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Last updated: May 21, 2021

In this digital era, people have access to a vast amount of information about you and your business. 

That’s why it is essential to keep a check on your online brand image and take actions to minimize any harmful statements about you or your business. 

One easy way to do that is by using an online reputation management tool. 

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An online reputation management tool is the process of highlighting positive items about you online, and actively trying to de-emphasize the damaging content about your brand on the internet before they harm your reputation. 

Some of its best practices include enrolling PR experts to fight the negative stories, setting up alerts around brand names, and more. Fortunately, you will find many free as well as paid brand reputation management tools.

This article will discuss the best online reputation management tools that can help protect your brand. 

Let’s begin. 

Top 11 Online Reputation Management Tools

1. SocialMention

SocialMentionSocialMention is one of the effective ways to find out who is talking about your brand or competitors in the news as well as social media.

This online brand reputation management tool gives you real-time social mentions search and analysis. They aim to protect your reputation by allowing you to respond to social mentions on the spot and thereby improve your crisis management strategy.

Furthermore, it monitors more than 80 social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. To better understand your reputation, it gives you a score on strength, sentiment, passion, and reach.

And it’s completely free! 

2. SentiOne

SentiOneSentiOne is an AI-driven online reputation tool that helps you find truly relevant insights on what people are talking about you.

It provides a complete suite of features to fully manage your online brand image. The best thing is that with SentiOne, you get access to both real-time and historical data. 

SentiOne can help find what people may have said about your brand in the past, even before you started using the tool.

What’s more, you can easily filter all the talks using the number of keywords you’re tracking or by positive or negative mentions. This way, you can quickly act to avert the damage, if any.

3. Reputology

ReputologyReputology is another best online reputation management tool that you can consider using.

It is basically a review tracking platform that helps businesses track, respond to, and analyze online reviews. Besides, Reputology provides location-specific review insights. This can be really helpful for companies who sell to local markets. 

Reputology has more to offer than just to collect all your reviews. It sends out email notifications for all your new reviews. You can then reply to those reviews directly from the platform. 

And not only that, it can automatically transform negative reviews into customer service tickets. This allows businesses to handle negative remarks effectively. 

4. ReviewPush

ReviewPushReviewPush is one of the leading online review management software that is popular amongst businesses with multiple locations. It offers multi-location monitoring, including review sites, social media channels, and more.

Besides, it collects all reviews from any site in one place. You can even set up email notifications for every time you get a new review, and reply directly from your inbox with ReviewPush. 

Another unique feature of this online brand reputation management tool is that it allows you to compare how your multiple stores are ranking against each other. 

5. BrandsEye

BrandsEyeBrandsEye offers you insights on all the conversations taking place online about you, your brand, and campaigns.

In fact, it also provides you with alert notifications via emails or SMS when it notices an emergency. You can maintain a scorecard to know where you stand amongst the competitors. 

What’s more, this online brand reputation management tool is driven by artificial intelligence. It enables you to mitigate high-risk by filtering unstructured feedback that’s urgent and is of high value. 

Plus, they offer 40 actors, including nation, sort of media, dialect, and brand pertinence, to design your product. 

6. GatherUp

GatherUpReviews and ratings can be highly crucial for businesses that sell online. Besides, it can be hard to get customers to leave good feedback.

GatherUp, which was formerly known as GetFiveStars, aims to maximize your local SEO and online review. This online review engine allows you to manage your customer feedback and online reviews all in one place. 

You can engage with your customers via email or text using GatherUp and ask them to review your product. It can easily integrate with 100 online review sites, including Google, Facebook, WebMD, Avvo, and more.

What’s more, it can capture survey questions, net promoter scores, and more. It also sends out notifications whenever you have new feedback. 

7. BrandYourself

BrandYourselfBrandYourself is one of the best online reputation management tools that offers a robust set of functionalities. 

The best thing about it is that when you start using the tool, it offers a free Reputation Report. The report gives you detailed insights on how much your online presence is building or damaging your business. 

It gives you a score and rates it between the scale of very poor and very good. 

With the help of machine learning, they do a web scan of Google results, social posts, and images. 

You can either choose to improve the red flags by yourself or pay BrandYourself to fix the damages for you. 

8. Meltwater

MeltwaterToday, Meltwater has the largest global media database. This online brand reputation management tool can monitor and listen to over 200 billion conversations across social platforms, online media, and news channels. 

It can give you real-time analytics on what people are talking about your brand. You can instantly mark the red flag and control the crisis. Besides, you can create custom filters to see how your competitors are performing. 

You can keep track of where your competitors are getting featured, who is talking about them, and compare those results against yours. 

Another important thing is that it allows you to transform these reports into a presentation and share it directly with your internal teams. 

9. Chatmeter

ChatmeterChatmeter is an award-winning online brand reputation management tool that helps businesses collect and analyze customer feedback.

It offers real-time monitoring of all reviews, social media pages, and listings.  It notifies you about new reviews via emails and can monitor conversation revolving around your brand over 2000+ locations. 

Chatmeter aims to improve the customer experience for multi-location brands and agencies.

In fact, it enables you to spy on your local competitors. You can learn about their activities and improve your own strategy accordingly. 

One unique feature is that their widget allows you to share reviews from external sites on your store pages. 

10. Google Alerts

Google AlertsGoogle has many free valuable tools to offer, and one such tool is Google Alerts. 

Google Alerts is an online brand reputation management tool that enables you to keep track of all the mentions of your name or your brand. 

You can set up a Google Alert for your name (or your brand name). You will get an email notification every time somebody posts something that references you in any way. Based on your preference, it could be daily or weekly alerts. 

11. Mention


Mention is one of the most effective tools to find out who is talking about your brand, competitor, or industry online. By using Mention you are not only able to monitor online media and social media and listen to your customer or prospective customers, at the same time it enables you to publish on social media and respond to your audience.

Mention monitors over 1 billion online platforms and has many other features like advanced alerts (boolean), automatic reports, daily real-time notifications, and analyzing sentiment.

Mention offers many different plans, from solo users to Enterprise users. For agencies, Mention offers special features like white labeled reports. Want to get into control of your brand? Start by listening!


We have reached the end of our list. 

  • As a business owner, you must keep track of what is being said about your company. 
  • Reviews on the internet can significantly impact your customer’s purchase decisions. 
  • A reputation management tool will help you analyze your brand image from the customer’s point of view and help improve it. 
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