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Last updated: February 18, 2021

Multi level marketing is a pillar of network marketing that resolutely leverages the business in all the aspects. MLM is the latest trend, followed by companies because of its lucrative nature. The recent study conducted for the global MLM software market also affirmed that MLM software would extend in the coming years. It also asserted a plethora of merits for multi level marketing that dazzle the business in a good light.

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Many certified companies offer different MLM plans to various established enterprises and upcoming organizations. You can choose the compensation plans that are best suited for your business. It will help you strategize business plans for the latest. These plan provider companies can also equip you with free samples, and demos with custom MLM plans to configure their needs and demands accordingly.

15 Best MLM Plans to Watch Out

Let’s have a peek at the 15 best MLM plans that can profit your business extensively:

1. Binary MLM compensation plans

The binary compensation plan is the most popular and widely accepted plan by industries. It is beneficial for individuals and network marketers. It has a two-leg system concept where one is known as the left side or left leg, whereas the other is a right side or right leg. A person joining the network will either accommodate to the left or the right leg.

This equally distributed and oriented network forms a tree structure. This tree structure consists of two legs, power leg and profit leg. Power leg in the tree layout denotes to the plan in which an enrolled member recruits another member in the networking chain at a leaf position. This process continues substantially. Profit leg, on the other hands, is a process of joining network marketing for self-profit. It advances and maximizes the profit with the recruitment of more members.

2. Matrix MLM compensation plans 

This compensation plan is also known as Forced matrix plan or ladder plan. There is a fixed width, and depth matrix for the downline arranged. There is a limited number of members recruited for this process. Only three new members can qualify for width front and can earn benefits up to 5 levels. As the width is limited, so the upline has to drive more sales from the downline. It enables you to set the bonus level as per the MLM business compensation plans to entice more customers for purchases and diversify the network chain for more profitability.

3. Uni-level MLM compensation plans

It is the most basic MLM plan. It qualifies you to affiliate new candidates directly into the first line, i.e., you have direct control over the distributors. It enables you to recruit unlimited members to the front row and elongate the width. 

The multi-level marketing companies make this plan more fascinating by introducing rewards, incentives, or bonus after reaching a specific level of frontline depth. The distributors can draw striking results using this MLM plan. Recruiting a large number of members to the downline allows the distributor to earn impressive returns and profits. 

4. Straight-line MLM compensation plans

Its also recognized as monoline and linear compensation plan and has a fundamental concept of functioning. The structure of this plan is a downward string of users, one under the other, as the new candidates join in the chain extends gradually. These plans allow the current user to make profits from every new user.

The downline structure depends on the time stamp or first-come, first-serve basis. It signifies that the member joining the hierarchy first will avail more profit. It also allows rank based overrides and global & matching bonus pool distribution system.

5. Board MLM compensation plans

The companies also acknowledge the board plan as a Revolving Matrix Plan. In this plan, there are a group of affiliates working in a team known as the board. This board consists of several members permitted by the company’s regulatory protocols. Once the board is full, it splits to form a new board composed of excess members. 

All the members contain referrals, and MLM companies set the bar on the board.

The member who selects the plan authorizes the number of members recruiting on the board and members promoting to the next board. Every board can earn bonus and gain returns based on income plan arrangement.

6. Generation MLM compensation plans

You can also recognize the Generation plan as a Repurchase Plan or Gap Commission Plan. The policy of action for this technique depends on product selling. The affiliate has to sell the products to acquire bonuses and incentives on target achievement.

This plan is different and effective when compared to other modern marketing strategies

Companies that manufacture consumable products believe in media marketing. Whereas, this plan depends on mouth marketing or person to person marketing that gives this process a personal touch. The user also considers this plan as a motivational product selling MLM.

7. Party MLM compensation plan 

In party compensation plan, the endorsement and selling of products are through social events. It is a direct selling method where the marketing operates in ‘business in the party’ mode. This plan categorized under ‘multi level marketing’ and ‘single-level marketing’ as well.

The implementation of this plan is most straightforward among all the other methods. The host conducts a party where he invites all his family member, relatives, and friends. Then he displays, promotes, and sell the desired products to the guests.

8. Gift MLM compensation plan

This plan is renowned as a networking plan as it aids in crowd-funding and donation programs. Based explicitly on ‘give and take’ policy, it avails everyone involved in the process. In this, one networker helps another affiliate of other networks. In return, the others networkers facilitate the first networker to accomplish his result. 

There are specific protocols to accept, as well as to donate. These criteria vary from one enterprise to the other. These organizations set the limitation on the amount to grant. These limitations can extend by opting for the premium membership or attaining higher ranks.

9. Stair-step MLM compensation plan

The design of this plan relies on sales volume factor. The sales volumes of the individual, as well as the group, influence the entire chain. A target is set for the affiliates and downline members to achieve. Procurement of goal will avail incentives and bonuses to the members and affiliates, promoting them to the higher designation. It offers unlimited frontline, and if one can meet the target will advance to a certain level achieving breakaway.

10. Spillover Binary MLM compensation plan

Binary compensation plan only allowed two members in the downline. The sales rate depended on two downline members, and there was nothing you could do to improve the sales rate. Whereas, spillover binary gives an edge to the forced binary plan.

Spillover MLM plan allows you to add the third member to either side of the subtree. You can introduce the third member to the weaker side, ensuring maximum revenue. The astounding feature of this process makes the sponsors earn better returns with prompt business strategies.

11. Australian X up MLM compensation plan

This compensation plan helps the members to earn substantial benefits. The downline candidates can help the upper-level members to fetch dazzling benefits. If the downlines can drive maximum sales, then the sponsors can gain exclusive incentives and bonuses.

Here is how this plan works

  1. If any member X reaches the target, the sponsor earns the bonus.
  2. This member X should have at least four members under his rank.
  3. Out of these four candidates, the profit generated from the two active members will divert to the sponsor, and the bonus from the other two will reach their upline member X.
  4. It will offer fast bonus, rank upgradation bonus, and commission to all the active members in the MLM chain. 

12. EmGoldex MLM plan

This plan was introduced to fulfill the advertising needs. With this, it is easy to maximize sales volume. Here, the profit margin entirely depends on your downline being active. If one of the legs is inactive, then you won’t receive a hefty bonus or incentives.

Therefore, the plan makes the members more engrossed and active, and the proper guidance is necessary to maintain the flow of marketing model.

13. Australian binary MLM compensation plan

This plan is an abstract of a Binary compensation plan. If binary has two legs, the Australian program introduced the third leg to enhance the compensation structure. This extra leg allows for increasing the potential output. This plan is independent of members level, and you can acquire maximum benefits from it. 

The success of this plan banks on the network circle, secure multi level marketing software, support & services, proficiency in MLM. 

14. Hybrid MLM compensation plan

This plan beholds the characteristics of Binary compensation plan and a uni-level compensation plan. The structural alignment of this plan involves the entire team like a single unit. This plan does not have any supervisor to keep track of the whole chain. All the individuals work as a team to boost the revenue generation. It helps to improve the depth of the plan, and the incentives and bonus get divided among the entire network.

15. MMM global MLM plan

You can consider this plan as an extended version of the Gift and Donation plan. It comprises of two steps, i.e., ‘provide help’ and ‘get help.’ 

In ‘provide help’ the plan requests the system to transfer the funds. The user has to fix the transfer amount. A push notification enables that aids the user in filling the details and processing the transaction.

In the ‘Get help’ side, the fund gets received from the fund providers. Only those who provided help can request for ‘get help,’ and no other party can avail this feature. The help seeker has to update the details of the help providers so that in future if the provider needs help, he can request for the ‘Get help.’

Top MLM Software To Watch Out For

If chosen correctly, MLM software can bring a plethora of benefits to businesses. The use of direct selling software makes it easy to track earnings generated, resource utilization, and business growth. It leads to better and more accurate record-keeping with less time consumed. Besides offering integrated solutions that simplify multiple tasks,  they can also reduce operating costs by almost 50 percent. They can intuitively tell you about what your business needs in order to grow and create a roadway leading to organizational success.

Let us now take a look at the top Multi-level Marketing solutions available in the market that help in fortifying and expanding your business. Here is a list of the 5 top MLM software that are making some serious waves in today’s time:

1. MultiSoft

MarketPowerPRO by MultiSoft is a premium MLM solution designed to help both small and large network marketing companies. It allows you quickly add distributors to your system and offer a great shopping experience. With an inbuilt prospecting tool and modules like lead management and shipping management, this MLM tool ensures that the entire customer journey is a guided and rewarding experience. 

MarketPowerPRO is mobile-friendly and allows you to replicate distributor websites in seconds. It supports over 85 payment gateways, 82 currencies, and 32 global languages. At only $499 a month, MultiSoft offers training and guidance online, via webinars and documentation, as well as in person. The only ‘complaint’ that some customers have is that some functions are initially hard to find, which can probably be attributed to the software’s exhaustive and all-inclusive nature.

2. Ventaforce

With over two decades of experience in providing exceptional MLM services to clients in over 40 countries, Ventaforce has garnered widespread acclaim due to its versatility and range of features. The software covers all kinds of MLM plans and supports different languages and currencies, making it suitable for many industry types.

Ventaforce integrates seamlessly with third-party software and provides dedicated modules for online shopping, franchise, and inventory management. The solution is highly customizable and offers complete visibility of your business through real-time dashboards, alerts, and reports.

Though Ventaforce offers 24×7 support, the support can only be provided via email.  It can effectively maintain a database of over 100 million users and process their payments and commissions swiftly. The basic version of this enterprise MLM solution starts at USD 2200 per annum, which may differ based on the features you opt for.

3. Hybrid MLM

Another top-their online MLM software on this list is Hybrid MLM, which offers separate modules for e-commerce, content management, shipping management, lead generation, portfolio management, and survey management. You can use the software to manage multiple projects, streamline distribution, manage orders, and smoothly administer your business.

Hybrid MLM supports 21 international languages and offers assistance to clients via email and phone. It integrates with multiple payment gateways via plugins and offers event-based notifications. Perhaps the only weakness of this software is that it lacks training and ticket management options. The basic version of this software is available at a one-time payment of Rs. 57528 (USD 792).

4. Epixel MLM

Featuring one of the best MLM systems on this list, Epixel MLM offers customized solutions for all compensation plans. Besides providing a commission engine and back-office support for MLM and direct-selling companies, it provides a host of promotional tools, advanced distributor features, and business intelligence modules to facilitate seamless operations administration. It has also integrated recently with Blockchain technology and AI to make digital communications more effective.

Expixel features dedicated iOS and Android applications to help users access information on the go. Though it could be daunting to get your head around this cloud software initially, Epixel MLM includes features like member management, rank management, rank vesting, and report management, which helps businesses get a clearer picture of several complex tasks. It allows integration with inventory software, e-commerce shopping carts, and organizational CMS, ensuring that multiple tasks can be performed from its user-friendly interface. 

Besides being GDPR compliant, Epixel offers distributor training tools and a payout engine, which greatly reduces the organization’s workload. Though the pricing depends on your requirements, Epixel is a great MLM solution to receive business insights and improve profit margin. 

5. Cloud MLM Software

If you are looking for a feature-rich cloud-based MLM software with generous support and service, look no further than Bpract’s Cloud MLM software. The software can be easily accessed via cloud, iOS, and Android and comprises multiple modules that help manage inventory, leads, shipping, and payments.

With a one-time payment of $750, you can use Cloud MLM to create custom marketing plans. The core software is regularly updated with new features and security measures, ensuring that you follow the latest best practices while ensuring data safety. Cloud MLM is notably fast and easy to learn. It makes data-sharing quick, secure, and instantaneous with reduced susceptibility to hacking.

Being made with Laravel rather than Codeigniter, Cloud MLM offers enhanced session control and easier input/outputs. Moreover, the standard plan itself contains both basic and advanced functionalities, which are ample for small and mid-sized companies. Since the deployment is made after carefully understanding your needs and customizing the software accordingly, the deployment process is time-consuming. However, it’s smooth sailing from there onwards, thanks to its excellent customer service.

Final Words

There are many multi level marketing plans that you can choose. Every program has its benefit and functioning. So before opting for any procedure, you should perceive the policies from in and out. To avail your business, having a precise knowledge of MLM plans is a must. First, Study and analyze the protocols of compensation plans and then pick out the one befitting your business.

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