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Last updated: August 5, 2021

Zepo provides an all in one eCommerce platform software in today’s market. The biggest difference between selling online and selling offline is being able to connect with the customers. When a customer enters a store, the people who work there help him out if he faces any difficulties but while running an online business your website is the first connection between the customer and the product. Going by that, it should be self-explanatory as well as made in a way that it guides and acts like a perfect salesman.

We happen to go through the backend of an eCommerce – where we saw that all these problems have been addressed.

Following this we picked up certain tools from their stores that are a must have on your website to make it more engaging, customer friendly and leads them to buy products. Also, we have enlisted a few tools that will help you understand your web traffic better.

eCommerce platform software Tools That You Must Have On Your Website

  1. Tools that help you analyze your website trafficeCommerce platform software

    These eCommerce platform software tools are a must to have because while operating an online business you need to focus on a targeted audience and see if the actions that you implementing on your website are getting you any traction for that matter or not. Zepo uses tools like Google Analytics, Lexity, Google Webmasters to help their customers

    • Track down which region your visitors are coming from.
    • They tell you which product is selling more, which products are doing good and which are not.
    • Which page is getting more viewers, which pages lead to exits the most, for how long a viewer stays on your website, etc
    • These tools help you understand the output of all the things that you have done to scale your website including SEO, content marketing (blogs), social media pages.
  2. A live chat feature

    This eCommerce platform software tool is a chat box that comes up in front of the visitor wherein he can chat with you at any given time. This gives you the leverage over other sites as it acts just like a store attendant. Any person will be more comfortable being able to chat to someone for an instant query rather than calling or dropping an email. A live chat feature improves

    • Customer communication and satisfaction.
    • Conversion rate from visitors to customers i.e if you address the queries there and then you’ll be able to build trust in your visitor.
    • Feedback

    Zepo uses facilities of Zopim or Tawk for this.

  3. Reviews, comments and customer rating tools

    eCommerce platform software

    An eCommerce platform software  – Zepo picked Disqus, Yopto, and RatingWidget that help your customers post comments, reviews about your products that they have used. These tools work in many ways

    • They provide you feedback regarding your products.
    • They help in increasing customer satisfaction as the former customers are being able to put forward their opinions.
    • It helps in building trust in visitors who are just browsing through. Reviews are a great way to confirm if the products are worth a shot. Positive reviews can push a visitor, whereas a negative one might create a doubt in their minds. But these apps come with settings wherein you can control what goes live and what doesn’t. 
  4. Subscription Box

    Always have a subscription box on your website and place it somewhere that catches the eye of the visitor. Your main focus should be on capturing the emails of visitors. A noticeable text with a simple email subscription box provides you

    • Emails from people who’ve shown interest in your website.
    • You can send them offers and keep them updated about your new collections.
    • They are potential leads that you can turn into customers.

    ZEPO provides you Mailchimp or ManyContacts can help you integrate these features on your site.

  5. Pop-ups, action bars, and exit intents

    eCommerce platform software
    Pop-ups are a great way to get the attention of the people at the right moment. Say if someone has been on the store for some time and leaving without making any attempt to buy anything, you can use an exit intent pop up stating a 25% discount and that will nudge them into buying. Or a pop up guiding them into the new arrival section after seeing no activity from visitors on the site. The best thing about pop-ups is that you can place them anywhere on the website and at any given time according to your liking.

    • It will help you convert more viewers into customers.
    • Help to increase the time of visitor on the website.
    • Help you collect email ids.
    • Targeted discounts and offerings

    Zepo uses Web Engage for availing this facility.

However going ahead and integrating all these facilities on the website is a headache in itself. At Zepo all these tools are already inbuilt in your online store and there are no added costs for it. So you already have the tools that are necessary for the website. These widgets provide a better insight into the business and also help users increase their sales. We had tremendous feedback on this article – how to start selling in 5 minutes.

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