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Last updated: September 16, 2021

Imagine a marketing expert struggling with his income-expense statement or an accountant messed up in inventory management. Again, imagine a small startup in need to appoint a 15 lac accountant to manage its books or the CFO of a big MNC tangled in a web of daily accounting work and unable to serve the international customers.

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All seem a do or die situation!!

To avoid ending up in such scenario the Nextwave Technologies team came up with an idea that gave birth to

ProfitBooks, an amazingly simple online accounting application, helps you to store, manage or access your financial data on mobile, tablet, laptop or any internet enabled device, anytime anywhere. Made by a team of dedicated professionals, including Harshal Katre and Naveen who are the technocrats behind the concept while CA Amit Mahalle and CA Mohnish Katre give the software a customer viewpoint, ProfitBooks helps the business owner in earning what is needed most that is “profit”.

Best Accounting Software - ProfitBooksIn today’s dynamic world or the online world, as we call it, a desktop based accounting application just does not serve the purpose. Moreover, multitasking is the key to success and the same is true for software. One needs a Best accounting software which is capable of performing inventory management to task management, as well as accounting tasks! Hence ProfitBooks provides a product performing diverse yet synchronized functions like invoicing, payroll processing and management, task management, expense tracking, managing bank transactions and last but not the least complete accounting and in-depth reporting.

“Simplicity is complexity placed in order”- this is what drives ProfitBooks. Hence it beautifully incorporates task management into the product without creating any kind of complexity in the product. By various features like Timesheets, Manage Tasks, the software helps collaboration in the entire organization. Thus assigning specific roles to different users ProfitBooks aims in optimum utilization of the companies’ resources, thus serving a much wider role that just an accounting application.

Imagine a Best accounting software managing expenses as

well, suggesting methods to improve profitability. The concept is no more an imagination, but present in the form of ProfitBooks. Among many other remarkable features, it helps us to know the highest margin product, track slow-moving items, lower wastages etc. hence the name itself proves its purpose, “turning books into profit”- ProfitBooks!

Significantly built on user feedback, ProfitBooks provide SMEs with a “one business one app” product

Top accounting Software for India- ProfitBooks

and is in the process to add CRM Software as well to the services. Having a 256-bit encryption of data security this product is here to help make business operations simpler, secure and more efficient.

Cloud accounting, The most dynamic feature, helps the user in the management of its books with ease from any part of the world at any time of the day. Thus giving a flexible working environment. As correctly suggested by the team, “When accounting will come online, we cannot see it as just stand-alone desktop application moved to the cloud. Its success lies in naturally linking it to every other system that the business uses. It’s high time we have to take Accounting from that typical desktop application to the Future where it belongs. That’s what we are doing at ProfitBooks.”

To sum it all, with a strong customer service and an economic plan, ProfitBooks is emerging to be a one in all and all in one software for an accountant or entrepreneur to help “add profit to their books”.


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