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With the rise of eLearning in the last few years, learning management systems (LMS) have become a part of the lives of a lot of students and employees. eLearning enables educational institutions and companies to provide customized, accessible, and flexible learning to students. Learning Management Systems have enabled institutions to host online courses, conduct assessments, track student performance, and more.

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The global LMS market is expected to grow to 28.1 billion dollars by 2025. Notably, the eLearning industry has been growing steadily in Australia, leading to higher acceptance of LMS. (Source – globenewswire)

List of 11 Best LMS Software in Australia

1. Blackboard


Blackboard is one of the leading LMS in Australia. It offers you with a modern, intuitive, responsive interface for an enhanced learning experience. The system helps students to learn efficiently with simple and powerful tools and workflows that provide actionable insights.

Blackboard enables you to extend the functionality with the Blackboard Building Blocks plug-in library. Features like collaboration, intelligence, connect, and social media manager makes Blackboard one of the best LMS alternatives in the market.

2. Edmodo


Edmodo LMS has focused on K-12 education, instead of serving corporates or higher education institutes. Edmodo provides you with blended learning options, thereby, complementing conventional classes. 

With a Facebook-like interface, Edmodo offers features like feed, assignment centers, groups, and communities. Edmodo provides strong integrations for other K-12 School Information Systems, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office. All of these features have made Edmodo a part of this list of 11 best LMS software in Australia.

3. Moodle


Moodle is one of the best LMS in the world. As it has its origin in Australia, it is even more popular. With millions of users worldwide, Moodle is a solution used by corporates, K-12, and higher education institutes.

It is a free and open-source LMS. It offers you features like online course hosting, peer assessment, workshops, and Wiki forums. There are powerful features like progress tracking and report generation that you can use to give a better learning experience to your students. Even if you don’t have a computer, you can continue learning with Moodle Mobile. You can also add functionalities to Moodle with the comprehensive plugin directory.

4. Canvas LMS

canvas lms

Canvas LMS is designed to cater to the needs of K-12 and higher educational institutes. It gives you the ease of system access and industry-leading graphic designs. Along with this, Canvas offers a range of features like asynchronous learning, course authoring, and learner portals. 

There are functionalities, like mobile learning and integration with Facebook and Twitter, to enable social learning. These features make it one of the best LMS software in the market.

5. Empowered


Empowered is a popular LMS software in Australia. If you are a small and medium-size corporate or an enterprise, this LMS is a great alternative. 

The major strength of this LMS is its customizability. Empowered LMS provides you features like asynchronous learning, blended learning, and SCORM compliance. It comes ready with features that businesses find inevitable like eCommerce and video conferencing.

6. Docebo


Docebo is an LMS that is popular with mid to large size corporates. It is a flexible, modular solution, which helps companies conduct trainings for their employees and partners. Docebo offers you features like blended learning, course creation, and off-the-shelf course libraries. 

This LMS also helps you to set up specific learning plans, leverage gamification features, and use bulk operations. The mobile apps ensure accessibility to the learners of this LMS. Docebo also comes equipped with eCommerce functionality. This allows companies to make it available to external learners. Given its plethora of usage and integration features, it is one of the best LMS software in Australia.

7. Coassemble


Coassemble is one of the best LMS with a very high customer satisfaction score. Founded in Australia, its industry-leading user experience has ensured to find it a place on this list. It is a web and cloud-based learning management system.

Coassemble provides you with rich course authoring tools that help you to create courses and conduct tests. It equips you with a huge set of templates that can be used to develop study material. With learning pathways, Google and Microsoft integrations, and responsive interfaces, Coassemble is adding value to medium size teams in tech-based organizations.

8. LearnUpon


LearnUpon is a modern, cloud-based learning management system focused on the Australian market. It has become one of the best LMS software in Australia by ensuring ease of usage, transparency, mobility, and customer support. LearnUpon is your go-to alternative if you lack the resources and budget to customize an open-source LMS.

With quick and easy set-up, strong technical support, and well-researched UI – UX, LearnUpon is winning customer loyalty. It provides features like course management, blended learning, learning portals, and gamification to make your learning effective. It also boasts a strong set of reporting tools to help you track progress and carry out customization.

9. Schoology


Schoology is a highly used learning management system in Australia, catering to K-12 and higher education institutes. You can use features like granular role creation, sophisticated tests, and analytics-based insights with this LMS.

Schoology sets itself apart with mobile support and gamification features offered in its Facebook-like theme. It also provides API, LTI, and SIS integration to ensure smooth functioning with your existing applications. With App Center, Mastery, and School Analytics, Schoology LMS makes sure it delivers you the best learning experience.

10. Easy LMS

easy lms

Easy LMS is a novel learning management system, satisfying the needs of organizations of all sizes. It is one of the best LMS software in Australia with a user-friendly interface, and a value-for-money product.

Easy LMS lives up to its name with an easy-to-distribute and intuitive offering. You can create multimedia content-rich interactive courses and gamified experience for your learners. You can also white-label this LMS and personalize it with custom styling to create a personal experience for your students.

11. SAP Litmos

sap litmos

SAP Litmos is a popular cloud-based learning management system. It is developed with a focus on solving industry-specific needs. It is one of the best LMS software with enhanced security, scalability, and ease-of-use.

SAP Litmos provides features like course builder, feedback, checklists, and Instructor-Led-Trainings. It comes ready for corporate use with functionalities of eCommerce, corporate compliance, and certifications. These features make it one of the best alternatives for LMS systems for corporates.


The learning management systems mentioned above will enable you to provide the best learning experience to your students. Based on the size and nature of your organization and specific requirements, you can select the alternative that ensures the most effective education for the learners. 

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