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Last updated: August 7, 2019

Any business is completed by a series of processes that are interconnected finely and need a high degree of management so that everything runs smoothly, where there is no wastage of time and thus there is an increase in the overall efficiency of the business. All of this holds true for the pharmaceutical industry too! Thanks to all the new age technical advancement, the MR Reporting Software is a one-stop-solution to all the above-mentioned requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The MR Software or the medical records software is a comprehensive performance management system on which a major section of the Indian pharma industry relies today. From automation of data entries to give a holistic view of the sales force, from sales analysis to the management of a number of sections in the commercial sector, they aim at improving both the revenue and the relationship with a customer in business. Most of these software solutions are also simple to use, easy to install and user-friendly.

We give you a list of 7 top rated MR Software tools that are ruling the pharmaceutical market today!

List of Best Medical Records Software

1. CBO


CBO is one of the most user-friendly medical records software that is also cost-effective and flexible for Indian pharmaceutical companies. One of the prime advantages that the software has is that it can be integrated within Tally ERP 9. It is also possible to import and export the data from billing and inventory software.


  • Apart from sales analysis, the software helps to extract other data as well.
  • It is the most user-friendly software that is also simple to use.
  • CBO can be used for a variety of management purposes ranging from contact, appointment, document, records, and stock to inventory management!


  • At times, the software encounters problems that can waste a lot of time for any business.


The cost of the software varies as per the individual requirements. However, it is perfect for a business that has a small budget. You can also take a free trial of the software.

2. Ammras


Ammras forms the number one tool that aims at enhancing the sales productivity of pharmacy companies. The business team can focus on important, relevant data to make valuable decisions. Since all the other work is performed by these amazing medical records software, the workforce can concentrate on selling and generating revenue.


  • The latest technology used in the product makes it easy to use as well as implement in the business.
  • Ammras aims at enhancing the sales of your business and this is an absolute value for money.
  • The tool has several features that help to organize work, follow up every lead and thus makes the team much more productive.


  • The app can be unresponsive at times and might require reinstallation.


The 15 days trial run for the product is absolutely free! The pricing depends on the individual requirements of a business.

3. E-Techs MR Reporting Software


Let us start with the fact that it has won the Best Pharma Software 2015 Award which is a prestigious award in the category. E-Techs MR Reporting Software is known to improve the revenue of a business since it reduces the operating costs by a massive 80% and increases the effectiveness of sales force by 30%.


  • The medical records software makes accurate forecasting that helps to figure out prospective areas of future sales generation.
  • The above feature also directly affects the revenue, improves them and helps in realistic sales forecasting.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface and helps to save time, cost and paper.
  • The mobile application of the software will work even in the absence of the internet.


  • The software does not have satisfactory app support services, users of Windows and Blackberry can only rely on the desktop version of E-Techs Reporting Software.


The cost of the software is based on the individual requirements of a business. A free trial of this medical records software is available.

4. MrWebPlus


MrWebPlus is a flexible and cost-effective solution for the sales force of the pharma industry. Some of its key features include Sales Force Automation, MR information and the management of Inventory, Territory, Contact, Stock, Campaign, Records, Document and appointment management. It is simple to use, easy to maintain and increases profitability by empowering the teams.


  • It enables automation of data entry and thus saves time and effort of the team which in turn increases their efficiency.
  • With the use of this medical records software, the response time of the team reduces, improves their efficiency and results in better revenue and performance.


  • None so far.


The pricing of the software depends on the individual requirements of the business. A free trial of the software is available to the customers.

5. Medismo Pharmasoft


Medismo Pharmasoft is a comprehensive pharmaceutical software solutions provider that understands the pharmacy industry like the back of a hand. They have already developed several process automation solutions that are being currently used and trusted by the industries in India as well as abroad.


  • There are 6 different modules to choose from-e-sampling, e-detailing, mobile app, virtual knowledgebase among others.
  • The territory dashboard feature helps to give a holistic view of a particular territory.
  • Medismo Pharma CRM makes one better prepared and has better control of the calls, thus, making small meetings with the doctors more fruitful.
  • Medismo Pharma CRM helps in promoting primary sales and tracking secondary sales as well. The data is easily available at various levels.


  • The medical records software has been designed keeping in mind the needs of only the small and medium pharmaceutical businesses, the large ones are excluded from the race.


The pricing is based on the individual requirements of the business. A free trial of the software is available.

6. PRX Cloud

prx cloud

PRX Cloud is online based medical records software that is simple to use and aims at helping the sales force of a business to achieve goals, discover new opportunities and thus, achieve higher profits. Some of the key features of the software are sales force automation, online reporting, Expense statement and management of stock, inventory, contact, campaign, and records.


  • PRX Cloud is a simple-to-use software that does not require any specialization.
  • It is a territory-wise and hierarchy-wise, real-time system that works online.


  • There are no cons to using this software so far. It is a popular one among the customers.


The pricing of PRX Cloud will depend on the individual requirements of a business. The free trial of the software is also available.

7. Health.NET


Healh.Net is one of the most comprehensive and integrated medical records software. The software enables the management of medical practices and healthcare environment. Some of its key features are MIS Reports, Stock and Sales statements, Salesforce automation, online reporting and Inventory, Contact and Stock management apart from the management of records, documents, and campaign.


  • With Health.Net, you can say goodbye to troublesome and time-consuming methods of managing data.
  • Get personal assistance at the time of installation of the software.
  • All the different modules are in single software so you do not need multiple software applications to manage the business.
  • You have a choice to customize the software and build your own configuration.
  • It is an all-in-one solution where you pay for just what you need.


  • There have been no negative reviews of the software so far!


The pricing of the software will depend on the individual requirements of a business. The free trial of the software is available.

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