20 Best Eye Hospital Management Software for Ophthalmology Practice


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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Hospital management systems integrated with ophthalmology EMR can help increase operational efficiency and resource optimization.

For instance, the system may contain specialized exam templates that will automatically fill up patient information from the database. It will then offer a suitable diagnosis based on the patient’s record.

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Besides, these programs seamlessly integrate with other systems like the POS system for the sale of contact lenses and glasses, and more.

If you are an eye doctor or manage an ophthalmology diagnostic center, you should consider using the best ophthalmology EHR.

List of Top 20 Ophthalmology Practice Software That Offers the Best Functionalities

1. Smart Eye

smart eyeSmart Eye is one of the most advanced eye-tracking solutions.

It relies on an in-depth knowledge of long chains that connects human actions and intentions with technology. Apart from the healthcare industry, it can be used in various other sectors, including automobiles, aviation, psychology, user experience, and more.

Smart Eye is designed to offer unparalleled performance in complex, real-world situations. Furthermore, it can provide insights that can help with making research, development, education, and more, for fast progress.


  • Has an incredibly rich interface
  • Offers a reliable and active support team for any technical assistance
  • Has smart recorder for later view

2. Sarasolutions

SarasolutionsSarasolutions is a leading ophthalmology practice management software that comes with a comprehensive set of features. Some of these include patient digital imaging, patient communications, and more.

It aims to bring efficiency and boost up your productivity by automating your workflow.

This solution acts as a centralized database with a single dashboard to access all your patients’ records, control operational challenges, billing and invoicing reports, e-prescribing, and more.

Besides, Sarasolutions is quite easy to install and use.


  • Offers a dedicated mobile app for notifying your patients and scheduling appointments
  • Improves collaboration and communication by supporting multiple interfaces
  • Provides complete transparency over operations

3. Birlamedisoft

birlamedisoftBirlamedisoft is one of the pioneers in developing software that caters to the needs of the healthcare industry. They bring the expertise of 18 years on the table.

Quanta Drishti Software by Birlamedisoft provides a fully integrated software for eye hospitals. Using the system, doctors can easily access the patients’ history, provide comprehensive performance reports, and much more.

With its exhaustive optometry functionalities, you can smoothly perform vision checks, orthoptics, eye diagnostics, contact lens evaluation, and more.


  • Quite easy to install and has a user-friendly interface that can be customized
  • Offers a high level of security by including user-wise authentication module
  • Links the system with Aadhar card and directly displays information on the system


NETRANETRA is one of the best eye hospital management software that comes integrated with ophthalmology EMR.

It is designed keeping in mind all the requirements of professionally running eye hospitals and chain of eye clinics. It is equipped with advanced healthcare technologies that enables clinical and non-clinical analysis, helps with standard compliance, and standardizes workflow patterns.

This best ophthalmology EHR is developed under the guidance of leading management professionals and experts in the healthcare industry.


  • Offers 24*7 after-sales support, upgrades, and technical advice
  • Highly flexible and scalable in accordance with the hospital’s expansion plans
  • Provides actionable insights through MIS reports


VIKAS smart erpVIKAS is a smart hospital ERP software solution that aims to streamline the entire workflow of a healthcare center.

It acts as a comprehensive patient experience management solution designed to solve both clinical and non-clinical functionalities of a healthcare practice. The best thing is that the solution can be used as a standalone system or deployed on multiple centers.

You can easily integrate all the systems from various centers and achieve seamless operations across multiple locations.


  • Offers patient data privacy and security mechanisms
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications
  • Provides patient tracking, asset monitoring, and environment monitoring solution

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6. MocDoc

MocDocMocDoc is a one-stop digital healthcare solution that can be used by all sizes of the hospital — from small to big chains.

It offers a comprehensive set of features to run your centers smoothly. It allows you to integrate billing with treatments, lab, and radiology. Besides, its e-prescription module enables you to share prescriptions via SMS.

Some of its other functionalities include flexible queue management, comprehensive appointments, visual EMR, and much more.


  • Has a user-friendly and intuitive interface for the ease of use
  • Shares detailed MIS reports for actionable insights
  • Has a reliable support team in place for instant assistance

7. Medflow

MedflowMedflow EMR is a specially designed solution for eye hospitals that can easily integrate with your existing system. It provides in-built templates that can be used for retina scans and surgery, digital drawings, glaucoma, cataracts, eye measurements, and LASIK procedures.

Furthermore, it comes integrated with a patient portal to eliminate manual paperwork and save time by taking things online. Its image workflow management module also works effectively within image-intensive ophthalmology practices.

No wonder Medflow EMR is being used by over 550 practices across the country.


  • Has the ability to integrate seamlessly into practice workflow
  • Comes with a neat interface for easy use
  • Allows you to access the system from anywhere, using any device

8. EyeMD EMR

EyeMD EMREyeMD EMR is leading software for ophthalmology practices that deliver flexible workflow efficiency.

Its comprehensive functionalities are designed to provide unmatched imaging capabilities for better patient care. Some of these modules include integrated billing for treatments, patient sign-in through diagnostic testing, review, and more.

Moreover, you can access charts before entering the exam room or while on-the-go. This best ophthalmology EHR is mobile-friendly.


  • Easy-to-use and straightforward EMR with an intuitive interface
  • Gives insights into your clinical performance at your fingertips
  • Enables you to track and manage your inventory

9. Nextech

NextechNextech is one of the best ophthalmology EHR that offers end-to-end solutions for running the eye center. It provides a wide range of functionalities, including revenue management, patient care, robust reporting, and much more.

Thus, it’s the right choice for those who want to implement a single system across all departments.

Furthermore, it comes integrated with patient engagement software to improve communications. It aims to promote the doctor/patient relationship.


  • Easily integrates with diagnostic devices, and contains strong imaging and drawing features
  • Streamlines scheduling and simplify patient record-keeping
  • Provides advanced analytics to make informed strategic decisions

10. Softcure

SoftcureSoftcure is an innovative eye hospital management software that covers almost every aspect of hospital administrations.

To name a few, it takes care of all kinds of OPD and IPD management activities, billing and treatment, patient records, and more. The software follows the guidelines and standards designed by NABH.

Furthermore, to speed up the hospital administration, the EMR issues a unique ID to every patient for easy tracking.


  • Highly secured with SSL & encryption techniques
  • Multiple users can access the system at the same time with authorized permissions
  • Has all kinds of IRDA coding for IPD billing

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11. LexEye

LexiconLexEye is one of the best software for an ophthalmology practice. It can be deployed as both on-premise and on a cloud service. The on-premise model allows you to go offline and still carry out your administration without any interruption.

Besides, LexEye captures information in a structured way relevant for eye check-up and diagnosis.

Some of its other functionalities include billing and payments, scheduling and appointments, attendance tracking, patient management, and more.


  • Lets you print prescriptions and reports directly from the system
  • Built-in templates for Glaucoma & Vitreo-Retinal reporting
  • Has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface

12. OptiRise

OptiRiseOptiRise is your one-stop solution to managing all your optical practices. From providing a platform to sell optical related material such as contact lenses, glasses, and more to offering patience care management modules, it takes care of all.

Not only that, but it also helps with inventory management, scheduling and appointments, sending out reminders alerts, and more.

OptiRise is suited for both small and big chain hospitals.


  • Sync appointments to doctor’s mobile app
  • Sends out phone and email yearly reminders to customers
  • Easily integrates with various vision testing devices

13. Eye care leaders

EyecareleadersEyecareleaders is one of the best software for an ophthalmology practice that aims to enhance and coordinate every aspect of the practice.

This cloud-based software offers flexibility along with HIPAA compliance, MIPS assurance, patient retention and acquisition, and more.

Presently, it is being used by more than 8,000 ophthalmologists and optometrists, which makes it the top-rated ophthalmology-specific EHR.


  • Allows you to personalize your ophthalmology electronic medical records
  • Quite easy to use and install
  • Can access patients records from your mobile devices

14. CareCloud

CareCloudCareCloud is an all-in-one solution for managing your healthcare centers.

It offers customized software for different specialties. Its integrated solution lets you take care of every aspect, including financial, clinical, and patient, from a single system.

Thus, this cloud-based EHR can be easily adapted to a practice’s workflow without disrupting your current operation. What’s more, it also offers a dedicated mobile app to enable doctors to access the system on-the-go.


  • Makes sure that you stay HIPAA-compliant
  • Offers customization at both the practice and physician level
  • Delivers deep insights to drive better business results


EHNOTEEHNOTE offers a cloud-based solution for your ophthalmology practice. It aims to simplify the workflow of physicians and help deliver value-based care.

It is one of the advanced EHR systems that come with an inbuilt healthcare CRM solution. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive integration solution whereby you can connect the entire healthcare ecosystem into one.

This AI-powered system provides a holistic understanding of the patient for better treatment.


  • Can be used from any anywhere using any device — laptops, smartphones, or tablets
  • Offers a high level of security for data protection
  • Ensures that you stay compliant with HIPAA regulation

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16. iPatientCare

ipatient careiPatientCare is an award-winning eye hospital management software that comes with a robust set of functionalities.

From revenue cycle management to patient engagement care, and quality improvement consulting, it takes care of all. Using their advanced analytics platform, you get a clear data visualization of the patient population using diagnosis/procedure codes, age, gender, location, and more.

Besides, it helps in identifying high-risk/high-cost patients to improve cost-effectiveness.


  • Provides a user-friendly interface to function without any difficulty
  • Ability to schedule appointments with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly recurrence
  • Self-check-in kiosk to simplify the check-in process

17. Primeclinical

PrimeclinicalPrimeclinical is a leading, powerful EHR software that offers customized solutions for different specialties.

To begin with, it has a comprehensive ophthalmology template library that can be used for follow-up exams, pre- and- post-procedure forms, referral letters, H&P, consultations, and more.

What’s more, it lets you seamlessly integrate your data from diagnosis and treatment to billing and scheduling. It can even incorporate digital images directly into the patient’s chart.


  • Lets you modify and customize forms and templates as per your requirements
  • Can track and trend your vital information, including IOP, etc.
  • Allows you to share selected data with patients through the Patient Portal

18. First Insight

firstinsightFirst Insight is a cloud-based EHR software and practice management solutions that aim to improve your and your patients’ lives.

Its ophthalmology and optometry EHR software offers pre-designed templates for prescriptions, patient records, eye measurement, and more. The best thing is that it can be customized as per your needs.

Some of its other functionalities include powerful query tools, detailed reporting, and equipment integration for a seamless workflow.


  • View all the essential patient information from a single screen
  • Reschedule by clicking and dragging appointments
  • Enables you to display the same data elements on multiple screens

19. OmniMD

omnimdOmniMD is one of the topmost EHR systems that integrate various solutions into a single platform. Some of these solutions include medical documentation, practice management, billing and treatment, patient engagement, and more.

It offers templates that are exclusively designed to address the requirements of different medical specialties, including ophthalmology practice.

Besides, it streamlines the entire patient check-in process. It enables you to accurately chart their diagnosis, treatment, and management for the specific conditions.


  • Easily connects with third-party applications
  • Offers patient check-in kiosk that can access by both doctor and patient
  • Has a reliable and active customer support team in place

20. Praxisemr

PraxisemrPraxisemr is driven by artificial intelligence to help you deliver the best and fast service. It is one of the top-rated software for an ophthalmology practice. It automates generating reports, without turning providers into data-entry clerks.

Besides, it lets you create your own Practice Guidelines, making your practice more effective. It reduces your stress and the chance of error by allowing you to filter incoming data noise.


  • Comes with a rich interface for easy handling
  • Takes care of every aspect of patient care
  • Offers flexibility and scalability as your patient record grows


The Healthcare industry is fast-growing, and it is constantly being filled by newer and advanced solutions.
The sooner you adopt these solutions, the more the growth for you.
Lastly, make sure to choose the system that is best suited for your needs.

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to advise and help people. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music.

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