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Last updated: June 7, 2021

Nowadays, more and more retailers are moving to online stores because being online serves as a befitting way to market or sell in this digital age. Internet selling has, in fact, become the cornerstone for businesses with no signs of slowing down. Besides, taking the business online helps reach a larger customer base.

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According to research, it’s estimated that the number of digital buyers will reach 2.14 billion in 2021; thus, coaxing business owners to have an online store. 

Well, if you are a small seller not having the budget to pay developers to have a website like other large sellers and yet want to stand out from the crowd, do not worry. WordPress has got some amazing themes for your eCommerce.

Whether you need to run a simple online store or want to have a multipurpose website, WordPress has a number of themes to offer. Here, we have rounded up 10 best eCommerce WordPress themes that will ease your research and help you get the best.

Top 10 eCommerce WordPress Themes

1. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper wordpress theme

This WordPress theme strikes a beautiful blend of simplicity and bold design. With a full-screen in-your-face slider home page, Shopkeeper is a perfect choice to wow your customers. If an in-your-face slider is not what you want, you can opt for any of the 10 home page layouts that it offers.

Moreover, it has got a pre-built “coming soon” page, which is ideal for generating curiosity among your visitors regarding the new product or feature launch. Whether you want enticing shop pages, product demos, or portfolio blog, Shopkeeper has got dozens of layouts for each.

Besides, a plethora of header styles and design options add to customizing the look of your website. Shopkeeper comes integrated with WooCommerce plug-in; thus, making your site easily navigable and responsive.

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2. Divi

Divi wordpress theme

To stay abreast of the fierce competition in today’s market, you not only need an eCommerce website that displays a functional storefront but also a stunning design to enhance the customer experience. If you are looking for something as such, Divi is for you.

Divi is the most popular eCommerce WordPress theme that boasts the power of creating a gorgeous looking online store for you. Its drag-and-drop page builder lets you try an array of options while designing the layout. Well, if you do not want the fuss of creating layouts, you can leverage its pre-built layouts, including eCommerce storefronts, homepages, portfolios, and a lot more.

Being versatile and the best of its kind on the market, Divi is a popular theme among the entrepreneurs and shop owners.

3. Halena

Halena wordpress theme

Halena, a modern eCommerce theme, works well if you have got products that can be displayed with a minimal design approach. With a clean, straightforward design, it gives enough room for your products to breathe on the page. Furthermore, it ensures that you quickly load your website. 

With little design touches, this theme never fails in wowing your visitors and potential customers. Its “product quick view” mode enables visitors to have a better view of the product. Additionally, the hotspot pins give customers a quick way to determine more about each product in your store. Well, this isn’t it! Similar to other WordPress themes, Halena also comes with pre-built layouts of the pages you need.

For business owners with unique or great-looking products, Halena is the best eCommerce theme to showcase their peculiar items.

4. Artemis

Artemis wordpress theme

Are you looking to create a high-quality online store with WordPress? Artemis, a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme, could be the right theme for you. It gives your website a professional appeal; thus, making the customers trust and rely on your products.

Artemis provides you with a myriad of online shop demos, each with a classic and stylish appearance. As you can surf through the available template options from Artemis’ home page, you can easily make out the type of online store you want to create. Moreover, it lets you upload product videos along with a traditional photo gallery to give your visitors a different way of checking your offerings.

Everything you create with Artemis is mobile-friendly; hence, your shoppers can make their purchase from wherever they are and whichever device they want. 

5. XStore

Xstore wordpress theme

This eCommerce WordPress theme is intuitive and elegant in design. Adorned with varied tools, pages, and settings, XStore helps you in creating a professional-looking online store. With 80+ pre-built eCommerce designs, it is suitable for creating all types of online stores, agency, business, holiday, and blog sites.

Its drag-and-drop layout builder allows you to reposition elements however you like and customize the look of the page. With all the features you require to create a stunning website, XStore is an absolutely responsive theme. It comes with a full-width slider, shop pages, product widgets, pagination options, and more. 

If you want to build an eCommerce store that positively rocks in the market, the XStore eCommerce theme is the best bet to make.

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6. Woodmart

woodmart wordpress theme

At first glance, Woodmart appears to be a WordPress theme developed specifically for the wood-related stores. But this isn’t true. When you take a closer look at some 10,000 sales that it has generated, you will figure out not all of them belong to wood-related sales.

Woodmart is a versatile, WooCommerce WordPress theme that has a fairly universal design. All you can do is remove the wood imagery and replace it with your product. You can even replace every individual element of the design right from the header to the footer. In addition to this, it enables you to set a custom cookie with excellent typography. 

Woodmart poses an effective structure for those who have a larger eCommerce store and a lot of products to display.

7. StorefrontStorefont wordpress theme

This is the official eCommerce WordPress theme on this list of ours. It functions with WooCommerce plug-in seamlessly.

Though Storefront features a basic design, it has got commendable typography. Again, you get not much in terms of customizations with Storefront. But what you get is enough to have your eCommerce store run on WordPress. It helps create an optimized theme that won’t crash for your store.

If you are someone who loves to experiment in building their own designs, Storefront can provide a good start. 

8. TheGem

TheGem wordpress theme

Being an eCommerce store owner, you would definitely know that sales depend not only on product photography but also on the design of your website. TheGem understands this completely and provides you a multipurpose solution.

Along with its full-design integration with WooCommerce, TheGem has several pre-built layouts. Its Visual Composer plug-in empowers you to create any layout to match your requirements. Moreover, it represents your products in the most beautiful way. With a neat rollover effect, it helps your shoppers determine if an alternative image exists.

With the review section, Add to Wishlist button, and product statistics on the product page, TheGem truly shines when it comes to impressing your visitors. 

9. eCommerce Gem

eCommerce Gem wordpress theme

As the name suggests, eCommerce Gem is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is suitable for building eCommerce sites of any store type – be it books, smartphones, bags, medicals, jewelry, construction materials, clothing, cosmetics, and all types of online shops.

While letting you create a highly responsive and accommodating online marketplace with ease, eCommerce Gem allows you to add a distinctive flavor to your website with various customization options. Right from changing the color themes to set up the home page and menus, it helps you personalize the website. 

Whether you want product carousel or featured product slider, this highly elegant SEO optimized eCommerce WordPress theme has got everything covered. 

10. Merchandiser

Merchandiser wordpress theme

If you want a simple website with streamlined operations, Merchandiser is the best eCommerce WordPress theme for you on this list. Powered by WooCommerce, it comes bundled with Visual Composer plug-in; thus, enabling you to build different pages with its drag-and-drop interface.

Merchandiser lets you utilize its pre-built layouts that are tweaked directly from the Customizer. You can also access a range of design options, such as handpicked Google Fonts, headers, menus, and more, to create a feature-rich and navigable website. It emphasizes speed and efficiency as compared to other themes.

Want a WordPress theme with comprehensive functionality yet powerful design options? Merchandiser is an ideal choice to make.

Final Words

This is our comprehensive list of 10 best eCommerce WordPress themes. You can select any of them and equip yourself with a quality website. Each one of them has something that makes it stand out from the rest. So, review them carefully and decide which theme fits the needs of your eCommerce website.

Fretty Francis is a digital marketing and content strategist at SoftwareSuggest, a software recommendation platform. She's passionate about analytics, conversion rate optimization and ice-cream.

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