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Online test software, also known as an online exam management system, has been devised to help educational institutions, universities, vocational training providers, recruitment firms, and the corporate sector to create and conduct online examinations securely from any corner of the world. Online assessment software reduces the time spent on evaluation and assessments, thus, helping you to focus on other important aspects of your business. Besides saving time and money, an online exam management system also facilitates remote supervision and quick result processing.

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Key Factors Driving the Success of Online Assessment Software

  • The demand for free online exam software is on the rise across the globe as it offers multiple advantages such as remote proctoring that enables examinees to complete online assessments securely in the comfort of their home. 
  • Moreover, the ever-increasing number of students enrolling in the distance and online courses is also the key factor propelling the demand for free online exam software.

Benefits of Online Examination Software

  • Technology has been disrupting every business sector, and the talent assessment industry is no exception. Automated assessment done by online exam management solutions is significantly benefitting schools, training institutes, and recruiters to go beyond physical examination centers and eliminate human biases while assessing tests.
  • Online assessment software also minimizes the burden of managing and running examinations in various geographical areas. If you are planning to conduct academic examinations or employment screening tests at different locations, the best online exam software can help you minimize logistics costs, as the entire examination procedure is controlled using technology.
  • Besides helping you create and grade exams, online test software also comes with integrated accounting software to help you record all financial activities within your organization.
  • Online assessment solutions can also be seamlessly integrated with attendance management software to help educational institutions and businesses capture attendance of students and employees, respectively. It also helps companies manage time-tracking.
  • What’s more, an efficient online test software solution can also be easily integrated with your CRM software and other most commonly used business tools for improving your marketing performance and streamlining your workflow. 

Which is the Best Online Exam Software in the Market?

Though a lot of assessment solutions are available in the market, choosing the best online test software is undoubtedly a daunting task; however, we are here to help you feel confident in your purchase decision. In this post, we will shed light on the top ten online test software solutions that you can consider for streamlining the process of conducting online examinations.  The computer based test software solutions listed below are the most trusted and highly preferred platforms designed for managing online examinations fairly and securely.

1. Mercer | Mettl

Online Test Software

Mercer | Mettl’s examination platform is currently being leveraged by over 150+ institutions such as ISB, Ashoka University, Amity University, Bennett University and IIM Bangalore, among others. Their suite of anti-cheating technologies enable a secure and fair test-taking experience for the high-stake exams to over 4000+ clients worldwide. 

Pre-configured with online proctoring , they ensure end-to-end exam management from test creation to scheduling to grading. The platform can support over 26 different question formats, including specific requirements like equations, symbols, flow charts and diagrams for STEM and other such courses. 

2. Merittrac

Online Test SoftwareFounded in the year 2000, Merittrac has conducted over 20 million computer-based exams. It is one of the best online exam software designed to help educational institutions, universities, the corporate sector, as well as the government bodies, manage web-based online exams seamlessly.

As an innovative online test software, Merittrac offers world-class assessment processes and tools designed by a proficient team of subject experts, psychometricians, and statisticians. Its online exam management system has a long-established reputation for its innovation, transparency, soundness, and agility. This computer based test software helps you create customized tests according to your choice and generates instant feedback. 

3. InsightGuru

Online Test SoftwareThis computer based test software is considered the best online exam software for its flexibility and speed, and engaging cloud-based assessments.  

InsightGuru enables teachers, recruiters, and market researchers to conduct online examinations, and create role-relevant assessments instantaneously.  Besides enabling you to create and schedule assessments, and manage question banks, this online exam management software also helps you share your course content with students, and conduct online exams via a web-browser. What’s more, this computer based test software also sends instant updates to keep parents informed about their child’s progress. It also helps employees track their work performance throughout their career.

4. FastTest

Online Test SoftwareIf you want an online assessment tool for smart and high-quality assessment, FastTest is the best online exam software for you. This computer based test software adheres to the most advanced psychometric principles such as IRT and CTT, for creating assessments. 

FastTest is a free online exam software that offers a host of impressive useful features including a question bank, question branching, automatic grading, candidate/certification management, advanced reporting, online exam scheduling, and much more. This scalable software comes with robust security features such as pass codes, proctors, ID Numbers, IP addresses, and lockdown browser. It also offers a free demo so that you can assess it thoroughly before making the final purchase decision

5. eNetAssess

Online Test SoftwareThis AI-powered test management tool is highly-preferred by schools, colleges, training institutions, and corporate businesses for its cost-effectiveness. eNetAssess offers powerful computer based test software to help you create customized online examinations. This flexible, secure, and user-friendly online exam management system doesn’t require any technical expertise and can be used by non-technical users effortlessly. eNetAssess also offers a free software demo.

6. Edbase

Online Test SoftwareThis free online exam software is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Counted as one of the best in the industry, Edbase is perfect for recruiters, school teachers, as well as university professors. The user-friendly interface of this high-performance online test software saves time considerably and helps you create visually appealing online exams.

Edbase is a user-friendly free online exam software that works online as well as offline. In case you get disconnected during an online exam, you can shift to offline mode until your connectivity gets restored. This online test software offers handy features such as online/psychometric tests, certification, scheduling, automatic grading, a question bank, a question branching, result release, result reporting, paper tests, scheduling, quizzes, and lots more. Edbase has been empowering over 1000 educational schools and businesses in 16 countries to conduct cheating-free and secure online exams.

7. OWL

Online Test SoftwareThis is yet another sophisticated online assessment solution designed to help academic institutions, government agencies, and businesses automate the process of an online assessment.  

OWL is a free online exam software that offers a centralized platform designed to help you create online examinations, view examinee’s response, and manage all data from different testing sessions. This enterprise-level assessment software has helped numerous businesses across the globe to reach their assessment goals.  It also offers training to its users via documentation. What’s more, you can also avail of its online tech support during business hours. If you want to know more about this software, visit the website for taking a tour or sign up to request a free demo. OWL also has an excellent support team to help you get started.

8. PeSofts

Online Test SoftwareThis innovative test management tool is known for its high responsiveness and secure panel. Pesofts is considered one of the best online exam software in the market that helps you conduct annual, entrance, semester, and recruitment exams effortlessly.  

This AI-powered exam management software comes with a face-recognition camera to recognize candidates’ faces before conducting an online exam. It also generates examinees’ reports instantly and comparing competitors’ marks automatically.  This free online exam software enables you to create an infinite number of question papers, along with a quiz and scholarship tests. Additionally, Presofts offer a free 30-day trial period so that you can make a wise purchase decision.

9. Proview

 Online Test SoftwareThis is a world-class online test software known for its highly-advanced automated proctoring that easily detects all suspicious activities.

Proview comes with a face detection and recognition tool, background noise detection tool, speaker recognition tool, and speech to text feature to provide users with a first-rate proctored online examination experience. This impressive software offers powerful video analytics tools and an assessment engine for certification tests. This online exam management system also offers a free trial period and 24/7 live online support.


10. Go4Read

 Online Test SoftwareThis reliable tool is ideal for SMEs, enterprises, as well as start-up companies. Go4read offers a multitude of features such as automatic grading, candidate management, certification management, question branching, analytics tools, reporting, online examinations, and much more.

This test management software supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, and Web App. It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. To know more about its features, visit the website and sign up to request a free software demo.


11. Disamina

 Online Test SoftwareIf you want to conduct multiple online exams at different locations, Disamina is the right pick for you. This online exam management system allows you to analyze your online examinations anytime, anywhere. This free online exam software comes with a live video recording feature to facilitate real-time video recording of students/candidates during an online examination.

Additionally, the powerful remote proctoring features of this efficient online test software provide you with real-time status of examinees’ activities during an online examination. It also consists of a dynamic dashboard so that you can assign invigilators, or managers to view the data they have access to. Besides offering round the clock live online support to its users, Disamina offers training via documentation, live online, and in-person sessions. Last but not least, it also offers a free software demo.

These are the ten best online exam software systems that are making waves in the assessment industry. We hope the top ten online test software picked by us to help you make the right choice, and experience greater efficiency in your business.

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