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At the time of online shopping, customers want to ask questions and seek answers to their questions promptly. And if they don’t get a quick response, then they abandon shopping. The purpose of a live chat plugin is to help website owners answer the customer’s questions instantly. Live chat plugins work perfectly on a WordPress website.

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Why is it advised to add live chat support on a particular website?

Live chat is quite famous and can satisfy the consumer. Live chat plugins or software have a significant impact on marketing. It helps consumers get instant answers and if the customer would get an immediate response, then the chances of him or her leaving your website would decrease. A definite live chat answer also molds the customer’s buying decision.

Another advantage of adding live chat support is that it can reduce cart abandonment and would increase your sales. But a lot of things also depend upon the type of live chat software you use. A poor live chat plugin may also create false impressions of your website. You may lose your customers and, thus, sales and revenue.  Plus, poor live chat support may ask you to pay more for their service. If you want to increase sales, then all you need to do is find budget-friendly and powerful live chat software. Here is a list of top plugins that would prove to be useful for you.

Top 12 Live Chat Plugins for Business

1. Freshchat

FreshchatFreshchat is an excellent live chat support service with various attractive features. It is specially designed to be a messenger app. This software allows you to have meaningful conversations with your customers using AI-powered bots.

This live chat plugin also offers app campaigns, timeline views, live profiles, and customizable bots for communication.  It provides a free live chat support service for ten members at one time. Its paid plan starts with $15 per user per month. The paid program of Freshchat begins with $15 per user per month and is billed annually.

Install Freshchat

2. Olark

OlarkOlark is a quite famous live chat support tool that is specially designed for small businesses. You can comfortably use this software, and it can also be easily added to your WordPress site because it is quite simple.

Just like any other live chat plugin Olark comes in integration with other services such as Zendesk, Highrise, and Salesforce. You can also connect Olark with third-party mobile apps and it would help you chat with your customers on the go. This plugin offers a more straightforward pricing plan, which starts from $17 per user per month. They also provide a live chat support trial for 14 days.

Install Olark

3. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live LogoTidio Live Chat app is an online tool dedicated to small and medium businesses. It helps you connect with your customers instantly and address their number one need – an immediate query response. With Tidio Live Chat, you give your consumers the fastest and most effective form of communication: real-time chat.

The tool will help you nurture leads, automate tasks, and reduce the amount of time it takes to communicate with visitors. You can easily integrate the tool and widget with a great number of CRM, eCommerce, and email marketing platforms.

Tidio offers a forever-free version with essential live chat, chatbots, and email marketing features. If you want to use advanced live chat features, you need to upgrade your plan to Communicator, Chatbots, or Mailing.

Install Tidio 

4. LiveChat

Live chatLiveChat is the most prominent one in live chat software. It is quite easy to install and set up in WordPress. This software offers attractively designed live chat support apps that can be used in mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. It means you can chat with your consumers whenever you want. This software also allows you to add survey forms that can be provided to the customers after the chat session. It also integrates with many services like Zendesk, Google Analytics, CRM software, Email marketing software, and much more. The most attractive feature of LiveChat is its speed.

It works on all devices and can be loaded very fast. Live chat also has different plans for different businesses. The starter plan starts with $16 per month and each program provides a 14 days free trial.

Install LiveChat

5. SendinBlue


SendinBlue is a beginner-friendly live chat software with attractive features. This live chat plugin or software also helps you answer queries of your audience and can change your audience into paying customers.

SendinBlue also offers a complete marketing package with email marketing, CRM, and SMS. This software comes with built-in email marketing integration and marketing automation. Just like other live chat plugins, SendinBlue comes with various pricing plans. And the premium plan starts with $66 per month.

6. LiveAgent

live agentLiveAgent is a popular and leading omnichannel live chat and help desk software. It offers many features, such as live chat, call center, time tracking, and email ticketing. Using LiveAgent can prove to be quite beneficial if you don’t have a support desk system because it’s an all in one platform and can make things easier for you.

Just like other live chat plugins, it also integrates with email marketing services and CRM. Moreover, it offers seamless integrations with all the popular website builders including WordPress. The paid plans for Liveagent starts at $14 per month per agent. It is one of the few budget-friendly live chat plugins.

7. Intercom

intercom An intercom is a flexible software that can help you engage your audience and can enhance your conversion. This live chat plugin provides messaging services with live chat widgets. Using this, you can automate your flows and engage your customers.

It is not only a live chat support software but is more than that. Intercom can also be used as a support tool, onboarding tool, user-engagement tool, and marketing automation.

In case you are looking for only a live chat software, then you wouldn’t succeed in completely utilizing live chat potential. But if you want your plugin or live chat support to do all the tasks mentioned above, then you would love this software. The starter plan of intercom starts at $87 per month. This budget can be a little expensive for small businesses.

Install Intercom

8. Chaport

chaportIn case you are seeking free live chat support software, then Chaport can be quite a good option for you. Chaport provides free access to unlimited chats and notifications. Moreover, you can chat with up to 5 operators online together.

Chaport covers all the requirements and provides live chat support apps for mobile devices. Third-party integration through Zapier is also possible in Chaport. Though it’s free, it also has a pro plan with more features.

Install Chaport

9. LivePerson

live personLive Person is a powerful live chat support software that has become quite popular in today’s scenario, and you can try this out if you want to boost sales. This plugin helps interact with your audience through it on your website and also through other social platforms.

You can even use LivePerson for the creation of automated conversation flows though this software can also be used for small businesses but is targeted towards medium or large companies.

10. Smartsupp

smartsuppSmartsupp is another popular and budget-friendly live chat support software that helps website owners track their audience and record how much time a visitor stays on their website. It also helps website owners watch how potential customers use their website and what is preventing them from making a purchase.

This live chat plugin also allows you to track chat conversations in Google Analytics. This popular plugin works with many popular eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WordPress. Though it’s free, the paid plan of Smartsupp starts at $8 per month, which is also affordable.

Install Smartsupp

11. Pure Chat

purechatJust like Chaport, Pure Chat is a free live chat software that can prove to be a good alternative for you. Pure Chat helps you to add beautiful live chat widgets to your website easily.

It allows you to add three to four operators at one time. Pure Chat also comes with a few mobile applications which help website owners engage with their customers. The paid plan of Pure Chat starts with $79 per month and must be billed annually.

Install Pure Chat

12. Drift

driftDrift is another powerful conversational marketing platform that combines live chat with an automated chatbot. The purpose of Drift is to save the time of the website owner and boost their sale.

It has many attractive features which would help you convert website visitors into sales leads. Drift integrates with many popular marketing services, such as email marketing services and CRM. Though it has many attractive features, it can be a little expensive for small businesses. The standard plan for Drift starts at $50 per month. But for the Pro plan, you may need to pay up to $500 per month.

Install Drift


Picking the best Live Chat Plugin for your business can be quite a tough task for non-technical people. However, a little bit of awareness can go a long way towards helping you choose a suitable Live Chat System.

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