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The healthcare industry has seen a whopping growth in the past few years. With more people getting admitted for various treatments, it has become imperative for hospitals to have a centralized hospital management system in place to take care of patient registrations, treatments, billings, medication, and rooms. Among all this, bed allocation for patients becomes quite tasking when the hospital is a multi-specialty center. There are several software available in the market for hospital bed management which helps manage the bed allocation and serve patients in a better way.

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Below are the few Hospital Bed management system that can be used to have a good system in place for bed management:

Top Hospital Bed Management Software

1. IMS Maxims


This hospital bed management software eases the task of bed assignment and transfer. Right from the patient’s admission to a hospital, till the discharge, one can get all the details about the patient. With a graphical representation of wards and a list of the beds, it becomes easy for the bed management staff to carry out the bed allocation process. Information is updated in real-time, with separate color codes for bed availability and the estimated time for patient discharge. This helps the staff in getting away from the manual counting process. The management can know the status of the beds which are classified on the basis of location, treatment, and type.

It also helps in generating alerts as per the allergies or medicine reactions that the patient might have. This helps the staff in taking control of the situation quickly in case of emergencies.

2. Acgil


This bed management software helps in getting the record of hospital bed status. With various information regarding the bed occupancies, this software aids the healthcare centers in optimizing bed management. With a detailed report on the occupancy of beds in each ward, it helps the management in reducing the bed turnover time.

It also helps in knowing the revenue generation for each bed. The hospital management staff can carry out the task of ward maintenance and clean with the help of this software by creating schedules for the same.

3. Central Square

central square

With the help of the predictive analysis method, this bed management software empowers the hospital management team to serve the patients in a better way. There are decision support tools in the software which enables the staff to predict and decide on the management of the beds in various wards so that empty beds don’t go unnoticed.

The hospital staff gets the details of each patient in the software itself which eases the tasks of doctors and nurses. This also helps in keeping a track of each patient’s treatment and health condition thereby resulting in patient satisfaction regarding hospital services.

4. Advanced Data System Corporation


With real-time data containing the status of each bed in the healthcare center, this software helps the medical staff in tracking and allotting beds. Information regarding the beds can be stored in the form of its size, type, and location of the bed. One can also store the details of patients.

Patients don’t have to wait longer to get admitted as the staff now has the details of bed availability at a few clicks. The process of patient admission and discharge is made less overwhelming. It also provides an automatic calculation of the patient’s bill stored bed-wise.

5. Uniwide


This healthcare management software helps to minimize the efforts and maximizing the efficiency of medical staff. With various features to support the admission process of patients, know bed availability status and real-time data of all the resources, it eases the hospital management system thereby serving better.

6. Cognosys


This is a secure cloud-based hospital bed management system. One can access all the details of patients and resource availability in hospitals from anywhere at any time. Right from the patient’s admission to calculating your profit after the patient’s discharge, everything is accessible through electronic reports generated.

The hospital management can track the records of each patient and retrieve any information needed without much hassle. It has easy to use features and requires very little maintenance.

7. Hospital Run


This is a free hospital bed management software that has been developed with an aim to empower and encourage the least resourced areas in the world, improving the healthcare facilities. It comes with a special feature of running it even in offline mode. The data about patients can be collected and stored locally when there is no internet connection. This data can then be updated in the system database once there is network availability.

It has an intuitive interface that aids in improving the overall experience of use by the medical staff and contributors. This open-source software helps in taking good care of patients through optimized healthcare management.

8. Blueberry Health

Hospital Bed Management Software

Blueberry Health is a web-based hospital bed management system that enables staff managers to manage beds — from admission to discharge. Using the software, you can easily handle bed requests and transfers.

Besides, the organization aims towards enhancing the patient journey by working closely with healthcare professionals. 

The software provides you real-time status reports on bed occupancy to efficiently monitor and manage patient flow through the hospital. In fact, the system seamlessly integrates with other solutions so that it eliminates the chances of duplicate data entry. 

In short, it helps improves staff efficiency by saving time and management to meet hospital performance targets.

9. Wise Bed Manager

Hospital Bed Management Software

Wise Bed Manager is one of the best hospital bed management software that aims to drastically improve patient care. It enables you to efficiently manage beds so that it results in more patients admissions and less number of surgery cancellation due to insufficient beds. 

The system increases the higher usage efficiency of beds by monitoring every single bed in the hospital. Wise Bed Manager is the result of e-health experts who have great expertise in software usability in hospitals. 

Besides, the software is quite easy to use and has an intuitive interface so that every staff can run the system without any difficulty. 

10. Patient Focus System

Hospital Bed Management Software

Patient Focus System offers a flexible and robust hospital bed management software. The software aims to increase efficiency by automating bed management. For starters, it eliminates the need for placing calls between departments to check the availability of beds. 

You can have a real-time patient and bed visibility on the system to serve your patients faster and better. 

The software provides full information about beds — whether they are dirty, clean, or placed in which room. In fact, the system automatically assigns the cleaning tasks for dirty mattresses, and also tell you when the bed will be ready. 


Save time and resources by using the right hospital bed management software that best suits your organization’s requirements. With a good hospital management system in place, you can make a difference by having an efficient hospital system that serves better and generates more revenue due to organized operations.

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