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We need to first understand what Asset Management is. In IT asset management, keeping track of all the devices, phones, tablets, and computers that the company owned came under the title of Asset Management or Asset Discovery. Businesses today have virtual assets to manage that include servers, storage spaces, multi-channeled networks, etc. Earlier all this was managed by complex excel spreadsheets and everything was managed manually. Keeping a tab of the entire active and the inactive assets on virtual elements is tough via maintaining through spreadsheets.

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Asset Discovery tools primarily involve keeping a tab on the active and the inactive elements present on the network. With so many networks spread across different networks, managed over the cloud and virtual machines, there are blind spots in the network structure that don’t come under the coverage of Asset Management.

Top IT Asset Discovery Tools to Watch Out

Let us look at some of the best Asset Discovery tools available in the market that can help ease the work of having to closely monitor the virtual and on-site assets.

1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Asset discovery tools

Considered to be one of the best IT asset discovery software tool in the market, the Network performance monitor produces a map of the assets linked on the network which gives us a clear idea on how the equipment are on the network. This also includes remote sites and cloud-based services and wifi systems. When you add, update or remove a piece of the network component, the map automatically gets updated. SolarWinds is one of the best monitoring and asset management tool available in the market with multiple options available including a comprehensive monitoring system that gives a complete idea of how the network is behaving.

Pricing: This IT asset discovery software has a 30 Day free trial period and thereafter you can choose from a variety of packages depending upon the number of users to be added to the system. Billing and invoicing are done monthly. Packages can be customized and so payment is done accordingly.

2. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Asset Discovery Tools

PRTG Network is the next best IT asset discovery software with a combination of device monitor, traffic analyzer and server status manager. It keeps a track of the network health and performance of even the supporting devices. The good thing is that there is no need to set up any phase manually. Pretty much most of the asset components install themselves and list all the devices and how they work together.

PRTG is a cloud service and can be installed on the premise. The network discovery process keeps you in the loop all the time and any problems arising on any part of the network at any time will be prompted immediately. Alerts are customizable too.

Pricing: You can check out different packages but you can start with 30 Day free trial. There are different packages from 1600$ with 5 sensors and 1 server installation to 60000$ with unlimited sensors and 5 server installations.

3. ManageEngine OpManager

Asset Discovery Tools

ManageEngine OpManager is vast network management and IT Asset Discovery software that primarily includes a network auto-discovery module. The system scans the network during installation and keeps periodically running a check on the equipment. Maps can be viewed in different formats and they include Layer 2 maps and maps and all equipment in straight lines representing the links between them as it is a robust asset discovery software.

You can even have a 3D view of the premise. SNMP methodology is used and the system allows to alert conditions to the controller in order to keep updated of the statuses of all network devices. Constant monitoring catches any updates or changes in the inventory of the network and maps are updated regularly and automatically.

Pricing: OpManager is available for Linux and Windows environments. There is a free trial version that you can use to understand and then you can upgrade to the Standard, Professional, or Enterprise editions – starting from $245 for 10 devices, $345 for 10 devices, or $11,545 for 250 devices respectively.

4. Nagios XI

Asset Discovery Tools

There are two kinds of Nagios Asset inventory Discovery tools – Nagios Core and Nagios XI. The Nagios XI should be the tool to consider. It includes an auto-discovery module that maps all the networks and compiles the inventory list. The mapping feature of Nagios XI is extremely useful because it replays all of the network activity, showing traffic levels. You will be able to reviews periods of network congestion and also for bottlenecks. It is a great tool for examining network weaknesses and analyze what has happened.

Nagios XI runs on CentOS or Redhat Enterprise Linux version 6 or 7.

Pricing: You can get a free trial but there are two packages – Standard package starting from $1995 and enterprise package starting from $3495.

5. Cacti

Asset Discovery Tools

Cacti is a simple IT Asset Discovery Software tool and it uses SNMP protocol to monitor devices on a network. It has a built-in SNMP methodology that is a great Network Asset discovery tool. The polling process is issued periodically which means that the equipment list keeps getting updated constantly. If you add, update or remove the device, the changes get registered in the inventory automatically.

Cacti is a free, open-source tool and provides a front-end to back-end data gathering tools called the RDDTools. So, when you install the package, you need to install both, the Cacti and RDDTools package.

Cacti and RDDTools can be installed on Windows as well as Linux, UNIX.

Pricing: There is no cost involved for this IT Asset Discovery Software as it’s a free tool.

6. Zenmap

Asset Discovery Tools

As an IT Asset discovery software, Zenmap serves as a graphical front end to Nmap. While Nmap is a security auditing tool, it is also used for Network scanning. All the details of individual nodes like OS, manufacturer, device type, IPs, addresses, hostnames, the status of ports on the device, etc. are scanned and kept updated. Zenmap interface is basic and doesn’t have the monitoring capabilities.

It also installs on Windows, Linux, BSD, UNIX and Mac OS.

 Pricing: No cost involved in getting Zenmap configured.

7. Spiceworks

Asset Discovery Tools

The software runs on Debian and Ubuntu, Linux, and also on Windows and macOS. Spiceworks network and asset discovery tool runs a search on the system and logs all the equipment connected on the network. It registers an individual piece of equipment and gives operational details of each device.

Inventory keeps all the software assets up-to-date and upgrades when the latest patches are available. You will also be able to see when applications are overloading the network and point out service bottlenecks.

You can even print out the reports of the inventory system that lists devices by type of usage. Server details also cover information like disc volume, usage, memory availability, CPU usage, etc.

Pricing: All products are free – no limits, feature upgrades or cost.

8. NetBrain

Asset Discovery Tools

NetBrain has an efficient network and asset discovery tool wherein the software can be accessed online but it also penetrated the network to build an inventory of all active devices. IP address of a key router is entered on the network and NetBrain crawls around from there to record regarding all network devices. In the next phase, a network map is automatically created and the map provides interface for other functions on the available network.

The IT Asset Discovery software’s Process automation helps to set up scripts to operate when triggered as per certain conditions. These are called “runbooks”. These workflows collect data and analyze routines and they also include software updates. The analysis function enables to the record of any spot intrusion and removing sub-nets where required.

Pricing: You can have a sample with the 14-day free trial.

9. Application manager

Asset Discovery Tools

Application manager is considered to be one of the most favored, yet dynamic Asset Management Software available in the market. Of the so many features available, some of the key features include Anomaly detection, great understanding of Fault Management with Root Cause Analysis, expansion of up to 50000 servers, dynamic availability, Rest APIs and mobile client. Being an asset discovery tool, the tool offers robust monitoring over 100 key performance indicators, resource availability, response time, CPU / memory utilization. The asset software tool also provides reports and real-time updates on the current status and is considered to be one of the finest asset management software.

Pricing: You can download a free trial version of it for 30 days. Billing and Pricing is customized and can be bought in Annual subscription model or a one-time license fee and maintenance.

10. Intermapper

Asset Discovery Tools

Intermapper is a product of HelpSystems and is a great asset discovery software that can be used by Windows and Linux equally. There is an auto-discovery module that enlists all hardware and creates a map of the system. The Discovery process automatically reflects the inventory and if there are any changes on the network, it gets reflected on the network maps included in the utility.

Intermapper relies on SNMP and constant monitoring is an integrated part of the process.

Pricing: Intermapper is available per subscription but there is a free version with monitoring and mapping for only 10 devices. There is also a 30-day free trial version

11. InvGate Insight

InvGate Insight

InvGate Insight creates a unified inventory of all network-connected IT assets – across workstations and servers, network appliances, mobile devices, cloud instances, and IoT devices – by automatically detecting them through different methods, including agents reporting, network scanning with SNMP and other protocols, web services integrations, etc. The automatic update loop allows any changes made to the detected assets to be reflected in the inventory, making it easy to keep track of the entire IT infrastructure.

Insight is available both as a cloud service or as an on-premise installation. Its capabilities include a CMDB builder, health monitoring through smart tags, It security and compliance, contract management, and many other features to help gain better control and visibility over the IT ecosystem.

Pricing: Invgate Insight has a 30 day free trial period. Quotes are tailored to the business needs and it’s available in annual subscriptions.

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