4 Best Enterprise HRMS Platforms for Asia in 2021

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Last updated: September 30, 2021

The ongoing pandemic has thrust the Human Resources function into the limelight, as some have likened the crucial role HR leaders play during this crisis to that of Financial leaders during the global financial crisis.

HR departments now need to operate while keeping in mind their employees’ well-being. Keeping employees engaged and productive even in a hybrid work setup is a priority for organizations now.

HR teams have a pivotal role in playing, and adopting the right HR Technology platform can significantly ease friction, be it in functions such as talent acquisition, performance, workforce planning, or even workplace policies, employee engagement, and retention.

Features such as scalability and adaptability, along with a high degree of configurability and consumer-class mobility, are expected from HR Technology platforms by Asian enterprises.

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Furthermore, enterprises move from their initial pandemic response to more sustainable operations in the new year. A good HRMS platform can help break down silos, engage distributed workforces, build resilience and agility into processes, and even empower HR teams to be able to respond to change more swiftly and effectively in the future.

This article will discuss the top 4 HR management software platforms in India in 2021 capable of tackling such complexities for large enterprises and shed light on some of their unique offerings.

Top HR Management Software

1. SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors helps you shift from traditional HR transactions to engaging experiences with its Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite, allowing you to give your employees every opportunity to do and be their best. It also provides HR teams with the tools needed to listen to their feedback, make the most of their benefits, and keep them engaged with exceptional employee experiences.

sap successfactors hrms

They also offer flexible cloud solutions for core HR and payroll, talent management, HR analytics, and workforce planning that comply with global HR regulations and simplify tasks with employee self-services.

SuccessFactors has a global presence with a majority of its customers outside Asia. In Asia implementations and customer support are delivered through a network of partners.

Furthermore, SuccessFactors also gives you the mobility you need in your HR processes with their mobile application.

2. Darwinbox

Darwinbox a is new-age and mobile-first HRMS platform that helps enterprises cater to HR needs across the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire. With AI-based deep-tech features like voice bot, advanced talent analytics, and intelligent CV shortlisting, the solution helps enterprises leverage technology to attract, engage and nurture their most critical resource – talent.

darwinbox dashboard

This agile end-to-end HRMS suite is used by 500+ global organizations and a million+ employees from brands like Adani Wilmar, Kotak Life Insurance, Swiggy, Dr. Reddy’s, and Tokopedia. It is a one-stop-shop for all things HR and helps unify Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, Talent Management, People Analytics, and Payroll and Expenses on a single platform.

Tailor-built for the Asian context, the product’s ease of use (with mobile centricity), high level of configurability, and faster time-to-value are key reasons it has been named one of the most preferred HCM platforms in APAC by Gartner.

Darwinbox manages implementations in-house, with a team of functional experts handpicked from the industry, completely removing any friction or mismatch of expectations between the sales and implementation process. All these aspects make Darwinbox implementations 2X faster.

This new-age solution is continually evolving and launched distinct and advanced HRM feature sets like – Whatsapp integration, touchless attendance, integrated travel booking, OKRs, Succession planning, etc. Their mobile app offers 100% employee self-service on-the-go and is the lightest(7MB) and the best-rated HCM app on PlayStore.

3. Oracle HCM

Oracle’s HCM suite called Fusion was launched in 2011. It was designed to cater to all HR needs from recruitment to exit, allowing you to plan and optimize global people processes, make better decisions, and personalize your employee experiences.

oracle hcm dashboard

Oracle HCM enables one source of truth for HR data to improve decision-making and can empower you with market-leading innovation to address the majority of your HR needs.

Oracle has partnered with third-party vendors to onboard clients on their platform. While Travel & Expenses Management is not a part of their suite, it can be integrated as an additional module.

This cloud-based HR software has been adopted by global leaders such as Blackboard, Illy, and National Instruments.

4. Workday

Be it finance or HR or the larger enterprises’ needs; Workday caters to finer aspects such as employee engagement and more. This cloud-based HR Technology platform has been adopted by global behemoths like Adobe, GE, and Target.

workday dashboard

With Workday, enterprises can craft experiences that engage their employees, eliminate manual tasks with automation, and leverage smart analytics to guide informed decision-making.

Workday is headquartered in American and delivers product and customer support to clients in Asia through third-party partners. Workday provides you with a comprehensive suite and releases updates every quarter to help enterprises evolve.

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