The Best House Design Software to Help You Create Your Dream House

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Last updated: September 16, 2021

Have you ever wanted to build your own dream house from scratch? Unfortunately, not everyone would get the luxury to do so, and for many, it can just be a pipe dream. However, there is a growing trend of existing homeowners or those wanting to get on the property ladder that are building their own homes.

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Create Your Dream House

Whilst the cost of creating your dream home can be a costly one, there are plenty of tools and software out there that can help. Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or simply renovating a space in a property that already exists, here are some of the best house design software available.

1. Foyr Neo:

Foyr Neo is one of the most visually stunning pieces of software that you’ll likely come across when choosing a house design software. Its ability to help you design a space and create a 3D snapshot of how the end result will look is something that can save you a lot of heartache and hassle.

When creating your dream house, you might have certain visions of how it will look. Whether it’s a specific room or the entire property, using a tool like Foyr Neo can help anyone find clarity in their ideas. It can be useful to bring your ideas to life through pre-modeled products and AI-assisted features that can help you drag and drop furniture to your heart’s content.

Foyr Neo

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The best bit about this piece of software is that you need very little experience, if any, to use it effectively. With a wealth of features at your fingertips, Foyr Neo can be the blank canvas for your home’s interior design.

Foyr Neo is built for a variety of customers in mind, whether it’s a personal project or you need the tool for your interior design team as a business. Prices range from $49 per month to $149, depending on your requirements.

2. SmartDraw:

For those that need more guidance when it comes to floor planning, SmartDraw is one of the most powerful tools that you can find. Like many of the others on this list, the software is user-friendly and accessible to anyone and everyone that needs it. From amateur DIYers to advanced designers, SmartDraw can help craft an assortment of templates and floor plans for your property needs.

Whilst being able to offer a plethora of furniture, building materials, etc., it can provide a very simple vision of the property you’re trying to create or renovate. The tool itself can be used as a reference point to all those involved with the project, including any laborers that you outsource. With a clear floor plan, there’s less room for error and everyone will hopefully stay on the same page!


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The tool is free for the first seven days and at that point, you’ll want to upgrade to the premium pricing in order to utilize the software to the fullest.

3. HomeStyler:

With US adults spending an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes on their smartphone every day, not all home design software are flexible to work via a mobile phone. However, with Homestyler, it’s the perfect app for when you want to create designs on the go.

Not every individual who is creating their dream home has the time to spend at their desk and so an app is a great way to avoid delays in the project.

With HomeStyler, you can take a photo of your space and use this as the starting point for your renovation. An empty space can work great with this app so that you can add wall colors and furnish the space in its entirety. The app can help you simplify the process when it comes to visualizing the end result. The realistic models of home decor can be positioned into your space to give you an accurate viewpoint of how it will all look.


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One of the great benefits to using this app is that other users post their own creations for inspiration, so certainly worthwhile to try out. The cherry on top is that the app is free for all iOS and Android device users.

4. SketchUp:

Whilst it may appear to be a little more basic upon first glance, don’t let SketchUp fool you. This is an extremely extre comprehensive 3D design software that’s free to use for those who are creating projects for the home. They do have a pro version, though, that’s better suited for professionals.

With this software, you have a home design tool that’s immersive and can almost feel like you’re stepping into the property itself. What makes this one of the most popular in-house design software is that like the others, it’s flexible and easy enough to use.


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Regardless of the project size, SketchUp can be helpful whether you’re designing an outdoor building in your backyard to an extension on your home. The software provides the opportunity for collaboration and the ability to share it with the world if that were something you wanted to do.

This 3D modeling software can offer every homeowner what they need to design a space that they’ll fall in love with. It’s as easy to create as you would when drawing with a pen and paper.

5. HomeByMe:

HomeByMe is worthy of mention when it comes to home design tools and software. It’s another freebie that is perfect for those who don’t fancy spending any money on more complex and advanced software.

It’s also a good one for those who are looking to furnish their spaces with the exact home decor that they pick from HomeByMe’s extensive catalog. This can be helpful to save time and to get exactly what you want when furnishing your home. Whilst other software can give you a more realistic and life-like visual, this software helps you connect with the brands that will help your home’s interior design.


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You can switch from 2D to 3D with this software and you can take inspiration from the community of users who share their own designs via HomeByMe’s website.

6. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design:

If you’ve already got a keen interest in house design software, then chances are you’ve heard about Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design before. It’s one of the best home design apps, and its updates to the software make it bigger and better.

Although a bit more expensive to purchase than others, it has plenty of extra features that may be lacking in the other ones mentioned on this list. Pick from a large library of objects both for the interior and exterior of your home. It also helps with your exterior landscaping and decking requirements, a great addition to the software.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

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It’s an elevated house design software that can do a lot for those who are willing to spend a little money to give it a go. However, it’s worthwhile due to all of the fantastic features it has. You can expect to pay anywhere between $49.99-$99.99 for the software.

7. RoomSketcher:

Described as one of the easiest in-home design software to use, RoomSketcher is simple in its functions and can provide a great visual of the space you’re designing. Some of its perks are that it offers great drawing tools, and it also has branded items like HomeByMe, that you can use in the space and purchase for your property project.

From simple floor plans to 3D visualizations, RoomSketcher is a great software to help guide you through the various stages when it comes to creating a room from scratch or renovating it for a much-needed update.


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The only downside to using RoomSketch is that the software is limited in what it provides with the free version. In order to get more access, you’ll need to pay the $49.99 annual plan and additional credits on top in order to create more floor plans. It’s a downside that might put a lot of people off, but you may find enough use from using the free version that’s available.

8. Space Designer 3D:

For those obsessed with the cloud, Space Designer 3D is a cloud lover’s dream when it comes to floor planning applications. It helps to create professional and architectural spaces whilst also giving you the option to share them online if necessary.

Whilst it may be a great one for those in a professional capacity, it is a step up for those who are wanting more depth and clarity when creating their dream house. It’s an installed application that can work from any browser and is accessible from any device connected to the internet.

Space Designer 3D

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The tools included can help create everything from walls to floors and even roofs. It’s the perfect software for those who may have a bigger renovation project on their hands or starting from bricks and mortar.

Once created, the models can be walked through in real-time, giving the user a real-life perspective of how the space functions. 

How can house design software be beneficial for your project?

There are many benefits that can come from using a house design software, so if you need more convincing, then here are just a few.

1. It cuts down costs:

A home renovation or building your dream home from scratch can be an expensive project, and so using house design software can help cut down those costs to help avoid overspending and having debt.

A project on your home shouldn’t be something that spirals you into debt and so it’s useful to help estimate costs and ensure the money spent is what was originally intended. It’s very easy to overspend when it comes to projects on the home.

Being conscious of your budget when renovating or building property is essential because it ensures all the purchases you anticipated are made. According to Houzz, the average renovation project can cost around $13,000. That’s a lot of money to spend for most people, so it’s useful to find ways of cutting costs.

2. Great for sharing with others:

Being able to share your ideas can really help to find inspiration when you might be lacking it. It’s why house design software is loved by so many design companies and teams that need something collaborative to work on.

With your visual creations, you can share these with anyone you’re working with on the project or simply with friends and family for suggestions. Sometimes, it’s great to have more eyes on what you’ve created in order to spot the potential for something better.

3. Fewer mistakes are likely to be made:

Doing work on a property of any shape or size is going to experience some delays along the line. You could plan everything right down to the finest of details, but mistakes will be made.

However, a design software can help iron out all those potential issues, and hopefully, fewer things will go wrong in the process, by having it to hand. Exchange these floor plans and interior design visuals to those working on the project to ensure maximum efficiency with everything the project involves.

4. Guaranteed satisfaction with the end result:

When you’re spending all that money on your home, it’s heartbreaking when you find that the end result isn’t what you expected it to be.

Using software like any of the ones mentioned above can help create an almost perfect vision of what the space or property will look like once it’s completed. It helps guarantee that what you set out to do will look similar or, if not, exactly how you planned it.

Give these house design software a go!

There are some jaw-dropping home design software available, whether you have a limited budget and need a free tool, to those who are sparing no expense. Take a look at each of the software options mentioned, and be sure to give all of them a go in order to find what works best for you and your property project.

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