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Last updated: May 21, 2021

The entire landscape of doing business has tremendously changed in the past few years. The shift from brick and mortar shops to stores that exist online, we have seen a huge jump in what defines a shop and how people purchase things.

With the easy availability of things, people prefer ordering things online rather than go to shops and buy it themselves. Smartphones and its mobile app builder are considered to be one of the best phases of the developing IT sector.

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In each and every sector, like e-commerce, retail, banking, food, fashion, and accessories, etc in order to make your presence felt, investing in a mobile application is the best bet. If you are clueless as to how to look out for someone who will develop an app for you, then you’ve visited the right place. We’re here to help you by providing a fair idea as to which app development companies are present in the market currently for a mobile app builder.

India is considered to have the largest hub of app development companies in the world. Compared to all the app developers living in different countries, a lot of people prefer India as it helps to provide maximum benefits with minimum expenses.

If you happen to be someone who is dealing in the business of online buying or selling, then it is most advisable for you to find yourself an app developer who can help you to take your business to a new place. Getting the right kind of app for your business can help you grow exponentially.

Here is a list of best mobile app builder present in India.

Best Mobile App Builder Companies

1. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions

 The software and mobile app builder company are currently located in Jaipur. What started in 2003, the company can implement Android, iOS, Windows as well as cross-platform development solutions. Konstant Infosolutions believes in giving quality service to all kinds of businesses, right from start-ups to big enterprises. With the company size of 100-250, it provides services like cloud computing, IoT app development, mobile and web development, and also wearable apps.

2. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem

 This mobile app builder company is quite renowned and provides the best IT software solutions. Apart from India, it also has its base in the USA as well. Started in 2011, Hyperlink Infosystem provides a wide range of services apart from app development. They include services like website development, AR-VR (augmented reality- virtual reality) development, Blockchain development, and game development. Their motto is not to compromise on time and quality. They are also members of GESIA (Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association.)

3. Appinventiv


 The Company’s aim is to help startups and brands work smart in mobile product innovation. They make this possible through problem-solving skills. The app development company is focused on challenging boundaries of user-centered design by creating personalized mobility solutions. Appinventiv has delivered more than 300 projects since it started out in 2003. This shows their expertise in designing storyboard and app prototyping, which in turn helps brands to develop better. They provide services like Android and iOS app development, AI app development and Chat Bot development. The app developing company is established in India as well as the USA.

4. NineHertz


 This Company provides robust and smart mobile apps, as well as web development. NineHertz is into developing seamless, high-quality and customized iOS as well as Android apps with edge-cutting performance. They incorporate the use of technologies like AR (augmented reality), Cloud, IoT, and others. With clients across the globe, their team has developed over 1000 innovative applications. What started off in 2008, has now reached in our chart of the top 10 app development companies. Apart from developing applications, they are also into database designing, web development, creative UI-UX (user interface-user experience) designs, digital marketing solutions, etc.

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5. Prismetric


There are many reasons why the Prismetric is on our list. Mainly because they provide reliable solutions, interactive designs, cost-effective solutions, prompt delivery, and quality of service. Their areas of expertise include mobile app services, web, and eCommerce services, IoT App development, and big data development. Their mission is to technically enable startups and also mechanize large scale enterprises through innovative solutions. Their aim is to meet their clients’ intentions perfectly for improved businesses.

6. Buildfire


 By turning ideas into reality, this company empowers businessmen to solve complex issues with well-designed mobile solutions that can be easily managed and be made available to everyone. Various companies have made use of Buildfire to develop, as well as publish and maintain thousands of apps. Also, their apps have reached a million users through the passage of time. It provides faster app development in a new way by building custom mobile apps for iOS and Android.

7. IndiaNIC


 Transforming digital ideas, IndiaNIC provides mobile app builder and also helps in creating a better product. From B2B or B2E for startups, small businesses, or large enterprises, this company has established a track record of creating high-impact, attractive,  and result oriented mobile apps on popular platforms with Cross-Platform, Native and Hybrid Technologies. Apart from indulging in the development of applications for phones, they are also into web development, UI-UX design analysis, mobile game development, virtual reality apps development, IoT solutions and apps for wearable devices.

8. Techahead


 With experts from industry and technology specialists, Techahead helps build the right solution to fulfill every business need. This leading mobile app builder company specializes in distributing custom mobile and web applications. They are into developing apps in iOS and Android, as well as other cross-platform technologies and framework. By making use of the latest programming languages and proven technologies, applications developed by this company are optimized for integration with any back-end or front-end system.

9. Algoworks


This IT service provider is globally renowned. Apart from offering services in mobile app development, it also offers customer relationship management (CRM), content management solutions (CMS), and software product engineering (SPE). Algoworks follows a consultative- driven approach to provide with end to end expertise in mobility solutions. It is also one of the top service providers on SaaS technologies.

10. Applify


 Being one of the leading app development agencies across the globe, it also has its offices in the UK, US, UAE, Doha, Singapore, and India. The company thrives on its design and outsourced product superiority as compared to their competitors. From serving, small startups to enterprises, they have developed dozens of apps for important businesses which have been quite successful in the market. What makes it different from the rest is that it is highly efficient and reliable. When talking about efficiency it is not only in terms of what they come up with and for delivering work on time but also providing quality work.

Wrapping  Up

Rather than going to app development companies that are based abroad, it is more advisable to approach companies that are in India. This is because Indian app development companies offer affordable pricing for businesses that seek to build an app of their organization. This means that they are a good fit for those who are budget-conscious. Apart from that, Indian based app development companies will be able to understand the Indian market and the customers. Based on what attracts Indian sensibilities, it helps in designing an app.

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