • Loan analysis testing
  • Document generation from LOS, web-services, and standalone systems
  • Secure electronic delivery tools
  • Initial disclosure documents
  • Title documents

Similar to some of the solutions on this list, Docu Prep is an industry-specific document management solution. Hence, for requirements from other industries, you can check the other options given in this list.

15. Storage Quarters

storage quatersStorage Quarters, located in New York, is a company focusing on document and file storage, records management, paper shredding, and secure document destruction. The firm has been in business for more than 35 years now.



  • Document scanning integrated with Electronic Medical Records
  • Simplified HIPAA compliance
  • Off-site disaster recovery
  • Secure shredding and recycling of medical records
  • Encryption and cloud support

Storage Quarters is one of the leading organizations in the field of document management, focusing on the medical industry. As it is a sector-specific solution, you can consider generic solutions on this list for your requirements related to other industries.

Wrapping up

Each of these solutions offers a set of unique functionalities. You can select the best possible alternative based on your business-specific needs. Using these solutions, you can secure the information produced and managed by your organization and improve your profitability.

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to advise and help people. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music.

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