7 Best Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Software in 2020 and Beyond


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Last updated: June 2, 2021

GPS technology was once an advanced feature in fleet management software. However, today, it has become an integral aspect of a fleet management system. In recent times, operations of eCommerce and courier services need to be streamlined to achieve faster delivery.

Primarily, fleet management software optimizes fleet activities, increases frontiers of security, controls fuel expenses, and other overhead costs. When all of the above is achieved, transportation businesses can improve their management, organization, and coordination of their vehicles through a single centralized platform.

The benefits of vehicle tracking software are manifold; however, the first fold to it is the precise tracking of fleets. Given the optimized business processes that fleet management software enables, a report by Fortune Business Insights foresees robust demand for fleet management software, with anticipated sales at a CAGR of 16.52% during 2015-2026.

With robust growth in demand, numerous software development companies have come to the fore to develop cutting-edge GPS tracking software for accurate fleet management. However, the dilemma is to select the best one out of these.

If you too are at the suffering end of this dilemma, we have a compiled list of the best fleet management and GPS tracking software that would change the facet of the transportation business in 2021.

List of the Best Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software

1. SuperProcure

Incubated by IIM Calcutta, SuperProcure develops cloud-based fleet management software, especially for distribution and manufacturing companies.

The lightweight interface hosts features such as tech-driven procurement, billing and accounting, vendor management, data trends, reduced logistics spend, reduced placement failure, multiple locations, and transparent operations. You can automate key business processes that include floating requirements, taking quotes, and allocation of daily dispatch.

Currently, the shipping software is available on the following platforms:

  • Desktop Platforms: Web App
  • Mobile Platforms: Android

You can request a free demo based on the number of vehicles and total trips per month.

2. Fleetio

Usually, when it comes to opting for transportation management software, fleet size plays an important role. However, Fleetio offers fleet management software irrespective of the size of the fleet.

Top features integrated into fleet maintenance software include vehicle information, vehicle tracking, parts management, maintenance tracking, maintenance scheduling, inspection management, GPS integration, fuel management, work-order management, and inventory management.

In addition to this, the system also offers fuel card automation and integration with telematics solutions to provide automated odometer updates.

The fleet management software is available for the following platforms:

  • Desktop Platforms: Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Platforms: Android


3. MyGeoTab

Top users of MyGeoTab are SMEs and Agencies. MyGeoTab offers end-to-end fleet management solutions for the Web App.

Below are the key technologies integrated into fleet management software:

Key features of this vehicle tracking system are incident reporting, tire management, maintenance scheduling, driver management, employee management, cost tracking, routing, inspection management, dispatch management, work-order management, vehicle information, mileage tracking, fuel management, scheduling, and inventory management.

By numbers, there are nearly 2,000,000+ telematics devices in operation with about 40 Bn+ data points daily. The fleet management solution enables a transportation company to meet its productivity, optimization, security, safety, sustainability, compliance, and expandability.

Below are the following platforms compatible with the software:

  • Desktop Platforms: Mac and Windows
  • Mobile Platforms: Android


Looking for Fleet Management Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best fleet management software.

4. Track Your Truck

Track Your Truck is beneficial for dispatchers that are responsible for vehicle destinations, business owners that seek complete operational control, managers managing the on-time performance of the fleet, and crisis management team.

Some of the top features offered by Track Your Truck include mapping, reports, fleet administration, data integration, control fuel waste, ELD compliance, map relay, real-time alerts, routing, stop speeding, driver ID, eliminate bad driving, real-time GPS tracking, smart tracking, and truck activity reporting.

Pricing for a tracking service starts at as low as USD 19.99 a month, along with radical customer support.

The following are the platforms offered by fleet management software:

Mobile Platforms: iOS and Android

5. TransTrack

TransTrack offers a highly automated transportation management system to enable effective fleet maintenance and tracking. The system optimizes the management, distribution, and tracking of the fleet in real-time, using GPS.

Key features provided by the fleet management system include carrier management, vehicle tracking, fuel management, scheduling, equipment management, emergency dispatch, routing, driver management, order management, customer database, quotes/estimates, mileage tracking, dispatch management, billing and invoicing, and transport and fleet management.

Top users of TransTrack include freelancers, enterprises, agencies, SMEs, and startups.

The company offers the software in the form of Web App.


6. Traxroot-Fleet

The fleet management solution by Traxroot- Fleet has been developed for startups, enterprises, SMEs, and agencies. The company offers cloud-based deployment, which means all the important data is stored in the cloud.

If you are wondering about the speciality of the shipping system, the software offers maintenance management, mileage tracking, dispatch management, VIN Lookup, incident reporting, inspection management, employee management, GPS tracking, routing, fuel management, and inventory management.

The company offers two products: Traxroot fleet to manage your fleet and Traxroot field to manage your workforce.

Below are platforms compatible with the GPS tracking system:

  • Desktop Platforms: Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Platforms: Android


7. Fleetx

A good fleet management software does not only increase the productivity of the current lot of the transportation system; it also prompts the action about the futuristic process and system.

Fleetx is one of the best service providers of the fleet management system that offers real-time data and actionable insights to the users by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Some of the top features offered by fleetx include document management, transportation management, fuel management, invoice management, preventive management, driver ETA, dispatch monitoring, fuel cost management, drag and drop scheduling, Trip logs, violation tracking, mileage tracking, vehicle tracking, incident reporting, performance metrics, repair tracking, etc.

One of the USP of the transportation management system is that it has taken care of the Indian audience with its bilingual language support—Hindi and English.

The software is compatible with the following platforms:

  • Desktop Platforms: Windows and Web App
  • Mobile Platforms: Android


Wrapping it up

Now that we have reviewed seven different fleet management and GPS tracking software along with their features and compatibility, do you think you have a clear idea about which solution to choose?

If you look closely, most of the features that these companies offer can be used for the development of a taxi booking app. So, another way of getting a viable fleet management solution is to consult a taxi booking app development company and ask them to customize a solution as per your business’ need.

What are the features that you need for your transportation business?

Leave comments below and let us know so that we can connect you to a reliable fleet management software development company.

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading Taxi dispatch software. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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